Sleeplessness (Sleep disorder)

Sleeplessness (other name — an insomniya) is called frustration of a dream at the person at which either the insufficient duration of a dream, or its bad quality is noted. These phenomena at sleeplessness can be combined and proceed throughout a long time. Defining whether the person has sleeplessness, the doctor does not take into account the absolute duration of a dream, that is that how many hours a day the person sleeps. The matter is that different people for good rest need different quantity of a dream.

The medical statistics demonstrates to what from 30% to 50% of people periodic problems with a dream have, and at 10% chronic sleeplessness is noted. Sleep disorders are more often observed at women.

How sleeplessness is shown?

Chronic sleeplessness at the person is shown by constant difficulties in the course of backfilling. For night of people at which the chronic insomniya is noted many times wakes up. As a result, at the patient the general dissatisfaction with a dream is noted: he sleeps a smaller number of hours, than it is required for full recovery, feels broken and not the holidaymaker in the morning.

Sleeplessness conducts at night to the fact that at the patient duration of a deep sleep decreases, the ratio of a deep and REM sleep is broken.

It is necessary to understand that the sleep disorder at adults and children is not an individual disease, but a symptom. At the same time disturbance of a night dream can lead to serious deterioration of human life. Disturbance of a sleep pattern and wakefulness is often observed: the person who was tired after a bad night dream is forced some time to sleep in the afternoon to recover forces. To eliminate this symptom and to find the reason of its manifestation, it is important not to delay the appeal to the center of sleep disorders or in another medical establishments. Specialists establish the diagnosis, define what types of a sleep disorder take place at patients and appoint the corresponding treatment.

Борьба с бессонницейIn a varying degree sleeplessness constantly or periodically disturbs many people. It is simple to determine that the bad dream at the adult, breaks a harmonious current of its vital rhythms by appearance of the person. He feels after a dream badly, the expressed fatigue and slackness is noted. On a face of the one who has a rest badly in a dream bruises and hypostases under eyes clearly are visible, reddening of eyes, dryness of lips is observed. The patient can complain that he dreams bad dreams. For day of the person having sleeplessness can practically drive all the time at a dream while at night he cannot fall asleep, or fills up and at once wakes up. Considerably working capacity decreases, the various diseases connected with a chronic lack of a dream can be shown.

Conditionally the following types of frustration of a dream are defined: presomnichesky, intrasomnichesky and postsomnichesky frustration. Such classification is carried out depending on certain symptoms.

People who suffer from presomnichesky frustration of a dream experience difficulties in the course of backfilling. The person suffers from the notions of compulsion, fears, alarm. He cannot sometimes fall asleep till several hours. Neurotic frustration of a dream of this type are aggravated also with the fact what the patient realizes that next day everything can repeat again. But if the person falls asleep that the dream at him remains normal.

People fall asleep with intrasomnichesky frustration of a dream more or less normally then they constantly wake up at night for various reasons. Such people are often overcome by the night horror connected with bad dreams. After each awakening it is difficult for person to fall asleep. As a result, morning of the patient feels the expressed weakness and weakness.

At postsomnichesky frustration of a dream both backfilling, and dream absolutely normally. But the person very much early wakens, and, repeated backfilling does not happen. Thereof duration of a dream is shorter, than it is required for good rest of an organism.

Why sleeplessness is shown?

Проявления бессонницыSleeplessness disturbs the people having the most different diseases. The sleeplessness reasons at girls and young men are often connected with a strong intellectual overstrain, serious experiences, considerable exercise stresses. For example, at teenagers of the reason of a bad dream are often connected with congestion at school, at children physical overworks can provoke sleeplessness. At the same time the person at whom the symptoms connected with a bad dream are noted can be absolutely healthy.

Sleeplessness at the person develops as a hypoxia effect, that is shortages in an oxygen human body. The hypoxia leads to disturbance of functions of a number of bodies that, in turn worsens the general condition of an organism.

The sleeplessness reasons at men and women are also often connected with neurosises, cardiovascular illnesses, mental diseases, neuroinfections. About why sleeplessness torments, people who received injuries of a brain, in particular, of those its areas which are responsible for regulation of the periods of a dream and wakefulness quite often reflect.

The reasons of frustration of a dream are very often connected with the endured stress or a mental overload. The person who endured the situation injuring mentality notes constant sleep disorders, weakness, weakness. Why the bad dream influences working capacity, it is clear to everyone. Therefore it is important to avoid as much as possible stressful situations and to protect mentality from shocks.

Sleep disorders, both at advanced age, and at women and men of average years can speak disturbance of a blood flow in the central nervous system, changes of intracranial pressure.

Besides, dream causes of infringement at adults are sometimes connected with the fact that the person because of work, entertainments or other reasons is awake during the night period. If during trips there is a change of time zones, then the traveler can also suffer from sleeplessness. In this case the answer to a question what to do if sleeplessness torments is not until the human body does not adapt to the new time zone.

Sleep disorders — an actual problem for the people abusing drugs, psychoactive agents, sleeping pill, tranquilizers. Frustration of a night dream is noted also at those who regularly take alcohol. Complaints that sleeplessness tortured, are noted also in days when the person stays in an ebrietas, and after hard drinking. Often sleep disorders are present at those who suffer from a depression and neurosises.

Quite often sleeplessness is noted at future mothers during the different periods of pregnancy. What to do at pregnancy to adjust rhythms of a dream and wakefulness, it is impossible to solve without consultation with the doctor.

However generally sleeplessness at pregnancy is considered absolutely normal phenomenon. Sleep disorders can begin already on early durations of gestation. At many women sleeplessness begins already in the first trimester of pregnancy. It occurs owing to influence of a hormonal imbalance. Increase of level of progesterone and other hormones conducts to the fact that the organism of the woman cannot sometimes reach the due level of relaxation. Therefore sleeplessness in certain cases is even perceived as an indirect sign of pregnancy.

Sleeplessness during pregnancy on late terms is connected already with the physiological reasons. Considering features of anatomy the future of mother, it is easy to explain why sleeplessness at pregnant women is the frequent satellite of this period of life. Weight increases, the stomach grows, the fruit even more often moves therefore it is very difficult for woman to sleep peacefully at night. Besides owing to the uterus pressure upon a bladder the woman should go to a toilet every night several times. How to fight against these phenomena, the doctor will prompt. There is a number of the simple rules allowing though to facilitate a little a condition of future mother.

Бессонница у маленьких детейSleeplessness at children of the first year of life is most often connected with intestinal gripes, a teething. Newborn children gradually have an adaptation of the alimentary system, as conducts to the discomfort connected with gripes. The sleep disorder at the baby at whom teeth are cut through occurs also in connection with strong increase of department of saliva. It collects in a throat owing to what the child wakes up. The early insomniya can be connected also with reaction of the child to that food which he eats. Sometimes at the child allergic reaction to some food stuffs develops. The allergy to cow's milk, however is most often noted and the organism of the kid can ambiguously react to other food stuffs. Because of an allergy to products which are used by mother even sleeplessness at the baby can be shown.

The sleep disorder at children is noted at organism infection with pinworms who cause very severe itch in the field of an anus, laying eggs there. Therefore if sleeplessness at the child of 10 years is observed or is more senior, he surely should carry out analyses regarding detection of worms.

Sometimes, that the sleep disorder at the child arises in connection with ear infections. To distinguish this disease at the small child very difficult, and sometimes frustration of a dream at children is the only symptom of an ear infection. When the child lies, liquid which appears under the influence of an infection presses on a tympanic membrane. In vertical position pain and pressure decreases. Therefore, the child cannot sleep peacefully.

Insomniya at children of more advanced age can be observed owing to an activity surplus, both physical, and intellectual. Sometimes children's sleeplessness develops because of disturbance of that nightly ritual to which the kid got used. Children after three-year age often wake up in the middle of the night if they very much strongly developed imagination. In that case normally fears which are generated by their own imagination prevent to have a rest them.

How to get rid of sleeplessness?

Бессонница и нарушение снаSometimes sleeplessness develops at the person from time to time. However if difficulties with backfilling are single, then it is not necessary to worry about it. If the person endured a strong emotional shock, then he can sleep badly one or several nights. After that the normal dream is recovered without treatment.

But if difficulties with backfilling and the sleep disorder is noted at least once a week, then in that case it is worth thinking of how to treat sleeplessness at men and women.

Of how to get rid of sleeplessness, the people who are periodically suffering from a sleep disorder should think. Gradually such episodes can develop into chronic sleeplessness, and then the answer to a question how to overcome sleeplessness, it will become much more difficult.

Chronic sleeplessness gradually causes disturbances of mental health. If the person did not take care in time of how to cure sleeplessness, at him the depression, alarm attacks, panic attacks can be shown. Over time such diseases it is aggravated therefore the question how to struggle with sleeplessness, is extraordinary actual for patients with symptoms of sleep disorders. If house methods and ways of fight against sleeplessness do not allow to reach desirable effect, it is necessary to learn surely where such frustration treat and to see a doctor. He will make detailed recommendations on the subject of how to treat sleeplessness. What doctor treats a sleep disorder, it is possible to learn in the nearest policlinic. How to treat a sleep disorder, it is possible to learn also from specialists who are engaged in treatment of the diseases which provoked frustration of a dream.

Sometimes to carry out effective treatment of sleeplessness in house conditions, it is enough to follow the rules very simple and available to all. For example chronic sleeplessness in certain cases disappears after the person moves to some time to the country, sleeps in the fresh air and in a complete silence. Treatment of a sleep disorder demands the maximum elimination from human life of stressful situations, an emotional overstrain.

Treatment of frustration of a dream provides elimination of those diseases which interfere with a normal dream. For example, can have sleeplessness of people because of a painful tooth, an infectious disease, etc. In this case treatment of sleeplessness folk remedies will not be effective as treatment of an insomniiya is inseparably linked with therapy of those illnesses which provoked it.

In modern medicine different remedies for sleeplessness are applied. It both medicamentous drugs, and treatment by hypnosis, and serious change of habits and way of life. Appointing treatment of sleeplessness at a climax or during pregnancy, the doctor surely considers specific features of an organism of the patient.

In the period of a menopause at women sleep disorders therefore women try to find an effective remedy from sleeplessness at a climax are very often observed. Frustration of a dream significantly worsens quality of life of the woman who entered the climax period. At night sleeplessness constant drowsiness and feeling of weakness is observed in the afternoon. Nevertheless, to get rid of sleep disorders in the period of a menopause sometimes it turns out without special difficulties. For some women the most effective remedy from sleeplessness — is qualitative airing of a bedroom before going to bed. In a bedroom it has to be cool. Just before withdrawal to a dream you should not watch TV or to sit in front of the monitor. It is worth having supper also approximately in four hours prior to a dream. Often women note that the best sleeplessness medicine for them — a long heat bath. This procedure helps to relax.

Folk remedies against sleeplessness also allow to find a normal dream. A fine method — the regular use of herbal teas with sedation. It is recommended to make teas from a melissa, a valerian, mint, a camomile. It is possible to use throughout some time and pharmaceutical tinctures of these herbs. But if after the embodiment in life of these rules sleeplessness does not manage to be overcome, it is necessary to address the specialist who will appoint medicamentous drugs against sleeplessness surely. Correctly picked up tablets will allow to improve a condition of the woman considerably.

In certain cases modern medicines from sleeplessness help to recover a normal dream. People who are subject to stresses, a depression need to accept medicamentous drugs at a sleep disorder. However hypnagogues should not be accepted constantly. Only from time to time under control of the doctor it is possible to take a short course of treatment hypnagogues. Often at chronic sleeplessness homeopathic medicines, and also various vegetable drugs are appointed. However reception of such means has to be followed by serious correction of way of life.

At chronic sleeplessness at aged people it is very carefully necessary to use sleeping pill. Can result sleeplessness medicine for elderly people in serious dependence on such drugs as a result. As a result, regular reception of such medicines leads to manifestation of side effects, in particular, to change of consciousness and processes of thinking. Even those hypnagogues which are on sale in drugstores without recipe can cause so serious side effects as pressure decrease, nausea, a condition of alarm and concern. Besides even the best sleeplessness medicine in view of accustoming of an organism to it loses over time efficiency. Therefore about what medicine needs to be taken and how to exercise in treatment for sleeplessness at advanced age judgment, the specialist will prompt.

Лекарства от бессонницыHowever, it is desirable for person of any age who suffers from frustration of a dream to ask initially the doctor what sleeplessness pills will help to get rid of this problem, and at the same time treatment will do without accustoming and side effects. It is necessary to be guided by the scheme of treatment appointed by the specialist, but not to the prices of tablets or of those names of tablets which the person suffering from sleeplessness heard from acquaintances. Buying means for normalization of a dream without recipe, the patient risks to aggravate own state over time.

At the attending physician it is possible to learn also about what herbs help from sleeplessness. Tea for which preparation collecting herbs is used can regularly be drunk throughout a long time. He will help to relax, calm down and to fill up quietly.

To overcome the problems connected with a sleep disorder it is necessary to take care surely and of change of usual way of life. Specialists proved that the embodiment in life of some rules even without drugs can improve quality of a dream. The good effect can be gained, carrying out special exercises for a relax. It can be respiratory gymnastics, meditation, yoga.

Also so-called cognitive and behavioural therapy which is one of psychotherapy methods practices. The patient consults with the specialist and actively discusses problems with a dream, as allows to define the reasons of this phenomenon and to overcome them.

Changes which are desirable for entering into own vital rhythm is more active lifestyle, improvement of a food allowance and the schedule of meal, correction of the schedule of a dream. Specialists recommend to go to bed and wake up at the same time all seven days of the week. At the same time the day dream needs to be excluded completely.

It is not necessary to lie in a bed, reading or watching telecasts. The bed is a place only for a dream. In the evening it is better to exclude all those actions which conduct to a stress, excessive tension.

It is not necessary to eat before going to bed at all as satiety will only aggravate sleeplessness. It is not necessary to drink a lot of liquid before withdrawal to a dream also, need to empty a bladder can break a quiet dream.

The child needs to provide a dream in the cool, well aired room. In a bedroom there should not be foreign sounds and light, convenient, moderately hard bed is necessary. The kid has to go to sleep in quiet and benevolent mood. It is impossible to quarrel, abuse the child before going to bed, to play with him very outdoor games.

As a rule, treatment of sleeplessness at children by means of medicines practices in that case when all other methods do not help. Even infusions of the herbs having sedation, children can accept only after approval of such method by the doctor. As a rule, for treatment of sleeplessness at children doctors recommend to use psychotherapy methods, gymnastics, special exercises for calm, development of imagination. Using optimum methods of treatment, sleep disorders at children manage to be overcome without medicines.

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