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  • Latin name: Biovital Gel for Children, Kinder Biovital Gummy with vitamins
  • ATH code: A11AA04
  • Active ingredient: Polyvitamins (Multivitamins)
  • Producer: Hey. Gmbh Nattarmann and Sayah, Germany


As a part of gel Biowital Kinder are (on 10 grams of gel):

Also the complex contains auxiliary ingredients: fragrance red orange, potassium sorbate, sucrose, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, distillate, ethanol, isopropyl myristate, sodium benzoate, alpha tocopherol, vanillin.

Wedmezhuiki Kinder Biovital is a part of 1 pastil:

Additional substances: sugar, citric acid, red fruit concentrate, extract of red pepper, crimson fragrance, water, orange fragrance, glucose, dry gelatin, Kapoli 2620C, fruit extract yellow, fragrance lemon.

Release form

The vitamin complex is let out in the form of homogeneous light yellow viscous gel with a smell of fruit and sourish and sweet taste. In gel there is a set of small vials of air. Means is on sale in aluminum tubas, with a capacity of 175 grams, in cardboard packs on one tuba.

Vitamins also let out in the form of pastils chewing in the form of gelatinous bears of red and yellow color, orange or crimson flavor. In packaging of 30 pastils.

Pharmacological action

Fills shortage of mineral substances and vitamins.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The vitamins which are a part of both complexes are important components of harmonious development of an organism of the child. They are necessary for synthesis of various hormones, enzymes, other substances.

Vitamin A makes immunomodulatory impact, promotes development of an epithelium, accelerates processes of healing of wounds and cuts on skin, improves sight, takes part in synthesis of a rhodopsin.

Vitamin E is natural antioxidant, protects an organism from pernicious influence of free radicals, participates in an erythrogenesis and process of formation of muscular tissue. Also plays a large role in functioning of a nervous system, increases working capacity and resistance to stress.

Vitamins of group B (B12, B6, Riboflavinum, etc.) strengthen a nervous system and immunity. B6 positively influences cardiac performance and muscle growth, participates in processes of a metabolism, a carbohydrate lipometabolism.

The special attention should be paid to folic acid. Substance participates in processes of synthesis of thymidylate, purines, methionine and other reactions of methylation. Accelerates a metabolism, promotes growth of cells, replication reactions.

Vitamin C maintains immunity, accelerates digestion of other vitamins and vitaminopodobny substances. Also ascorbic acid participates in collagen synthesis, supports redoxreactions, has antioxidant effect.

As prevention of rickets, muscular weakness, diseases of a nervous system it is necessary to use enough cholecalciferol (D3 vitamin). Substance stimulates fast assimilation with a calcium organism. Bones, teeth develop strength, the muscular device and a nervous system become more hardy.

The vitamin complex is well acquired and undergoes reactions of a metabolism.

Indications to use

Gel Biovital for children is appointed:

  • at a hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis;
  • during a diet or at unbalanced food;
  • for the children who are lagging behind in growth;
  • at stomatitis, after the postponed infectious or other diseases;
  • at treatment by antibiotics, carrying out chemotherapy.

Chewing pastils are appointed:

  • during active growth, at the raised physical. or intellectual loadings;
  • in a cold season, during adaptation (for example, in kindergarten);
  • at a hyponutrient;
  • to the children living in ecologically adverse areas.


The complex is not appointed:

Side effects

Drug does not contain such amount of active ingredients to be capable to cause strong side reactions. Allergic reactions or reactions of hypersensitivity are in rare instances observed.

The instruction on Biowital Kinder (A way and a dosage)

Gel for children is accepted inside or locally, regardless of meal. Duration of a course is defined after consultation with the doctor.

The instruction on gel Biowital Kinder.

To teenagers and school students appoint on a teaspoon, 2 times a day. To children to babies and younger school students – on half of spoons 2-3 times a day.

At stomatitis and other defeats mucous a mouth, gel is applied on an affected area and left for some time, to a full rassasyvaniye.

The instruction on Vedmezhuyki

For children at the age of 3-6 flyings the daily dosage makes 1-2 bears. For children of 7-13 years – to three bears a day.
It is not necessary to try to replace good nutrition with reception of a complex.

Pastils accept from 30 to 45 days. Courses can will repeat to several times a year.


There are no data on overdose cases. Emergence of a hypervitaminosis is possible.

At reception over 100 grams of drug are possible developing of nausea, a gastric disturbance, abdominal pains. It is necessary to wash out a stomach, to make symptomatic therapy.


Gel and pastils can be combined with other medicines. It is recommended to consult before reception of a complex with the doctor.

Terms of sale

To get a vitamin complex the recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

Temperature condition: in the place of storage there should not be more than 25 and less than 15 degrees Celsius.

Not to allow hit in hands to small children.

Period of validity

2 years


About gel Kinder Biovital.

About gel for children Biovital good. Much like a release form, packaging, fruit taste and a smell. The complex is rather effective, children are ill less, become more active. However there are also such patients who, on the contrary, did not like packaging and taste, means cost.

Responses on Vedmezhuyki.

Pastils in the form of gelatinous bears suit some more, than gel Biovital. It is simpler to force the child to accept them, there is an allergy or other side effects less often. Many are confused by the high cost of pastils.

The price where to buy

Gel for children Biovital costs about 300 rubles for packaging.

The gel price Kinder Biovital is slightly lower, than at pastils, and the price of Vedmezhuyki makes 350 rubles for 30 pieces.


  • Biovital Kinder No. 30 of a pastil zhev.
  • Biovital Kinder No. 60 of a pastil zhev.
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