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  • Latin name: Bellalgin
  • ATH code: A03DB
  • Active ingredient: Metamizole sodium (Metamizole sodium), Belladonnas of leaves extract (Belladonna folia extract), Benzocaine (Benzocaine), Natrii hydrocarbonas (Sodium hydrocarbonate)
  • Producer: Pharmstandard, Dalkhimfarm, Tatkhimfarmpreparata (Russia)


Bellalgin contains benzocaine, extract of leaves of a belladonna, Natrii hydrocarbonas, and also metamizole sodium in structure.

Release form

Medicine is sold in tablets.

Pharmacological action

Bellalgin inhibits metamizol, painful sensitivity and m-holinoretseptory. Works as spasmolytic, analgeziruyushchy, hyposecretory and antiacid means.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

From what Bellalgin helps and what mechanism of its action, depends on the components which are its part. Decrease in a tone of smooth muscles, and also secretion of a pancreas, gastric, bronchial, stalemate, sialadens and biliation depends on influence of alkaloids of extract of leaves of a belladonna. Natrii hydrocarbonas is responsible for antiacid action. Analgeziruyushchy properties are caused by metamizol and anaesthesin.

Indications to use

Medicine is used at diseases of a gastrointestinal tract to which hyperacidity of a gastric juice, pain, spasms of smooth muscles accompany.

Also Bellalgin from a dentagra is applied. It is caused by the fact that this means renders effect of a freezing. If it is located in a hollow of tooth or near a painful tooth on a gingiva, there is a numbness therefore pain becomes dull.


It is impossible to apply this means at special sensitivity to its components, prostate adenoma, glaucoma, oppression of a hemopoiesis, hereditary hemolitic anemia which is provoked by a shortcoming glyukozo-6-fosfatdegidrogenazy, pregnancy, breastfeeding, a heavy liver or renal failure, aspirinovy asthma.

With care it needs to be applied at diseases of kidneys and alcoholism.

Side effects

As side effects dryness in a mouth, a lock, dizziness, thirst, drowsiness, a mydriasis can appear.

Besides, a proteinuria, disturbances of work of kidneys, an anury, intersticial nephrite, an oliguria, coloring of urine in red color, thirst, an agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, a leukopenia, pressure decrease, a temporary vision disorder, psychomotor excitement, an ischuria, accommodation paresis, a dysuria, heartbeat, spasms are possible. The following allergic manifestations are also probable: bronkhospastichesky syndrome, small tortoiseshell, Stephens-Johnson's syndrome, Lyell's disease, acute anaphylaxis and Quincke's edema.

Application instruction of Bellalgin (Way and dosage)

For people who take the pill Bellalgin the application instruction specifies that it is necessary to do it daily 2-3 times before meals on one tablet. It is not necessary to exceed a one-time dosage in three tablets for adults. The maximum dose per day – 10 tablets. The application instruction of Bellalgin specifies that the doctor has to establish duration of a course. It is undesirable to accept this means without consultation with the specialist. Only he knows from what the tablets Bellalgin can help with each case and as long they need to be accepted.


At drug intake in dosages the risk of development of side reactions increases much. In case of overdose carry out a gastric lavage. Therapy is symptomatic. Appoint enterosorbents. The patient is treated in the conditions of a hospital, supervision of the specialist is obligatory.


This means strengthens effect of ethanol.

The combination to derivatives of a fenotiazin provokes emergence of the expressed hyperthermia.

X-ray contrast agents, Penicillin, colloid blood substitutes cannot be applied with metamizol. It also increases activity and forces out from communication with protein hypoglycemic drugs for oral administration, GKS, indirect anticoagulants and Indometacin. Gepatoinduktora reduce effect of metamizol.

Interaction with Cyclosporine reduces keeping of the last in blood.

The combination to non-narcotic analgesics, hormonal contraceptives, tricyclic antidepressants, Allopyrinolum causes toxicity increase.

Thiamazolum and cytostatics can provoke emergence of a leukopenia.

Sedative and anksiolitichesky drugs increase analgeziruyushchy effect of metamizol.

Terms of sale

Is on sale without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to keep this means in the dark place. Optimum temperature is not above 25 °C.

Period of validity

Three years.


Patients specify the following advantages of drug in responses: well picked up structure, moderate cost, a convenient form of release, efficiency. As shortcomings call only existence of side reactions which appear at some people trying this means.

The Bellalgin price where to buy

The cost of medicine is considered very available. The Bellalgin price on average – 55 rubles.


  • Bellalgin No. 10 of a tabletkitatkhimfarmpreparata of joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Bellalgin tbl No. 10, Tatkhimfarmpreparata (Kazan) Russia
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  • Bellalginborshchagovsky HFZ (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Bellalgin of the tab. No. 10
Section: Gastrointestinal Anesthetics
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