We protect teeth "national" means

Perhaps, the stomatologist remains the most visited specialist among doctors. To that it is a lot of reasons: the bad ecology, improper feeding – on the run, at the wrong time and mostly go to food of the modern person at all not those products which promote formation of healthy and strong enamel, and also tissue of teeth and gums. It should be added to this sad list and neglect of tooth diseases which has also many reasons. Among them – a lack of time or means (and even that, and another) on visit of a tooth office.

Certainly, the help of the qualified specialist who is armed with the latest novelties of science and equipment, much more preferably. But what if such type of service is unavailable for any of several reasons? To continue to go and suffer with painful teeth and gingivas? At all not. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers coped with this misfortune. And – it is quite successful.

As a rule, the inhabitant knows only a dentagra moreover, maybe, caries. The stomatologist is visited with absolutely specific goal: to get rid of painful pain, to fill a tooth or to extract, eventually, tooth. However, nonspecialists also do not need to know – as much in stomatology of various diseases and what frightening names at them. Tooth, as well as any other human body is much more important to start treatment, as soon as possible, needs both food, and the correct regular leaving, and treatment.

Tooth cyst, periodontosis, inflammation of a tooth nerve, hypoplasia of enamel of teeth – here only part of the "scary" list of tooth diseases. Whether at everyone it is possible to resort to national recipes? Actually, if the disease is not started, then – yes. For example, the most common symptom — a dentagra — can be removed by means of a horse sorrel, an acorus, a valerian. Pieces of these plants it is possible to chew or use infusions from their raw materials. However, you should not forget that pain is only a signal of any disease. Therefore, having calmed a folk remedy a bad attack, it is better to plan nevertheless as soon as possible a campaign to the doctor.

In certain cases gingivas not of treated teeth begin to swell up – appears as speak in the people, gumboil. Quickly honey and … a usual rusty nail helps to remove hypostasis. The nail is strongly heated and lowered in the honey formed a deposit with nailing remove and impose it on a sore gum. It is considered that if since evening to carry out this procedure, then next morning the inflammation will fall down.

Quite widespread (especially in the flying) the disease – stomatitis can be cured by means of thistle oil: the wadded ball moistened in its oil is put to a painful tooth for 30 minutes. In the same way it is possible to help itself and at periodontosis.

If decayed teeth torment, then it is worth resorting to the bird cherry recipe: the tablespoon of leaves is filled in with a glass of water, brought to boiling and about a quarter of hour allow to potomitsya on small fire under the closed cover. Having removed broth from a plate, draw a quarter more of hour, then filter and rinse a mouth several times a day.

You do not bring to the started state the teeth, the more time you suffer from pain, the more painfully, more difficult and that is important,  treatment becomes more expensive. Visit the stomatologist once in half a year and your teeth will be healthy and beautiful.


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