Whether the summer sun for health is safe?

With arrival of warm days many people aim to be as often as possible on the sun somewhat quicker to find beautiful summer suntan. But often this desire faces a question: how safely long stay under sun beams for health of the person?

There are two dangers. The first is rather offensive ultra-violet radiation which at long impact on skin of the person promotes development of cancer diseases. At the same time many know that such vitamin D important and necessary for us is synthesized in an organism only at influence of an ultraviolet. Of course, it is possible to bring him in an organism and together with some food stuffs and vitamin complexes. The second danger of an ultraviolet is rather strong impact on a condition of an organism in general which consists in change of arterial pressure, an overheat and dehydration.

At frequent and long stay on the sun there are also such negative effects as presenilation and withering of skin, loss of its elasticity and elasticity, emergence of wrinkles, danger of activation of cancer cells increases. To minimize these phenomena, use of special sun-protection means – creams, lotions is strongly recommended. Also wearing wide-brimmed hats, various capes will give additional protection to that the similar elements of clothes allowing to hide open sites of skin from excessive sunshine. You should not forget also about children, their gentle skin needs especially careful protection and logically there is a question how to protect the child's skin from sunshine?

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