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  • Latin name: Bivalos
  • ATH code: M05BX03
  • Active ingredient: Strontium ranelat (Strontium ranelate)
  • Producer: Les Laboratoires Servier (France)


One sachet of drug contains 2532 milligrams of a ranelat of strontium hydrate or 2000 milligrams of active agent at recalculation in an anhydrous ranelat of strontium. As a part of medicine of Bivalos such auxiliary connections as contain: Mannitolum, aspartame, and also maltodextrin.

Release form

Bivalos let out in the form of powder of pale yellow color. Drug is used for preparation of suspension opaque white color. As a rule, to be in one cardboard packaging 7, 14, 28, 56, 84 or 100 sachets containing 2 grams of active medicinal connection.

Pharmacological action

Drug helps to correct a metabolism of a cartilaginous and bone tissue.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

By results of the conducted researches in the conditions of invitro (i.e. in a test tube) it was established what ranelat strontium promotes an osteogenesis. Besides, useful connection participates in synthesis of collagen and stimulates development of predecessors of osteoblasts.

Bivalos reduces the speed of a resorption of a bone tissue, thus, stopping process of a differentiation of osteoclasts. As a result of this medicinal connection process of a caries changes towards its education. It is possible to tell that drug starts the mechanism of recovery of bone tissues in a human body at osteoporosis.
At long therapeutic treatment (over three years) at patients increase in level of maintenance of the biochemical markers which are responsible for an osteogenesis is noted (the I type S-terminal pro-peptide procollagen), and also the maintenance of markers which lead to a resorption of a bone tissue decreases (N-terminal and S-terminal telopeptid).

Bivalos it is effective in treatment of post-menopausal osteoporosis at women during which the risk of changes increases. Medicine also showed excellent results at its use during an osteoarthrosis. Active medicinal agent participates in development of a cartilaginous matrix, and also makes impact on human chondrocytes, thus, slowing down process of destruction of fabrics. Thanks to inhibition of a resorption of subchondral fabric drug positively influences an osteoarthrosis pathophysiology.

Indications to use

This medicine is used during treatment:

  • osteoporosis during the menstrual period at women, for the purpose of prevention and the prevention of changes;
  • osteoporosis of coxofemoral or knee joints;
  • osteoporosis at men.

Besides, Bivalos use as a part of complex therapeutic treatment of changes, for example, hip necks.


Drug is contraindicated at:

Besides, Bivalos is forbidden to be applied in treatment of patients who did not reach 18 more summer age. With extra care and only under control of the doctor can use drug the patients suffering from a renal failure and also at a venous thromboembolism.

Side effects

During use of drug the following side effects from bodies of a gastrointestinal tract, nervous and cardiovascular system can be shown:

To all other, there can be various allergic reactions when using this medicine and be expressed in emergence of rash on integuments, an itch, the small tortoiseshell, dermatitis or eczema.

Application instruction of Bivalos (Way and dosage)

According to the instruction to Bivalos drug is intended for intake. Before direct use it is necessary to prepare from powder in a sachet liquid medicinal suspension which is recommended to be used before going to bed. And at once after taking the medicine it is necessary to accept horizontal position for achievement of the maximum medical effect.

The recommended daily dosage of Bivalos makes to 2 grams (i.e. one sachet). In order to avoid overdose it is not necessary to increase self-willedally a medicine dose without consultation with the doctor as the course of treatment is expected by drug a long span. For preparation of suspension it is necessary to dissolve one sachet of Bivalos in at least 1/3 glass of water.

Because many food stuffs and food additives contain in the structure calcium it is necessary to avoid their use at least in two hours prior to reception of this drug as absorption of a ranelat of strontium, and, so and its efficiency decreases. During administration of drug patients with shortage of vitamin D, and also calcium should appoint additional medicines which will saturate an organism of the patient with necessary elements.


Though even when exceeding of the recommended drug dosages patients seldom have side effects, at overdose it is necessary to take all the same measures for decrease in absorption in a stomach of the active medicines which are contained in chemical composition of medicine. For this purpose it is possible to use milk or dairy products. Besides, it is recommended to cause vomiting for removal from an organism of the remains of active connections.


In order to avoid decrease in efficiency of drug of Bivalos it is not necessary to accept within at least two hours after the use in food of milk or dairy products. The same rule should follow also at simultaneous use of a ranelat of strontium and antiacid medicines. It should be noted that efficiency of the antibiotics relating to quinolinic and tetracycline drugs considerably decreases at their concomitant use with Bivalos.

Terms of sale

Bivalos can buy in a drugstore only in the presence of the recipe.

Storage conditions

Though special storage conditions for this drug are not provided, it is better to store Bivalos in the dry and unavailable place for children.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

When using this drug in treatment of patients with a renal failure it is necessary to exercise constantly control of the correct functioning of kidneys. As at Bivalos's reception VTE (a venous thromboembolism) and the reasons of this phenomenon can develop were not established by specialists up to the present moment, doctors should remember this factor at purpose of drug to patients from risk group.

At reception of medicine various skin reactions, for example Stephens-Johnson's syndrome, medicinal rash, an eosinophilia, an epidermal necrolysis, and also DRESS syndrome can be shown. In the presence of symptoms above the specified indispositions it is necessary to stop Bivalos's use immediately.

As the strontium which is contained in drug exerts impact on results of colorimetric researches of presence of potassium at blood or in urine, for the most exact assessment it is necessary to use other methods, for example, spectrometry nuclear issue or absorbing nuclear spectrometry and others.

The aspartame which is contained in chemical composition of Bivalos can provoke undesirable negative reactions at the patients suffering from a fenilketonuriya. Drug does not influence ability of the people accepting it to steer vehicles or does not prevent to work with life-threatening and health mechanisms or units.

Bivalos's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

The list of analogs of Bivalos includes the following drugs:

Patients leave different About Bivalos's analogs, however, as well as about the drug.


  • Bivalos 2 g powder for preparation of suspension for internal use No. 28 sasheservier

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  • Bivalos time. for susp. sachet of 2 g No. 28, Servierfrantion
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  • Bivalos granules for preparation of suspension 2 of No. 28servye (France)


  • Bivalos 2 g No. 28 gran.d/susp. for reception vnutrservier (France)
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