What is pregnancy in itself, it is hardly worth explaining in detail. It is the period from conception till the child's birth. At the same time this period is connected with huge changes both in physical, and in the emotional plan, and these changes affect not only future mother, but also her people around, including the husband, already existing children, relatives and even friends.

Psychological changes can happen even before conception. Some women specially treat questions of conception, incubation and the child's birth. So, with the purpose to plan a sex of future person, mother should undergo certain procedures and to carry out sexual intercourse with the man to certain time. Naturally, it to a certain extent influences psychology of the relations in couple. Notable changes in psychology of the woman happen and if artificial conception is made.

The first signs of pregnancy are the next reason for stresses. News of existence of new life even for the prepared woman who looked forward to it, appears a serious emotional shock. Specialists note that about pregnancy the woman learns not in the first day, and after several weeks. All this time she is tormented by internal experiences concerning successful conception, and the experiences connected with future child begin after that.

Even if no problems with pregnancy are diagnosed, it is possible to tell with confidence that the first several months of incubation of the child, any woman experiences internal experiences. According to psychologists, even desired conception does not influence emergence of doubts in the woman concerning motherhood. Therefore in this period support of the man who also expects emergence a baby in a family is especially important.

Support of relatives is not less important also in any other period of incubation of a fruit. Future mother, naturally, will not be able to carry out all those obligations for the house, as earlier. But it does not mean that it needs to be discharged of everything that occurs in a family. Competent and correct actions of an environment will allow pregnancy to take place more simply. And on questions of preparation, and diagnosis we will in detail stop further.

How to be prepared for pregnancy

Separately it is worth paying attention to such concept as pregnancy planning. According to ordinary opinion, pregnancy planning this provided conception. That is the child whose appearance is waited by both parents and purposefully carry out all necessary for successful conception, it is considered planirovanny. Actually pregnancy planning this extensive concept which includes the comprehensive preparation beginning even long before conception.

основные симптомы беременностиEach mother wants that her child was healthy, but for some reason not each mother does for this purpose all necessary. Within preparation for incubation of a fruit several months prior to the planned conception it is necessary to change the vital way radically. Addictions, unhealthy food, unsafe contacts have to leave daily life. Without fail even before the first attempts of conception of the kid it is necessary to pass the gynecologist. Complex inspection at the specialist – guarantee of successful conception, the correct course of pregnancy and the birth of the healthy child.

So, planning of pregnancy is a package of measures, the best circumstances aimed at providing for appearance of the child. As we already spoke, the first measures are taken in two-three months prior to active actions for conception of the kid.

There is a popular belief that fertilization of an ovum happens at the first out-of-pocket sexual intercourse of contraception. Actually on it can leave from several months to one year. If pregnancy does not come longer than year, it is worth addressing specialists. The modern medicine allows to conduct full examination of both partners and to find out that it becomes the reason of lack of conception or premature interruption of incubation of the child.

Perhaps you will be surprised, but planning of pregnancy includes competent use of contraceptives which allow to prevent conception during one periods and to prepare an organism for fertilization in others. Today there is a lot of these means, it both the combined oral contraceptives, and biological methods of contraception, and other. The choice of specific means has to be carried out only after consultation with the specialist who has to tell about rules of use of the chosen method also.

Of course, planning it also corresponding psychological preparation for pregnancy. In psychology the whole sets of exercises which allow the woman to be prepared for new living conditions in advance are developed and to positively apprehend news of origin of a fruit.

It is necessary to understand that the child appears in your life not at the time of delivery, and at the time of conception. Since then your personal world begins to rotate around a new point – your kid. It imposes certain restrictions for everything that you do. For example, healthy and normal fetation requires availability of the necessary vitamins and oxygen in mother's organism. Respectively a certain diet at pregnancy has to be kept and a daily routine.

Planning of pregnancy assumes also information awareness of the woman. The staff of regional clinics for women is obliged to give with future mothers lectures at which everything that it is necessary to know about fetation and behavior of the pregnant woman is told. Unfortunately, in practice this duty by employees of ZhK is carried out or is superficial, or is not carried out at all. Therefore that any changes did not take you unawares, it is recommended to get acquainted with the literature devoted to conception, incubation and the child's birth in advance. The corresponding books and materials are in a large number as in printing, and in electronic form on the Internet, including free sources.

An essential role is played by that person in whom future mother can trust, and to whom can consult. It is desirable if it is the close girlfriend who already passed at least one pregnancy. Nevertheless, you should not revaluate this role: to give birth, look after the kid and all of you will equally bring up the child with the husband or the family, but not with the girlfriend.

Summarizing all above, we advise you timely to begin pregnancy planning, having studied the corresponding literature or having consulted at the specialist in the field. If everything is made truly, then you with pleasure will find in yourself the first signs of pregnancy to which consideration we also pass.

Main symptoms of pregnancy

About notorious pickles which allegedly signal the begun pregnancy the set of jokes is already put, it is removed comic scenes, and this that appeared in movies more than once. But actually keen desire to eat something acid or salty, though points to changes in an organism, it does not mean at all that the changes connected with conception of the child.

In medicine similar indicators are called presumable or doubtful signs. In other words is what perhaps indicates pregnancy, but cannot serve as the full test confirming it at all. The same group includes changes of other tactile feelings: strengthening of hearing, improvement of sense of smell and so on.

Nausea which many of us also regard as an absolute sign belongs to doubtful too. At one women these symptoms of pregnancy are not shown at all, and at others nausea gullet diseases, but not existence of the arisen life have an effect. The third doubtful sign is frequent change of mood at the woman who becomes especially sensitive, vulnerable, susceptible to surrounding influences.

Протекание беременностиPregnancy symptoms which with high, but not absolute probability, and indicate successful conception of the child belong to the following group. The most widespread sign about which any woman, this termination of periods knows. At reproductive age pregnancy with high degree of probability causes absence "monthly" for 10-14 days from normal time.

All other probable symptoms of pregnancy are shown a bit later. It both increase in mammary glands, and darkening of various body parts, especially in an intimate zone of vulvar lips, both disturbance of an urination, and fervescence against changes of hormonal system.

Let's note some more important points about which any woman should know.

Increase in the sizes of a uterus which is noticeable to people around with the naked eye is not always caused by a fruit. Excessive growth of this body can have the serious reasons which are cut in a gynecologic disease.

Tests for pregnancy belong to probable too, but not to reliable symptoms. The matter is that any test has a certain share of reliability who can be recognized in documentation to it. To increase the accuracy of diagnosis it is recommended to pass several attempts of definition at once and to use different tests for pregnancy. At such approach the probability of a mistake is reduced in a geometrical progression, but to be sure for certain, it is better to address reliable signs.

Reliable symptoms of pregnancy cannot be used at initial stages. Very first of them heartbeat of a fruit proves. There is it on 1-1.5 month of incubation. During ultrasonography the frequency of blows is measured, data on correctness a job of a vital are got. It is already possible to listen to heartbeat without any equipment later, using a usual stethoscope or a wooden tubule of a special form.

The second sign – the movement of a fruit which has an effect at first mother who feels pushes, inside then to the doctor who monitors the movement during survey, and then and all the rest as "blows" to the belly area become visible with the naked eye.

The third reliable sign – definition at a fruit of extremities, parts of a body. During ultrasonography or usual mechanical inspection the specialist without fail allocates legs, handles, a back, the head, measures their size and correlates to norms of fetation.

Each woman has to know symptoms of pregnancy and their classification. Sometimes it helps not just to learn about emergence in new life in time, but also to avoid serious problems with health if symptoms are caused not by conception, and a disease.

Once again we will pay attention that any doubtful or probable sign cannot be considered as reliable. Anyway, you have to see the doctor who will define, than the recorded signs of pregnancy are caused.

Only the timely address to the specialist allows to control the course of incubation of a fruit and to avoid complications. Pregnancy complications often lead to premature births, wrong or to underdevelopment of a fruit, abortion. Therefore if you want that both conception, and incubation, and childbirth took place smoothly, follow recommendations of the competent specialist.

If your tests for pregnancy yielded a positive take – do not wait for other signs, visit the doctor. Having received additional confirmation, you will be directed to a number of laboratory analyses. All of them are necessary not only to you, but also your child. Absence at you of HIV infection, syphilis, normal blood tests and urine – those conditions in which fetation occurs best of all.

Also remember. For the period of pregnancy the doctor becomes for you a source of information and a support on a case of unexpected circumstances. Do not hesitate to ask everything that interests you. Surely get contacts for an emergency communication. On pages of our website we described pregnancy of the first month to the ninth, but at any stage it is necessary to be sure that in case of need you get advice and the necessary help.

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