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  • Latin name: Bobotik
  • ATH code: A03AX13
  • Active ingredient: Simetikon (Simethicon)
  • Producer: MEDANA PHARMA, S.A. (Poland)


Bobotik's structure includes an emulsion of a simetikon as active agent.

Excipients: propilparagidroksibenzoat, sodium saccharinate, citric acid monohydrate, methylparahydroxybenzoate, water, karmelloza of sodium, crimson fragrance.

Bobotik's structure for newborns same, as well as at means for adults.

Release form

Medicine is let out in the form of drops for internal use. They are on sale in bottles. Means has a fruit smell and white color with a cream shade.

Pharmacological action

Medicine belongs to carminative.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Painful feelings in intestines, abdominal distention, gripes and the increased gas generation often disturb babies. In that case they are helped by Bobotik. This drug includes simetikon which promotes reduction of gas generation and does not exert a negative impact on digestion process.

Drug intake helps to get rid of discomfort and pains as active agent eliminates vials of gas and does not allow to appear new. The released gases are soaked up by walls of intestines and removed from it.

Indications to Bobotik's use

In the instruction the following indications to Bobotik's use are described:

  • the increased gas generation and accumulation of gases in a gastrointestinal tract;
  • need of preparation for diagnosis of bodies of a small pelvis of an abdominal cavity.


Reception of this means is contraindicated at:

  • negative reaction of an organism to drug;
  • intestinal impassability;
  • age till 28 days;
  • obstructive diseases of a gastrointestinal tract.

Side effects

When using means allergic reactions are possible.

Application instruction of Bobotik (Way and dosage)

The application instruction of Bobotik for newborns reports that it is possible to give him after the first four weeks of life of the kid. The dosage for children from 4 weeks to 2 flyings makes 8 drops. Children aged from 2 till 6 flyings are given 14 drops, of 6 flyings and is more senior – 16 drops. Medicine is applied by 4 times a day. Before giving to the newborn drug, it is mixed with cold boiled water, not gassy liquid or baby food. Use of medicine is stopped after undesirable symptoms disappear.

The instruction on Bobotik before diagnostic procedures reports that it is necessary to accept it one day before research. It is necessary to do it 2 times (in morning and an evening). Children from 4 weeks to 2 flyings are given 10 drops, from 2 to 6 years – 16 drops, 6 years – 20 drops are more senior.

Before use of a drop shake up. Medicine is taken inside after food.

Before sonografichesky research of a digestive tract 2 times in the doses appointed by the specialist take per day medicine. In 3 hours prior to procedure administration of drug is repeated.


Data on overdose are not provided. It is considered that exceeding of the recommended doses does not pose threat for health.


Administration of drug can break absorption of peroral anticoagulants.

Terms of sale

Medicine is on sale in drugstores without recipe.

Storage conditions

Drops should be held in the dark place. Optimum temperature – 15-25 °C. Medicine needs to be protected from children.

Period of validity

The maximum period of validity of drug – 2 years.


Among protivokolikovy means Planteks, Bebinos, Espumizan are also known. In comparison with them Bobotik became popular relatively recently, but is already in considerable demand.

That it is better: Bobotik or Espumizan?

Often at forums are interested that it is better – Bobotik or Espumizan. It should be noted that in the first drug the content of active ingredient – the simetikona – is slightly higher, than in the second. Therefore the first means can be accepted in smaller doses. Respectively, it can be used longer.

Bobotik for newborns

Bobotik for newborns receives mainly good comments. However at its use it is necessary to follow strictly the instruction in which it is in detail described how to accept to the newborn of a drop from gripes.

Use of this means allows not to spend time for preparation of special solution. Parents need to count only necessary quantity of drops and to give them to the kid. Medicine can be added to baby food or drink. It is quite nice to the taste so children with pleasure accept it.


  • Bobotik of a drop for intake 30mlmedana A.O's Farm.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Bobotik of a drop for vnutr. primen. 30 ml, Medan of Farm Terpol Group Aorossiya
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  • Bobotik1


  • Bobotik 66.66mg/ml 30 ml emuls. for reception of a vnutrmedan of Farm A.O. (Poland)
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Section: Gastrointestinal
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