The biomarker is a special measuring instrument, substance which is used for the analysis of a certain condition of the person. There is a set of biomarter, for example:

  • Biomarker for monitoring of cancer (onkomarker)
  • Aging biomarker
  • Biomarker of atherosclerosis, many other diseases
  • The biomarkers revealing influence of certain substances at toxic poisoning, etc. In that case toxic agent can be a biomarker.

The main objective of markers is an identification, an assessment and measurements of the pathological and normal processes proceeding in a human body. Also these substances can be used for an assessment of pharmacological treatment, the course of a disease. Biomarkers, generally in medicine are used, but also other sciences can apply this diagnostic method.

Use of biomarkers happens as follows. Special substance which part the biomarker of a certain look is is entered into an organism if there is a task to reveal cancer cells, for example, so the liquid containing onkomarker is entered into an organism. Further is defined by a special method whether necessary bodies revealed markers.

Diagnosis of cancer by means of onkomarker is one of the most perspective directions of development of therapeutic medicine in the field of cancer today. Whether such biomarkers allow to reveal far metastasises where they are concentrated in the greatest way, on how many cancer cells of a porazlila fabrics, adjacent to a tumor, came. Usually the oncotomy occurs in such a way that for successful treatment it is necessary to remove a little and nearby fabrics. Use of biomarkers in that case allows to define precisely how many additional fabric needs to remove.

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