Benzyl benzoate

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  • Latin name: Benzyl benzoate
  • ATH code: P03AX01
  • Active ingredient: Benzyl benzoate (Benzyl benzoate)
  • Producer: Tallinn pharmaceutical plant (Estonia), NIZHPHARM, Murom instrument-making plant, Bryntsalov-A, Green Oak grove of closed joint stock company, NIZHPHARM, Altayvitamina, Biochemist, Tula pharmaceutical factory, Retinoids, Luhansk HFZ (Ukraine)


The structure of an emulsion which is applied outwardly includes the operating component benzyl benzoate, and also auxiliary components: a laundry soap of 72%, emulsion wax, the purified water.

For use outwardly is a part of ointment acting making benzyl benzoate, and also a water and emulsion basis.

Release form

The emulsion and ointment Benzyl benzoate is made.

  • The emulsion is a homogeneous substance of white color which possesses weak specific aroma and contains in bottles or bottles (50, 100 or 200 g).
  • Ointment – homogeneous, white color, possesses specific aroma. Contains in banks or in aluminum tubas on 25 g.

Pharmacological action

Benzyl benzoate – medicine with antiparasitic action for external use. Shows activity in relation to itch mites, and also to louses.

Ointment is active rather different types of mites, including the sort Demodex, scabby, shows protivopedikulezny activity. Bacteriostatic influence in view of existence in structure of means of antimicrobic preservative — chloride cetylpyridinium is noted.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Toxic action concerning louses who perish 2-5 hours later after use of means is noted. Ticks perish 7–32 minutes later. Means passes through a chitinous cover then there is its accumulation in toxic concentration in an organism of a tick. Under the influence of medicine larvae and adult individuals of a tick perish, does not influence eggs of parasites.

At use locally active ingredient is almost not soaked up in a system blood stream.

Indications to use

There are following indications for Benzyl benzoate use:


It is contraindicated to use drug in the following cases:

  • for treatment of children till 3 flyings;
  • at high sensitivity of an organism to benzyl benzoate;
  • in case of damage of integuments, pustulous diseases of skin;
  • at pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Side effects

In the course of use of Benzyl benzoate some side effects can develop:

  • local manifestations: a burning sensation (it is often shown at children), irritation of integuments, reddening of the processed skin sites;
  • contact dermatitis;
  • allergic reactions.

As a rule, all these symptoms disappear after the subsequent uses of medicine. If negative effects do not disappear independently, it is necessary to cancel use of drug and to see a doctor. It is necessary to consider that most often sensitivity of skin increases in genitals and on the damaged sites.

The instruction on Benzyl benzoate

Emulsion Benzyl benzoate, application instruction

Means in the form of an emulsion is applied outwardly. In case of itch to adult patients appoint an emulsion of 20%, children to 5-year age have to receive an emulsion of 10%.

In the first day of treatment it is necessary to carry out processing in the evening, before going to bed, after integuments were washed carefully up under a shower. Initially the emulsion needs to be rubbed in skin on hands, further in integuments on a trunk, legs, including on fingers and on soles.

After leather was processed, it is necessary to apply only clean clothes and linen. It is necessary to take a break in treatment for the second and third day, at the same time the emulsion remains from leather covers do not wash away. For the fourth day of a course of treatment it is necessary to repeat that procedure which was carried out in the first day and once again to change linen.

After processing it is impossible to wash hands for three hours, further hands need to be processed an emulsion after each their washing. If the emulsion had to be washed away from other parts of a body, it is necessary to repeat processing. For the fifth day it is necessary to wash away an emulsion completely.

Complications of itch (eczema, dermatitis, a pyoderma, etc.) it is necessary to treat along with treatment of itch. After its termination treatment of complications should be continued.

Ointment Benzyl benzoate, application instruction

Use of medicine in the form of ointment outwardly to children since three years is carried out very carefully. Rubbing means in integuments of the person and head, it is necessary to watch that medicine did not get into eyes. Treatment of children is carried out by 10% by ointment, adult – 20%.

Adult patients need to put medicine right after reception of a shower or bathing, at the same time processing leather on all body, except the person and pilar part of the head. At the same time for one rubbing in use 30-40 g of ointment. It is necessary to process leather in the evening, hands should not be washed till the morning. It is necessary to repeat putting ointment for the fourth day. On the fifth it is necessary to carry out careful hygienic procedures and to change bed linen.

When using ointment from louses in integuments of the head and in hair then hair should be hidden under cotton fabric.

At treatment of a pubic pediculosis it is necessary to rub means in integuments of a pubis, inguinal folds, hips from the inside.

It is necessary to carry out processing at a pediculosis for the first, third and seventh day. For the eighth day carry out careful washing with soap, hair it is necessary to rinse acetic acid (3% solution).

If there is such need, processing of integuments is repeated.

It is necessary to apply carefully ointment on sites with gentle skin.

Benzyl benzoate from a demodeks

Use of means from a demodeks provides a course of treatment lasting 7-10 days if ointment, and is used 2-3 weeks if the emulsion is applied. Means it is necessary to inflict on the place defeats a thin layer before going to bed.

Benzyl benzoate from spots

Spots medicine is used if spots are caused by parasitic infections of skin. Treatment is carried out according to the scheme described above.


In case of overdose those manifestations which are side effects can be expressed more intensively. In particular, contact dermatitis can develop.

If the patient accidentally swallowed ointment, or very large number of means was put, contact dermatitis can develop, the patient can faint. Development of spasms, urination delays is also possible.

In case of overdose symptomatic therapy is carried out. It is necessary to clear skin of means. If drug was swallowed, it is necessary to carry out a gastric lavage then to take a pill of absorbent carbon. Anticonvulsants are in case of need applied.

At manifestation of undesirable reactions in the course of treatment it is necessary to wash away water with soap the put medicine.


Pharmacological interaction of means Benzyl benzoate with other drugs is not revealed. However use of an emulsion of 20% Benzyl benzoate, and also ointments should not be practiced along with other drugs for use outwardly.

At topical or system administration of corticosteroids can disappear completely or decrease some symptoms (a hyperemia, an itch), but at the same time the invasion will remain. Therefore during use of ointment and an emulsion Benzyl benzoate of such drugs is better to avoid.

Substance cetylpyridinium chloride which is a part of medicine as emulsifier and antimicrobic preservative enters interaction with anion active agents, that is with soap. As a result, medicine can lose the bacteriostatic properties.

Terms of sale

It is possible to buy according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

Treats the list B, it is necessary to store in the dark place, temperature at the same time should not be more than + 20 °C. To protect from children.

Period of validity

It is possible to store means 2 years, it is impossible to apply after the period of validity expired.

Special instructions

To warn repeated infection, it is important to carry out simultaneous treatment of patients who are revealed in one center, and also those who close contact.

If after treatment the patient feels an itch, it occurs owing to reaction of a human body to waste products of a tick. Such symptom can be eliminated if to apply to treatment of ointment with glucocorticosteroids and antihistamines.

It is necessary to watch that drug did not get on mucous membranes of a mouth, a nose, and also into eyes. If means got into a mouth, it is necessary to rinse an oral cavity water or 2% solution of baking soda. At hit inside it is necessary to carry out a gastric lavage of 1-2% by soda solution drinking or water mix of absorbent carbon and burned magnesia. If drug got into eyes and caused irritation, for an eyelid it is necessary to dig 30% streptocide solution if pain disturbs, dig in 2% Procainum solution.

If the emulsion or ointment Benzyl benzoate at a demodicosis or at other diseases causes burning or irritation of skin, it is necessary to wash out carefully the place where means was put. For washing it is possible to use warm water or solution of baking soda.

It is necessary to process very carefully all those objects which adjoined to the patient's skin. In particular, bed linen, towels it is necessary to boil for 5-10 minutes in solution of laundry detergent.

The clothes are ironed on both sides, those things which cannot be processed thermally hang out on open air and store them three days there. It is also necessary to carry out disinfection of pillows, mattresses, blankets, toys, etc.

Indoors it is necessary to carry out cleaning with use of disinfecting drugs.

After carrying out treatment it is necessary to control a condition of the patient for two weeks if complications were shown, longer control is necessary.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

    There are no analogs of the drug Benzyl benzoate.


    • Benzyl benzoate of 20% HFZ ointment 30gtallinnsky
    • Benzyl benzoate of 20% emulsion 100glugansky HFZ
    • Benzyl benzoate of 20% emulsion 200mlretinoidy FNPP of closed joint stock company
    • Benzyl benzoate of 20% ointment 25galtayvitaminy of closed joint stock company
    to show still


    • Benzilbenzoatzdorovye (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
    • Benzilbenzoatfarmak (Ukraine, Kiev)
    • Benzilbenzoattallinnsky Federal Law (Estonia, Tallinn)
    • Benzilbenzoatlugansky HFZ (Ukraine, Luhansk)
    • Benzyl benzoate cream of 25% of a tube 40gfarmak (Ukraine, Kiev)


    • Benzyl benzoate cream of 25% of a tube 80gzdorovye
    • Ointment benzyl benzoate of 20% 30gdarnitsa
    • Benzyl benzoate cream of 25% of a tube 80gzdorovye
    • Ointment benzyl benzoate of 20% 30gdarnitsa
    • Benzyl benzoate cream of 25% of a tube 80gzdorovye


    • Benzyl benzoate of 20% 25 g ointment in tubealtayvitamina (Russia)
    • Benzyl benzoate of 20% 30 g ointment in tubetallinnsky pharmaceutical plant of the joint-stock company, reg.ud. JSC Grindeks, Latvia (Estonia)
    • Benzyl benzoate of 20% 50 g emuls. Luhansk HFZ (Ukraine)
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