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  • Latin name: Betadine
  • ATH code: D08AG02
  • Active ingredient: Povidone-iodine (Povidone-iodine)
  • Producer: EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC (Hungary)


As a part of ointment Betadin is active component povidone-iodine, and also additional components: macrogoal 400, macrogoal 1000, macrogoal 4000, sodium bicarbonate, water.

Solution Betadin in structure is active component povidone-iodine and additional components: nonoksinol 9, anhydrous citric acid, glycerin, dinatrium dihydrophosphate, sodium of hydroxide of 10%, water

Vaginal candles Betadin are a component povidone-iodine, and also a macrogoal of 1000 as additional making.

Release form

Several forms of drug Betadin are issued:

  • Solution Betadin for use outwardly has dark brown color, does not contain the besieged or suspended particles. Contains in bottles on 30, 120 and 1000 ml.
  • Ointment Betadin has brown color, possesses weak aroma of iodine. Contains in aluminum tubas on 20 g.
  • Candles vaginal have the torpedo-shaped form, dark brown color, homogeneous structure. Packaging contains 7 pieces.

Drops and tablets Betadin are not issued.

Pharmacological action

Betadin exerts disinfecting and antiseptic impact. Iodine is released from a complex with polyvinylpirrolidone, contacting to skin and mucous, and forms cells of bacteria iodamines, coagulates them. As a result, microorganisms perish.

Betadin influences both on gram-positive, and gram-negative bacteria. An exception is Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Shows activity in relation to mushrooms, bacteria, viruses, the elementary.

All forms of drug do not cause accustoming, are not toxic. When using candles the microflora of a vagina is normalized, burning and an itch disappears, at the same time candles do not exert the irritating impact.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

At use locally in blood iodine is practically not soaked up. Active component gets into fabrics superficially. After introduction of vaginal candles fungi and bacteria perish within 1 min.

Indications to use

Means in the form of solution is applied outwardly in the following cases:

  • for the purpose of disinfection mucous and skin before carrying out an operative measure;
  • before carrying out injections, biopsies, punctures, infusions, a transfusion and other manipulations for disinfection of skin;
  • for processing for the purpose of prevention and treatment when using catheters, drainages, probes at the patients who transferred surgical intervention;
  • for processing of the infected and aseptic wounds;
  • at fungal, bacterial, viral infections of integuments, mucous nasopharynx and mouth;
  • for the purpose of disinfection when carrying out manipulations in stomatology;
  • for partial or full processing of patients before carrying out operation (for carrying out so-called "disinfecting bathing");
  • for the purpose of disinfection of patrimonial ways in gynecology and obstetrics, and also when carrying out gynecologic manipulations;
  • for the purpose of processing of an umbilical cord and prevention of conjunctivitis at newborns;
  • for disinfection of integuments at cuts, wounds, an intertrigo, grazes, acne rash, pustulous diseases, stomatitis.

Use of ointment practices in such cases:

  • for the purpose of topical treatment of burns, grazes, wounds, decubituses, trophic ulcers, superinfectious dermatitis, skin infections;
  • for treatment of the viral diseases including provoked by a virus of papilloma and herpes.

Indications to use of candles are defined the following:

  • inflammatory diseases of a vagina in an acute and chronic form;
  • nonspecific infections, multi-infections;
  • fungal infections (also after treatment by antibiotics);
  • genital herpes;
  • the infections provoked by gardnerella, chlamydias, trichomonads;
  • for prevention before carrying out gynecologic manipulations.

Use of candles at once after the unprotected sexual contact reduces probability of infection with sexually transmitted infections. However such action is possible, only if candles with iodine are used within two hours after sexual contact.


Use of this cure for such diseases and states is contraindicated:

  • hyperthyroidism;
  • herpetiform dermatitis of Dyuringa;
  • adenoma of a thyroid gland;
  • on condition of simultaneous use of a radioiodine;
  • at the age of the child till 1 year;
  • at high sensitivity to iodine, and also to other components of this means.

Use of medicine for newborn and premature children is contraindicated. It is carefully applied at chronic inflammations of skin, during pregnancy, and also at a lactation.

Side effects

The following side effects of candles and other forms of production of drug are noted:

  • local manifestations of allergic reaction to iodine in the form of reddening, rashes, an itch;
  • vulval dysbacteriosis (at long use of suppositories);
  • thyrotoxicosis (at predisposition of hereditary character).

Application instruction of Betadin

Ointment Betadin, application instruction

Means needs to be applied on affected areas several times a day. It is necessary to put it with a thin layer.

Solution Betadin, application instruction

Solution is used as not divorced, and in the form of aqueous solution. Such solution is prepared in a proportion 1:10 or 1:100.

For the purpose of disinfection of healthy sites of skin not divorced solution is applied 1-2 minutes. Aqueous solution is applied to processing of burns, wounds, the skin affected with a fungus and bacteria (1:10).

Hygienic processing of the patient is carried out by aqueous solution of Betadin (1:100).

Acne rash, pustulous diseases are wiped with the cotton plug moistened in solution of 5% or 10%.

Rinsing of a mouth is carried out by solution, divorced 1:10.

At aseptic maintaining wounds and treatment of complications 5% or 10% solution are used. It is possible to impregnate a dressing material with strong solution.

In case of washing of serous cavities, cavities of joints it is used 1:10 — 1:100 solution.

In gynecologic practice not divorced solution of Betadin is applied.

Candles Betadin, application instruction

At the acute course of a disease it is necessary to enter twice a day 1 soup. Treatment is carried out for 7 days, at the same time it is necessary to enter candles deeply into a vagina.

At subacute and chronic disease before going to bed it is necessary to enter 1 soup. before going to bed, treatment is carried out within 14 days.

Depending on the diagnosis and character of an infection the doctor can prolong a course of therapy. Before introduction suppository it is recommended to moisten them with water. In the course of treatment it is necessary to use hygienic laying. It is not necessary to stop treatment in the period of periods. Candles at pregnancy apply only after appointment of the doctor.

Candles Betadin at the milkwoman

Betadin candles from the milkwoman apply according to the instruction designated above. Depending on disease – acute it is a form or chronic – Betadin it is necessary to apply candles 1 or 2 times a day.

Candles at an erosion can be applied only after appointment of the doctor.


There are no data on overdose of any of drug forms Betadin


Means is not combined with other drugs antiseptic agents, especially those which contain in structure enzymes, alkalis, mercury. Betadin's efficiency goes down if to apply him with hydrogen peroxide.

Betadin's effect decreases in the presence of blood, but if its concentration increases, bactericidal activity increases.

Terms of sale

It is possible to get all forms of medicine according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to protect remedy for light, at a temperature from 5 to 15 °C. To protect cure for access for children. Divorced solution is not subject to storage.

Period of validity

It is possible to store means 5 years.

Special instructions

At people who suffer from dysfunctions of a thyroid gland use of means Betadin only under strict supervision of the doctor is possible.

Newborn children Betadin can apply only on condition of emergency and after research of function of a thyroid gland was conducted.

It is important to practice carefully regular use on the injured skin for people who have a chronic renal failure.

In that place where drug was applied, there is a painted film. It remains until all active iodine is not released, and drug does not stop working. The painted body surface easily washes off.

Betadin it is impossible to apply at stings of animals, insects.

It is necessary to prevent hit of medicine in eyes.

It is necessary to consider that povidone-iodine has properties of an oxidizer that can influence results of research of urine, blood, and also results of a stsintigrafiya.

People who pass treatment by lithium drugs cannot regularly use candles Betadin.

It is necessary to consider spermicidal action which is made by candles Betadin, from what they have to be used elaborately by those who plan pregnancy.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs of this drug – means Yodoksid, Poliyodin, Akvazan, Yodosept, Vokadin are made. The price of analogs of candles depends on the producer and packaging of means.


  • Betadin of 10% ointment 20gegis
  • Betadin vaginal candles of 200 mg No. 14Egis
  • Betadin of 10% solution for topical and external use 30mlegis
  • Betadin of 10% solution for topical and external use 120mlegis
  • Betadin vaginal candles of 200 mg No. 7Egis

Drugstore of IFC

  • Betadin solution of outside 10% 120 ml, Egisvengriya
  • Betadin supp.vagin. 200 mg No. 14, Egisvengriya
  • Betadin ointment of 10% 20 g, Egisvengriya
  • Betadin supp.vagin. 200 mg No. 7, Egisvengriya
  • Betadin solution of outside 10% 1000 ml, Egisvengriya
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  • Betadinegis (Hungary)
  • Betadinegis (Hungary)
  • Betadinegis (Hungary)
  • Betadinegis (Hungary)
  • To Betadina solution of 10% bottle 100mlalkaloid (Macedonia)


  • Betadin solution of 10% 1000mlegis
  • Betadin solution of 10% 1000mlegis
  • Betadin solution of 10% 1000mlegis
  • Betadin solution of 10% 1000mlegis
  • Betadin solution of 10% 1000mlegis


  • Betadin of 200 mg No. 14 supp.vag. Egis Pharmaceutical plant of joint stock company (Hungary)
  • Betadin of 10% 20 g ointment in tubeegis Pharmaceutical plant of joint stock company (Hungary)
  • Betadin of 10% 120 ml solution naruzhn. Egis Pharmaceutical plant of joint stock company (Hungary)
  • Betadin of 10% 30 ml solution naruzhn. Egis Pharmaceutical plant of joint stock company (Hungary)
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