Bleach (allocations from a vagina)

Allocations from a vagina are in a varying degree characteristic of all women. Normal allocations do not disturb the woman and appear in certain quantities daily. In a female vagina a large amount of slime is developed.

How allocations from a vagina are shown?

Nevertheless, women when address the gynecologist complain of special nature of allocations. But before drawing a conclusion that allocations differ from norm it is necessary to know about the nature of emergence of allocations. Secretory function displays normal functioning of a reproductive system, and also displays cyclic changes in a female organism which are defined by work of ovaries.

Allocations from a vagina at women appear throughout almost all life. An exception — the childhood period, from age of 1 month and till 8-9 flyings. At this time still there are no periods, there is no maturing of ova, respectively, the period of physiological rest is noted. That amount of female sex hormones which is produced by an organism is insignificant, and they do not influence an organism. At the girl who reached nine-year age, allocations appear changeably, they mucous, transparent.

In the period of allocation puberty already change depending on what phase of a menstrual cycle is observed. Approximately in the middle of a cycle the mucous allocations testimonial of an ovulation are observed. Intensive allocations can disturb from 1 to 3 days. Sometimes at women brown allocations before periods, and also after it are observed. After monthly come to the end, the number of allocations decreases. Later, in the second phase of a cycle there can be homogeneous white allocations which are similar to rice broth. Thus, on allocations from a vagina it is possible to judge whether gynecologic health of the woman is normal.

Normal allocations are the light allocations which are periodically appearing from a vagina not having a pungent smell, liquid or mucous. Normal emergence of such allocations does not provoke an itch of generative organs. Also the number of allocations increases after sexual intercourse, during change of a climatic zone, and also during serious stresses.

Выделения при беременностиAllocations at pregnancy, as a rule, happen more plentiful. Early duration of gestation is the period when allocation is more white increases. If health of future mother is normal, then allocations at early pregnancy will be transparent. Sometimes color of allocations at pregnancy happens whitish, but without pungent smell. But if allocations on early durations of gestation contain blood impurity, then it is a reason for the address to the doctor. Plentiful white allocations can sometimes demonstrate development of an infection. Plentiful watery allocations during pregnancy — too a reason for consultation. What allocations are norm and what can be an alarming symptom, the gynecologist conducting pregnancy will tell in more detail. Also more intensive allocations at pregnancy are observed in recent weeks before the child's birth. After pregnancy bloody allocations appear for several weeks.

Thus, in a normality at the woman in days about 2 ml of a secret from a genital tract are allocated. The secret consists of different biological liquids. Slime of transparent or white color is normal emitted, it does not cause a vagina itch, has no unpleasant smell. At the same time allocations are not followed by either unpleasant feelings, or pain, or fervescence. If it is about other types of allocations, or at the woman bloody allocations not in the period of periods are observed, then, most likely, it is a disease symptom.

Why there are pathological allocations from a vagina?

Doctors allocate several types of the pathological allocations from a vagina connected with different diseases. In such cases specialists pay attention to color of allocation from a vagina, its consistence, a smell. Most often unpleasant allocations appear at three gynecologic diseases. It is vaginal candidiasis, a colpitisa bacterial vaginosis. At the specified illnesses there is an increase in quantity of opportunistic microflora in a vagina that as a result leads to inflammatory process.

At vaginal candidiasis which develops under the influence of fungi Candida there are white allocations from a vagina which have a curdled consistence and an acid smell. At the same time the woman is disturbed by a severe itch. Treatment is carried out by antifungal means.

БелиCandidiasis sometimes passes into a bacterial vaginosis (bacterial vaginosis). At this disease of allocation white, with a grayish shade, have the expressed fish smell. Treatment is carried out by means of antimicrobic drugs.

At a colpitis the mucous membrane of a vagina inflames. Can be the cause of this phenomenon both a sexually transmitted infection, and chronic diseases, treatment by antibiotics. Sometimes plentiful transparent allocations appear under the influence of colibacillus, also mucous allocations are formed under the influence of a virus of herpes, a virus of papilloma of the person. At infections which are transmitted sexually purulent discharges can be noted.

The woman has to pay especially close attention to brown allocations from a vagina during the period between periods. Gradually they can pass into bloody. Bloody allocations from a vagina at pregnancy are especially dangerous.

If at pregnancy brown allocations on early terms appear, then it can testify to an abortion or to development of an extrauterine pregnancy. Even very early duration of gestation in that case — not an occasion to postpone visit of the doctor. If allocations of brown color appear on late terms of incubation of the child, then in that case it is possible to suspect problems with uterus vessels. Allocations can be both dark, and light brown. One more dangerous pathology — peeling of a placenta. Bloody allocations are in that case possible.

Brown allocations after monthly often appear in the last days of periods, and this normal phenomenon. But if such allocations appear in several days after periods, in the middle of a cycle or in a week before monthly, then it is possible to suspect existence of pathology. Sometimes brown allocations appear after sexual intercourse in connection with traumatizing walls of a vagina or neck of uterus. At the same time the woman feels pain. it happens that allocations of brown color between periods appear at reception of some contraceptives. Also the endometritis, an endometria hyperplasia, a hysteromyoma, an erosion of a neck of uterus can be the cause of such allocations. At the listed diseases color of allocations can be and scarlet, that is bloody allocations appear.

Besides, such allocations after periods sometimes demonstrate emergence of tumors in a uterus, and, both high-quality, and malignant. It is necessary to remember also that during periods bloody allocations can also be atypical and confirm diseases. If allocations at monthly have a dark brown or black shade, then it demonstrates that in a cavity of the uterus there is an oxidation and destruction of blood. It is a serious reason for consultation with the doctor. Also it is necessary to visit surely the specialist if during periods plentiful allocations from a vagina with a smell are noted. Even if allocations with an unpleasant smell appear within a cycle, all the same putrefactive or acid smell of allocations is a signal of pathological processes in a female organism.

Bloody allocations sometimes appear during reception of oral contraceptive tablets. If it happens over 1-2 months, then the similar situation can be considered as norm. But more long allocations are a reason for the address to the doctor.

White allocations at women or allocation with a yellowish shade which cause pain and an itch in women can appear not only owing to the reasons described above, but also at other infectious diseases or inflammatory processes. Allocation is more white at women especially dangerously if color of allocations greenish, and a smell of allocations — unpleasant and sharp. To study in more detail information on the diseases causing such symptoms and it is possible to look at a photo in sections on diseases which are transferred sexually. In more exceptional cases such allocations appear at hormonal failures, but it can be defined only after comprehensive inspection. Thus, if the woman has not transparent mucous allocations, it is worth consulting surely with the gynecologist.

How to get rid of pathological allocations from a vagina?

At emergence of atypical allocations it is important to carry out timely diagnosis and to define what disease provoked white allocation or bleach other color. The doctor surely performs inspection and carries out a smear fence from a vagina which research allows to define the infectious activator and to make the diagnosis.

Before a campaign to the doctor it is impossible to carry out syringing as it can prevent in the course of diagnosis. It is undesirable to practice also house treatment by folk remedies as trays with herbs and other methods can only provoke an exacerbation of diseases, and also cause allergic reactions. Also you should not accept medicines independently.

After establishment of the diagnosis the specialist appoints treatment in several directions at once. First of all, pathogenetic therapy which purpose — to recover normal microflora in a vagina is carried out. Also etiotropic treatment which allows to establish a basic reason of emergence of allocations practices. Depending on what activator provoked bleach, anti-fungal, antibacterial or anti-virus treatment is carried out. Often to the woman physiotherapeutic methods of treatment are also appointed. If there is a need of antibacterial treatment, then such antibiotics which provide maximum efficiency of therapy are selected.

If bleach disturb girls at teenage age, then treatment is carried out by the same drugs, only the doctor appoints them in the reduced dosage. If allocations are connected with diseases which are transmitted sexually, then the full course of specific treatment of each illness is conducted.

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