Бензокаин Constitutional formula

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  • Latin name: Benzocainum
  • ATH code: C05AD03, D04AB04, N01BA05, R02AD01
  • Chemical formula: C9H11NO2
  • CAS code: 94-09-7

Chemical name

4-Aminobenzoic acid ethyl ether

Chemical properties

Benzocaine is an eurysynusic local anesthetic. Substance let out as a part of drugs for topical administration or for intake as a part of anesthetics a digestive tract.

Means represents the white crystal powder which does not have a specific smell, but possessing slabogorky taste. If to try substance, then on a tip of language there will be a feeling of numbness. One gram of this chemical compound can be dissolved in 2500 ml of water or 2 ml of chloroform. Also anesthetic is soluble in ethanol and fat oils, in divorced hydrochloric acid. The molecular mass of means = 165, 2 grams on mol.

Except use in medicine as an anesthetic, substance is also added to proctal lubricants. The condoms with Benzocaine having the prolonging effect were widely adopted.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Benzocaine is a substance which reduces permeability of cellular membranes for ions of sodium and forces out calcium from the pain receptors located from an internal surface of membranes. Thus, there is a blocking of processes of emergence and carrying out nervous impulses on fibers.

When using drug locally and orally, the minimum quantity of active ingredient is adsorbed. After putting Benzocaine on a mucous membrane the effect of medicine develops in one minute and proceeds till 20 minutes. Researches on an assessment of potential carcinogenicity and a mutagenicity of means for animals and the person were not carried out. It is unknown whether drug influences fertility.

Indications to use

Drug is appointed inside as a part of complex therapy at a gastralgia, stomach ulcer and a 12-perstny gut, an esophagitis.

Medicine is used locally:

  • at miozita;
  • for a symptomatic treatment of an acute inflammation of a middle ear;
  • at painful feelings in the field of outside acoustical pass;
  • to eliminate unpleasant symptoms of the small tortoiseshell and other diseases of skin which are followed by an itch;
  • at hemorrhoids and perianal cracks;
  • for anesthesia during performance of diagnostic manipulations on mucous membranes (in gynecology, at gastroscopy, an otoskopiya, a rektoskopiya, an uretroskopiya);
  • for ensuring superficial anesthesia in stomatology.


This substance has practically no contraindications. Nevertheless, it is not appointed to patients with an allergy to means. Also it is recommended to be careful during treatment of children till 2 flyings nursing and pregnant women.

Side effects

Medicine seldom causes side reactions.

In a usage time of Benzocaine it can be shown:

  • contact dermatitis or allergy to drug, itch and burning, rash or erythema;
  • urticaria, hypostases (seldom);
  • permanent decrease in sensitivity in the field of drawing means;
  • methemoglobinemia (seldom, is more often at babies).

Benzocaine, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Drug is appointed inside or outwardly, depending on a disease.

Outwardly substance as a part of 5% of ointment, gel, solution or powder is applied on affected areas. For anesthesia of the hearing aid use Benzocaine solution: 4-5 drops pour to the acoustical canal and close it cotton fabric or cotton wool. If necessary it is possible to repeat procedure each 60-120 minutes.

Inside means is accepted according to recommendations of the doctor. The adult recommends to use about 0,3 g of drug, 3-4 times a day. The maximum single dose – a gram floor, daily 1,5 grams. For children it is necessary to correct a dosage, depending on age and weight. The course of treatment is defined by the doctor.

In stomatologic practice drug is appointed locally: 20% or 5% (in glycerin or oil) apply anesthetic solution on a mucous membrane of an oral cavity. For anesthesia of solid tissues of tooth use paste or special powder.


At overdose can be shown: short wind, cyanosis, headache, dizziness, methemoglobinemia. As treatment use symptomatic therapy, introduction methylene blue intravenously is also shown.


Reception of Benzocaine and Sulfaguanidinum can lead to decrease in antimicrobic activity of the last.

Medicine reduces efficiency of sulfadimethoxine and streptocides.

Reception of means with analgetics antipyretics and inhibitors of cholinesterase strengthens its analgesic effect.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Special instructions

Before use of medicine it is recommended to consult with the attending physician.

Also it is necessary to observe compliance of a dosage form of substance and to indications to use.

To children

Children can appoint drug. It is necessary to correct a dosage at intake. During treatment of children till 2 flyings it is recommended to be careful.

At pregnancy and a lactation

Because it is unknown whether this substance exerts negative impact on embryonic development of a fruit and reproductive system in general, pregnant women are not recommended to appoint it. Use of drug is possible only if necessary and according to the recommendation of the doctor.

With care medicine is used during a lactation. It is unknown whether substance with breast milk is emitted. It is necessary to avoid drawing funds for area of a breast.

Drugs in which contains (Analogues)

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Drugs on the basis of this component: Anaesthesin, Dentisprey, Relif Advanstablets Anaesthesin of 0,3 G.

Also substance is a part: suppository Anesthesol, Nigepan, Olestezin; suspensions for intake Almagel A, the tablets Bellalgin, Bellasthesinum, Genferon, Geksoral, Doritritsin, Stopangin And, Septolete Plus; Unguentum Heparini, Menovasinum, ointment Relif Advans; Proktosedila, drug Olasolum, Trombless Plus, etc.

Section: Active ingredients
PAY ATTENTION! Information on active ingredients on the website is help generalizing, collected from public sources and can form the basis for making decision on use of these substances it is not aware of treatment. Before substance Benzocaine use surely consult with the attending physician.