Eye pain

In the opinion of the person there is very dense network of nerve terminations which differ in special sensitivity, and also pain receptors. Therefore, eyes are especially sensitive also to all processes which happen in an organism, and to influences of external character.

Thanks to the mechanism of an eye of the person described above have especially strong protection which is expressed by the fact that even at rather insignificant impacts on it severe pain in an eye can develop.

Oculists define eye pain and if hurts not really strongly, that is there are only unpleasant feelings and if at the person the expressed severe pain in eyes is noted. At the same time the reasons that the person is strongly hurt by eyes can be absolutely different. It both banal fatigue, and more serious reasons — pathological processes in a third cranial nerve, directly in an eye, in a carotid artery.

Therefore if the reasons of pain in eyes — not the usual eyelash which got under an eyelid, or stay on strong wind should be turned on the occurring special attention not to miss the beginning of serious diseases.

Why eyes hurt?

Very different reasons can influence development of pain in eyes. It can be both a sign of strong exhaustion of eyes, and a symptom of the beginning of inflammatory diseases, and a consequence of hit in an eye of a foreign body. Not always the person can define why an eye, without visit to the doctor hurts. Besides, believing that pain develops owing to certain reasons (from the computer, from welding, etc.), it is possible to pass more serious explanations of development of pain in eyes. At the same time the doctor will carry out diagnosis and will prompt what to do to get rid of such pain.

Most often eye pain is felt owing to overfatigue of muscles of an eye, and also because of damage of its surface by contact lenses. Eyes can hurt also when carrying incorrectly chosen glasses. In such cases pain can vary from small tingling to enough strong pain.

The eyelid of an eye and directly an eye and owing to injuries, and also hit of foreign bodys hurts. Bacteria which provoke the beginning of inflammatory process and severe gripes in eyes also get into an eye in such a way.

Сильно болят глазаBut not always inflammatory process in an eye happens after hit of foreign bodys. Bacteria can get into eyes and from the internal centers of persistent infection in the patient's organism. Very often the person is hurt by the head and eyes owing to earlier postponed infections. So, eyes can strongly hurt after the postponed urogenital infection, at caries, herpes. If the patient suffers from an adenoid disease or antritis, then the specific headache is periodically noted: the head in an eye hurts. The matter is that nasal bosoms are located very close and therefore pain can give to eyes. At development of conjunctivitis of the patient disturbs not only pain, but also allocations. Eyes are red, there can be one red eye if the inflammation does not affect the second. And at a disease of muscles of an eye — a miositis — pain amplifies at the movement of eyes

Sometimes it is even initially difficult to doctors to find the answer to a question why pain and opacification in eyes is noted. In that case autoimmune diseases can appear the reason. In that case it is about an eye inflammation which is called a uveitis. It is difficult to treat him as palindromias are constantly noted.

One more reason because of which the right or left eye and the head can hurt the person is diseases of the vessels which are responsible for blood supply of an eyeglobe. In that case it is about insufficient supply with blood. In addition to pain at the patient blinking in eyes can be noted, sometimes in eyes darkens, the head is turned.

Also eye pain can be a symptom of neurologic diseases. At illnesses eye or a trifacial which often are complication of catarrhal diseases the head or a half of the head and eyes can hurt. If it is about an inflammation of an optic nerve, then at the person sight can also decrease.

Sometimes very severe eye pain accompanies bad attacks of glaucoma. Except pain in eyes of the patient endures a headache, sometimes he feels sick, before eyes there are iridescent circles.

Sometimes, that sharp eye pain is periodically shown at some general diseases. The pain both pulling, and pricking can develop at hypertensia, VSD, flu, neurosises, etc.

Болит голова и глазаRecently the so-called syndrome of "a dry eye" is a common cause of eye pain. This state most often is an effect of long work in front of the monitor, stay at luminescent lighting or indoors where the conditioner works. In such condition of the person both eyes or one eye red also hurt. Besides eyes periodically water.

At hit in an eye of dust, shaving, insects and other foreign bodys there is a discomfort and gripes, the pricking eye pain at rotation, blinking is noted.

Sometimes pain is shown not in eyes: the patient complains that he to him hurts under an eye. The reasons of such phenomenon — bad blood supply and diseases of vessels which feed an eye. The person can feel at the same time different feelings. Sometimes it seems to it that the bone under an eye or skin under an eye hurts. However if the cheekbone under an eye hurts, then the speech, most likely, goes about development of antritis. The cheek under an eye hurts in view of a close arrangement of Highmore's bosoms. Pain at antritis or sinusitis sometimes arises also in a temple, amplifying if at the patient temperature rises.

If an eye under a century hurts, then it can demonstrate barley development. So call the purulent inflammatory process arising in the lower or upper eyelid. The patient complains that the eyelid swelled up and hurts, it can have baggies lower eyelids or under one inflamed eyelid. The itch, discomfort is noted.

If to the person the left eye strongly hurts, then it can testify to a migraine attack. The left eye pain going from within — the certificate of migraine at women and cluster pains at men. Before migraine in eyes unpleasant feelings can also appear. Why the left eye hurts if this is not about migraine or cluster pains, the specialist as it can be a symptom of defeats of vessels, nerve terminations and pathologies of an eyeglobe has to find out.

The situation when the right eye hurts can be not less serious also. The right eye pain can similarly be the evidence of damage of nerves or nearby vessels inside. At neurologic problems pain often gives to a temple or is localized under the right eye.

How to get rid of eye pain?

Как избавиться от боли в глазахFirst of all, it is necessary to understand that the correct treatment of pain in eyes is possible only if its reason is precisely known. If the foreign body gets into an eye and an eye during the blinking and rotation hurts, it is necessary to wash carefully it cold clear water and it is obligatory to dig antiseptic drops. It is necessary to try to take a foreign body, blinking, or massing the closed eye on the course to its internal corner. But if it is not possible to remove the got foreign body, it is necessary to visit surely the doctor as it is fraught with serious inflammatory process.

At overfatigue when pain develops in eyes or under an eye, it is necessary to try to reconstruct own mode so that to avoid such overloads. At long sitting follows the computer regularly, several times in day, to do exercises for eyes, and also to use the moistening drops and to enrich a diet with vitamins.

If the person suspects that pain was provoked by carrying lenses or the wrong selection of points, it is necessary to fix a problem as soon as possible. For this purpose it is necessary to go only for reception to the ophthalmologist and to choose more suitable glasses or lenses.

At suspicion on insufficient blood supply it is necessary to conduct careful research of vessels and it is obligatory to consult with the cardiologist. Besides, it is necessary to address the ophthalmologist at a serious bruise of area of an eye if pain is followed by vision disorders, and also febricula signs.

If eye pain is a consequence of antritis, flu or other infections, then it is initially necessary to use the best efforts to cure the main illness. Sometimes eye pain disappears how at the patient body temperature is normalized.

Глазная больIt is necessary to pass all necessary researches if there are suspicions on glaucoma, development of high intraocular pressure. It is necessary to remember that timely made diagnosis will help to avoid serious consequences, in particular, of a blindness always.

To try to get rid independently of eye pain it is possible only if the reason of this phenomenon is accurately known. So, at fatigue of eyes it is possible to put cold periodically. It can be done, using sacks with ice or eggs which long were in the refrigerator. The cold needs to be put immediately to area of an eye and if it is traumatized. If there was a corrosive burn of an eye, then first of all it needs to be washed out plentifully then it is obligatory to address the ophthalmologist.

At dry eyes periodic use of drops — artificial tears will help. And to facilitate a state at emergence of barley, it is recommended to put at 2 o'clock time to an eye the towel moistened in warm water.

At conjunctivitis it is necessary to apply local antibacterial agents, but they can be used only after appointment of the doctor. Pains at glaucoma are killed, using drugs which lower intraocular pressure. Any infectious diseases owing to which eye pain develops are treated by means of antibacterial or antiviral therapy which scheme is appointed by the doctor.

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