Pregnancy and vegetarianism

Every day of adherents of this way of food becomes more and more. There are hundreds of opinions about it, both positive, and negative. Let's understand how vegetarianism influences a female organism during pregnancy?

During this period of need of a female organism for various nutrients promptly increase. The woman needs more calcium, folic acid, proteins, iron. However, consider that at the same time the need for calories almost does not increase. The necessary norm increases by only 300 calories a day. For this reason for the pregnant woman it is necessary intelligently and to approach rationality selection of the diet and food stuffs.

Some doctors claim that the vegetarian diet which is based on useful and nutritious products will be very reasonable choice. Here what is advised to include in the menu to the vegetarian female:
Grain, cereals, bread.
— Bean.
— Green vegetables.
— Other fruit and vegetables.
— Sunflower seeds, nuts, wheat germs.

What it is important to consider at pregnancy?

1. Avoid sharp jumps of weight — weight has to be gained not sharply, and gradually. Norm — 1300-1800 grams during 1 trimester of pregnancy. And on 1300-1900 grams each next month during following trimesters.
2. Regularly visit the doctor.
3. Limit consumption of "empty" calories which to contain in sweet food.
4. Do not forget to consider calories.

It is necessary to pay attention to sufficient contents in a diet of vitamins and microelements:
B 12 (a laminaria, grain, soy milk (usual milk – for mild vegetarians).
Calcium (vegetables with dark green leaves, soy tofu cheese, sheet cabbage, beans, broccoli, figs, sesame, sunflower sunflower seeds, almonds, grain and juice, dairy products (if you not on a rigid vegetarian diet).
Vitamin D (it is possible to find ready flakes for breakfasts which enrich with a number of vitamins. However, the human body is capable also to produce this vitamin. At direct exposure to sunlight – at least for 20-30 min. 2-3 times a week).
Iron (sheet vegetables, bean, dried fruits, nuts (most of all in walnut and a filbert), beet, sunflower seeds, buckwheat).
Proteins. The need for this element during pregnancy increases approximately for 30 percent. Whole grain, bean, vegetables, nuts and sunflower seeds – these products is very protein-rich.

However, choosing such style of food, the woman has to realize that there is a number of substances which are not in vegetable food. Of course, centuries-old experience of supervision over vegetarians claims that it is not a barrier to take out and give rise to healthy posterity. So that you need to make what decision style of food to choose. And whether it is worth changing vegetarian kitchen, usual for you, during pregnancy.

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