Биматопрост Constitutional formula

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  • Latin name: Bimatoprostum
  • ATH code: S01EE03
  • Chemical formula: C25H37NO4
  • CAS code: 155206-00-1

Chemical name

(5Z)-7-{ (1R,2R,3R,5S) - 3,5-dihydroxy-2-[(1E,3S) - 3-hydroxy-5-phenyl-1-penten-1-yl] cyclopentyl } - N-ethyl-5-heptenamide

Chemical properties

Bimatoprost is a fatty acid, synthetic prostamid, the analog of prostaglandin used for treatment of glaucoma and the increased intraocular pressure. Substance is well dissolved in ethanol, methanol, DMSO and DMFA. The molecular mass of Bimatoprost in Wikipedia = 415,6 grams on mol. Means is let out in the form of eye drops or solution for drawing on eyelashes.

Pharmacological action

Lowers intraocular pressure.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The mechanism of action of Bimatoprost is up to the end not studied. It is considered that substance selectively imitates effect of prostamid, thus, reducing VGD. Under effect of the medicine outflow of liquid through a trabecular network amplifies and uveoskleralny outflow of intraocular liquid is stimulated. The effect of use of means develops within 4 hours after reception and reaches a maximum in 8-12 hours. Action duration – one days.

Substance well gets through a sclera and a cornea of an eye. Does not collect, does not render any system effects. At single use the maximum concentration of substance is observed 10 minutes later after procedure and decreases within 1,5 hours.

Indications to use

Bimatoprost appoint:

  • for treatment of an open angle glaucoma;
  • at an oftalmogipertenziya;
  • for treatment of a hypotrichosis of eyelashes.


Medicine is not used:

  • at treatment of the pregnant women and persons who did not reach 18-year age;
  • during feeding by a breast;
  • at an allergy to the active operating means components.

Extra care is recommended to be observed:

  • at an aphakia, a psevdofakiya;
  • to patients who have damages of a back capsule of a crystalline lens;
  • in the presence of risk of developing of hypostasis of a makula;
  • after long treatment of a diabetes mellitus;
  • to patients with the raised cholesterol;
  • at a nephropathy;
  • with a low arterial pressure;
  • sick uveitis (the disease can progress).

Side effects

Possible side effects of Bimatoprost:

  • itch and irritation of eyes, reddening century;
  • conjunctiva hyperemia, hyperpegmentation of skin on centuries;
  • syndrome of "a dry eye", the lowered intraocular pressure.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

Eye drops, as a rule, use once a day. Medicine is dug in in a conjunctival sac of the affected eye once a day, in the morning.

If the next instillation of drug was passed, then treatment is resumed already next day. Duration of treatment depends on recommendations of the doctor.

The instruction to Bimatoprost for growth of eyelashes

Substance is used once a day, before going to bed, previously having cleaned a face from decorative cosmetics and having removed contact lenses. Drug is applied along the line of growth of hair with a special brush applicator along edge of an upper eyelid.

It is impossible applies means on a lower eyelid. The sterile applicator is used once, and then thrown out. The dropper of a bottle should not contact to skin or other surfaces to avoid its infection.


At peroral introduction of Bimatoprost to rats, in a dosage of 100 mg on weight kg, within 2 weeks any symptoms of toxic influence were not observed.

There are no data on overdose by means. If there was an accidental overdose by drug, the symptomatic treatment is carried out.


It is recommended to observe an interval at 2 o'clock between use of medicine and other drugs.

At a combination to other means influencing intraocular pressure, pressure can decrease more slowly, and extent of decrease will be less expressed.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Medicine is stored in the cool place, in closed form, far from small children.

Period of validity

24 months. After opening of a bottle medicine needs to be used within 28 days.

Special instructions

Effect of drug if it is used for strengthening of growth of eyelashes, temporary. Means needs to be used throughout a long span and to repeat courses. Also eyelashes can unevenly grow, their color and thickness, the direction of growth can change.

During treatment this substance recommends to control intraocular pressure periodically.

One of side effects from use of means is hyperpegmentation of an iris of the eye, in particular a dark pigment. In an iris of the eye increases the content of melanin and the number of melanocytes increases. It is unknown how many this effect will last. Also skin color can change a century. Such changes are temporary and are reversible.

Contact lenses need to be removed in 15 minutes prior to use of drug and to establish again 15 minutes later after instillation.

If during treatment there were unusual symptoms, visual acuity decreased, an eye was injured or infected, it is recommended to address the ophthalmologist and to resolve an issue of the treatment termination.

To children

Children cannot appoint drug aged till 18 flyings.

Bimatoprost is a part of drugs: Latisse, Bimatoprost of I-lashpro, Kareprost. Also substance is active component of eye drops Ganfort (in combination with Timololum).


About use of drugs on the basis of this substance good. Medicine is effective with the increased intraocular pressure, unlike analogs, it can be used once a day. Also rapid growth of eyelashes is observed, the truth side effects in the form of hyperpegmentation a century, discolorations of eyes and some discomfort are sometimes shown during treatment by drug.

Bimatoprost's price where to buy

It is possible to buy in a drugstore of Bimatoprost as a part of drops Ganfort approximately for 750 rubles, one bottle. Also online stores suggest to buy means of Kareprost for 800 rubles (one bottle, with a capacity of 3 ml).

Section: Active ingredients
PAY ATTENTION! Information on active ingredients on the website is help generalizing, collected from public sources and can form the basis for making decision on use of these substances it is not aware of treatment. Before use of substance of Bimatoprost surely consult with the attending physician.
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