Concern (Alarming state)

Each person periodically stays in a condition of concern and alarm. If the alarm is shown in connection with accurately expressed occasion, then this normal, ordinary phenomenon. But if the similar state arises, at first sight, unjustly, then it can signal about problems with health.

How the concern is shown?

Nervousness, alarm, concern are shown by persuasive feeling of expectation of certain troubles. At the same time the person stays in the suppressed mood, the internal concern forces partial or total loss of interest in that activity which seemed to it pleasant earlier. The condition of concern very often is followed by a headache, problems with a dream and appetite. The heart rhythm is sometimes broken, tachycardia attacks are periodically shown.

As a rule, the constant concern at heart is observed at the person against alarming and uncertain life situations. It can be experiences concerning personal problems, diseases of relatives, a dissatisfaction with professional progress. The fear and concern often accompany process of expectation of the important events or any results having paramount value for the person. He tries to find the answer to a question how to overcome feeling of concern, but in most cases cannot get rid of this state.

The constant feeling of concern is followed by the internal tension which can be shown by some external symptoms — a shiver, a muscle tension. The feeling of alarm and concern brings an organism to a state of constant "combat readiness". The fear and concern prevent the person to sleep, concentrate normally on important issues. As a result, the so-called social concern connected with need to interact in society is shown.

The constant feeling of internal concern can be aggravated later. Some specific fears are added to it. The motive concern — the continuous involuntary movements is sometimes shown.

It is quite clear that such state considerably worsens quality of life therefore the person begins to look for the answer to a question how to get rid of feeling of concern. But before accepting any demulcents, it is necessary to establish the concern reasons surely precisely. It is possible on condition of comprehensive inspection and receiving consultation of the doctor who will prompt how to get rid of concern. If the patient has a bad dream, and the concern pursues it constantly, it is important obligatory to define the initial reason of this state. Long stay in such state is fraught with a serious depression. By the way, the alarm of mother can be transferred also to her kid. Therefore the concern of the child during feeding is often connected with nervousness of mother.

As far as the concern and fear are inherent in the person, to some extent depends also on a number of personal qualities of the person. Important, whom he is — the pessimist or the optimist, is how steady psychologically, the self-assessment of the person, etc. is how high.

Why the concern is shown?

Проявления беспокойства и тревожного состоянияThe concern and uneasiness can be a symptom of serious mental illnesses. Those people who constantly stay in a condition of uneasiness in most cases have certain psychological problems and are inclined to a depression.

The majority of diseases of mental character is followed by a condition of uneasiness. Uneasiness is characteristic of the different periods of schizophrenia, of an initial stage of neurosises. The strong concern is noted at the person, dependent on alcohol, at an abstinence syndrome. The uneasiness combination to a number of phobias, irritability, sleeplessness is rather often observed. At some diseases the concern is followed by nonsense and hallucinations.

However at some somatopathies the condition of alarm is also shown as one of symptoms. At an idiopathic hypertensia at people high degree of uneasiness is often noted.

Also alarming state can accompany hyperfunction of a thyroid gland, hormonal disturbances in the period of a menopause at women. Sometimes the sharp alarm provalyatsya as a harbinger of a myocardial infarction, sharp lowering of the level of sugar in blood at patients with a diabetes mellitus.

How to get rid of concern?

Before being puzzled with a question how to remove an alarming state, it is necessary to define whether the concern is natural, or the condition of uneasiness is so serious that demands consultation of the specialist.

A number of signs which demonstrate that without visit of the doctor the person will not be able to cope with a condition of concern is allocated. It is necessary to address surely the specialist if symptoms of an alarming state are shown constantly that influences everyday life, work, rest. At the same time nervousness and concern pursues the person for weeks.

As serious symptom it is necessary to consider alarming and neurotic states which repeat steadily in the form of attacks. The person constantly worries that something will go to his lives not as it is necessary, at the same time he strains muscles, he becomes fussy.

Тревожное состояниеIt is worth consulting surely with the doctor if alarming states at children and adults are followed by dizziness, strong sweating, disturbances of work of a gastrointestinal tract, dryness in a mouth. Often the alarming depression is aggravated over time and conducts to neurosis.

There is a number of drugs which are used in the course of complex treatment of concern and alarming states. However before to define how to get rid of an alarming state, the doctor needs to establish the exact diagnosis, having defined what disease and why could provoke this symptom. To conduct examination and to establish how to treat the patient, the psychotherapist has to. In the course of inspection laboratory blood analyses, urine are surely appointed, the ECG is carried out. Sometimes consultation of other specialists — the endocrinologist, the neuropathologist is necessary for the patient.

Most often at treatment of the diseases provoking a condition of uneasiness and concern tranquilizers and antidepressants are used. The attending physician in the course of therapy can appoint also a course of tranquilizers. However treatment of an alarming state by means of psychotropic drugs is symptomatic. Therefore, the reasons of an alarming state do not remove such drugs. Therefore recurrence of such state is possible later, and, the alarm can be shown in the changed look. Sometimes the concern begins to disturb the woman at pregnancy. How to clean this symptom in that case, only the doctor as reception of any drugs by future mother can be very dangerous has to solve.

Some specialists prefer to use at treatment of alarming states only psychotherapy methods. Sometimes psychotherapeutic techniques are followed by reception of medicamentous drugs. Also some additional methods of treatment, for example, auto-training, breathing exercises practice.

In traditional medicine there are many recipes which are used for overcoming of alarming states. The good effect can be gained, regularly accepting grass collecting which herbs with sedative action enter. It is mint, a melissa, a valerian, a motherwort, etc. Nevertheless, it is possible to feel effect of use of herbal teas only after continuous reception of such means throughout a long time. Besides folk remedies have to use only as an auxiliary method as without timely consultation of the doctor it is possible to pass the beginning of very serious diseases.

One more important factor influencing overcoming of concern is the correct way of life. The person should not endow rest to please of labor feats. It is important to get enough sleep daily fully, to eat properly. Abuse of caffeine, smoking can aggravate an alarming state.

The weakening effect can be gained by means of professional massage. Deep massage effectively removes a condition of uneasiness. It is worth to remember also about as far as improve mood of sports. Daily physical activity will always allow to be in a tone and not to allow aggravation of an alarming state. Sometimes for improvement of mood it is enough to walk in the fresh air within an hour at fast speed.

To control the emotions, the person has to analyze carefully everything that happens to him. Accurate definition of the reason which caused uneasiness helps to concentrate and switch to positive thinking.

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