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  • Latin name: Benatex
  • ATH code: G02BB
  • Active ingredient: Benzalkoniya chloride (Benzalconium chloride)
  • Producer: JSC Nizhpharm, Russia


20 mg a benzalkoniya of chloride and excipients are a part of vaginal tablets:

  • prezhelatinizirovanny corn starch;
  • stearic acid;
  • microcellulose;
  • adipic acid;
  • macrogoal (polyethyleneglycol) in the quantity necessary for receiving a tablet weighing 550 mg.

18,9 mg a benzalkoniya of chloride and mix of triglycerides of natural saturated fatty acids vitepsol in the quantity necessary for receiving one suppository weighing from 1,71 to 1,89 g are a part of vaginal suppositories.

0,012 g a chloride benzalkoniya in terms of 100% dry matter and excipients are a part of one gram of gel of Benateks:

  • the distilled glycerin;
  • half-oxameasures (half-oxameasures 407; lutrol F127);
  • macrogoal glitserilgidroksistearat (polioksit 40 hydrogenated castor oil; RH40 cremophore);
  • the water purified (to 1 g).

Release form

Vaginal tablets of Benateks are issued in blister strip packagings from polyvinylchloride and the varnished printing aluminum foil on 5, 6, 7, 10 or 12 pieces. In one cardboard pack can be from 1 to 3 strip packagings.

Tablets have oblong shape, biconvex, their color, as a rule, white (it is allowed light zheltovata or a cream shade).

Vaginal candles of Benateks have the torpedo-shaped form, and their color can vary from white to white with slightly yellowish shade. Suppositories are issued in blister strip packagings on 5 pieces. In one cardboard pack of 2 strip packagings.

Vaginal gel of 1,2% is issued in laminatny polyethylene or aluminum tubas, with a capacity of 30, 50, 70 or 100 g. In addition to one tuba with gel in each cardboard packaging there is a doser applicator providing more comfortable administration of drug.

Gel has an appearance of colourless transparent substance with poorly expressed specific smell. At a temperature exceeding 20 °C has flowability.

Pharmacological action

Drug of Benateks belongs to the category of the contraceptive drugs possessing spermicidal action for intravaginalny use.

Besides, drug provides antifungal, anti-protozoan and antiseptic action, and also suppresses activity of the viruses provoking development of a herpes simplex.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The therapeutic effect of candles, tablets and gel of Benateks is defined by activity of the chloride which is their part a benzalkoniya possessing the expressed antiseptic properties.

Substance belongs to pharmacological groups:

  • The medicines possessing antimicrobic, antiparasitic and antivermicular action.
  • The medicines possessing antiseptic and disinfecting action.
  • The medicines possessing organotropic action.
  • Medicines which effect is directed to regulation of function of reproductive organs and bodies of an urinary system.
  • Non-hormonal contraceptives.

Benzalkoniya chloride can have an appearance of amorphous powder or gel weight white or white with slightly yellowish a shade. Both in the form of powder, and in the form of gel substance is well dissolved in water, alcohol and acetone; it is slightly soluble in benzene and it is practically not ether-soluble.

Being cationic detergent, the benzalkoniya chloride possesses ability to get into cellular membranes and, being built in them, to enter interaction with lipoproteids of membranes of microorganisms and spermatozoa.

Such interaction provokes disturbance of integrity of membranes of microorganisms and spermatozoa, blocking of their barrier functions and as a result — death of cells.

Substance possesses the expressed fungicidal activity concerning mushrooms, and also is characterized by bactericidal activity concerning a number of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.

The spermicidal effect a benzalkoniya of chloride develops in two stages. The first stage is followed by destruction of a flagellum of a spermatozoon, the second — a rupture of its head. Similar damages make impossible fertilization process.

Besides, the benzalkoniya chloride possesses ability to suppress mobility of spermatozoa due to disturbance of electrolytic balance of a water phase of cervical (cervical) slime.

The researches conducted by in vitro showed that substance possesses activity in the relation:

  • Chlamydias (Chlamydia spp.);
  • Gonokokkov (Neisseria gonorrhoeae);
  • Vaginal trichomonad (Trichomonas vaginalis);
  • Golden staphylococcus (Staphylococcus aureus);
  • Virus of a herpes simplex of the second type (Human herpesvirus 2).

Concerning the fungus of Candida albicans, a gardnerella provoking development of the milkwoman vaginalis Gardnerella vaginalis, a pale treponema of Treponema pallidum, a gram-negative bacterium of Haemophilus ducreyi action a benzalkoniya of chloride is expressed poorly. Any influence of substance on Mycoplasma spp mycoplasmas. it was not noted.

Benateks it is also characterized by preventive activity concerning some diseases which are transmitted sexually. At the same time drug does not provoke changes in a hormonal cycle and balance of normal microflora of a vagina.

Also it does not exert impact and on Dederleyn's stick belonging to the sort Lactobacillus which is the main indicator of wellbeing of microflora and the healthy environment in a vagina.

At introduction to a vagina has no resorptive effect as is practically not exposed to absorption.

Benzalkoniya chloride is adsorbed on vulval walls then it is removed together with physiological allocations or leaves usual washing with water.

The contraceptive effect of drug is noted eight-ten minutes later after intravaginalny introduction of a tablet, five minutes later after administration of suppository and three minutes later after administration of gel. Benzalkoniya chloride in the form of a tampon begins to act immediately.

Duration of spermicidal action makes:

  • three hours for drug in the form of vaginal tablets;
  • four hours for drug in the form of vaginal suppositories;
  • ten hours for drug in the form of vaginal cream.

Indications to use

Drug is shown for topical administration by women of childbearing age, including including women to whom reception of peroral or intrauterine contraceptives is for any of several reasons contraindicated.

Also Benateks appoint:

  • for contraception in a puerperal period;
  • for contraception during feeding by a breast;
  • for contraception during the period after spontaneous or medicamentous abortion;
  • in the period of a premenopauza;
  • to women with irregular sex life at whom need for contraception arises incidentally;
  • as an additional method of contraception to the women who missed reception of a tablet of a peroral contraceptive;
  • as the prophylactic preventing development of diseases which are transmitted sexually.


Contraindications to Benateks's appointment are:

  • the increased individual sensitivity to a benzalkoniya to chloride, and also to one or several auxiliary components which are a part of drug;
  • existence of ulcerations in a vagina;
  • erosion of a neck of uterus;
  • irritation on mucous necks of uterus and/or in a vagina;
  • the inflammatory processes in a vagina caused by activity of pathogenic microorganisms, including chlamydias, mycoplasmas, a hemophilic stick, streptococci, etc. (colpitis).

Side effects

At some women after intravaginalny introduction of Benateks symptoms of allergic reaction which are expressed as an itch, a burning sensation in a vagina and displays of contact dermatitis can be noted.

Benateks: application instruction, route of administration and dosage of drug

Vaginal tablets of Benateks before use need to be released from a planimetric cell and then, having accepted horizontal position, to enter as it is possible more deeply in a vagina approximately in ten minutes prior to sexual intercourse.

Duration of the period of action of one tablet makes three hours. One tablet is counted on one sexual intercourse. In case of repetition of sexual intercourses every time it is necessary to enter a new tablet into a vagina.

Frequency rate of use of drug is defined by individual portability of its components and frequency of the sexual relations.

According to the instruction contraceptive candles of Benateks before use take out from planimetric packaging and, having accepted a dorsal decubitus, enter as it is possible more deeply in a vagina approximately in five minutes prior to sexual intercourse.

Duration of the period of effect of one suppository makes four hours. One suppository is counted on one sexual intercourse. In case of their repetition every time enter new suppository into a vagina.

Frequency rate of use of drug is defined by individual portability of its components and frequency of the sexual relations.

Vaginal gel should be entered into a vagina by means of the doser applicator which goes complete with drug. Before its use the portioning device is installed for the end of a tube and filled to a ring-shaped mark (or against the stop the piston), without allowing to be formed by vials of air in substance.

Then the portioning device is removed from the piston, and gel by means of the portioning device is entered as it is possible more deeply in a vagina several minutes prior to sexual intercourse (after introduction the doser applicator needs to be taken). The most optimum the way of introduction in a dorsal decubitus is considered.

Contraceptive effect of gel begins three minutes later after its introduction to a vagina and remains for at least six hours.

In case of repetition of sexual intercourses every time it is necessary to use the next portion of gel as one portion is counted on one sexual intercourse. Frequency rate of use of drug is defined by individual portability of its components and frequency of the sexual relations.

Vaginal gel is allowed to be used in combination with other barrier methods of contraception (a condom or a cervical cap or a vulval diaphragm, and also in combination with an intrauterine spiral.


The probability of overdose because of low system absorption of drug is estimated as extremely low.

Today the description of symptoms of overdose by Benateks is absent.


Spermicidal action of Benateks decreases at his simultaneous use with any forms of medicines for intravaginalny use.

Also means of hygiene, including soap and the products supporting him have similar effect.

The inactivating effect iodine drugs, including 0,1% Iodonatum solution have on Benateks.

Special instructions

For ensuring maximum efficiency of drug it is necessary to observe carefully all recommendations about its use.

After sexual contact it is not necessary to carry out the hygienic procedures assuming intravaginalny administration of soap solutions (for example, syringing) as it can reduce expressiveness of contraceptive effect of Benateks.

Outside hygienic processing of generative organs is allowed. At the same time in two hours prior to use of drug and within two hours after sexual intercourse in order to avoid decrease in efficiency of Benateks for the purpose of personal hygiene it is necessary to use only warm water.

Analogs and synonyms

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Refer to analogs of drug:

  • vaginal suppositories T Contraceptinum;
  • vaginal rings NuvaRing;
  • vaginal suppositories Nonoksinol;
  • vaginal suppositories of Patenteks Oval of N;
  • vaginal suppositories Sterilin.

Benateks's generics are:

  • vaginal suppositories of Benzalkoniya chloride;
  • vaginal tablets of Ginekoteks;
  • vaginal suppositories of Kontrateks;
  • vaginal suppositories of Farmagineks;
  • vaginal capsules, cream, tablets, suppositories of Farmateks;
  • vaginal suppositories of Eroteks.

As rather large number is presented at the pharmaceutical market it would seem identical drugs, to make a choice in favor of some one quite difficult.

Most often Benateks compare to drug of Farmateks. Both means have the identical forms of release, however, choosing that it is better — Benateks or Farmateks, it is necessary to consider that:

  • Farmateks begins to work only 20 minutes while Benateks works in 3-10 minutes later (depending on a release form);
  • suppositories of Benateks have less specific and less expressed smell, than a similar form of drug of Farmateks;
  • in addition to contraceptive effect of Benateks also carries out a role of additional greasing at sexual intercourse.

Terms of sale

Benateks it is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

Drug should be stored in hardly accessible for children, the dry darkened place at a temperature which is not exceeding 20 °C.

Period of validity

Benateks in all pharmaceutical forms it is suitable for use during 2 flyings.


  • Benateks candle No. 10 vaginalnyenizhfarm joint stock company

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  • Benateks soup. vaginas. No. 10, Nizhpharm (N. Novgorod) Russia
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  • Benateks soup. levers. 18.9mg No. 10 Nizhpharm (Russia)


  • ÜÑ¡áÔѬ߮ 18,9 mg No. 10 supp.vag. Nizhpharm (Russia)
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