Knee pain

From time to time knee pain during its bending is felt by many people. Sometimes there is also knee pain when walking. It is quite logical, big loading is always the share of knee joints practically. Therefore, they — one of the most vulnerable joints in a human body. But nevertheless it is necessary to know when and for what reasons there is knee pain and as it is possible to get rid of it.

How knee pain is shown?

Pain in a knee can be shown differently. First of all, their intensity depends on damage type, and also on its gravity. Sometimes the person complains that after intensive sports trainings the aching knee pain began to develop at night, or insignificant pain develops in the course of physical tension. Nevertheless, soon after the person already constant severe pain, as in a knee, and behind can begin to disturb. Therefore it is important to define the reasons for the aching pain at the initial stage. Sometimes to appease pain, it is enough to carry out some procedures only. But in case of a rupture of sheaves or sinews, as a rule, not to do without surgical treatment. Anyway if to the person the knee very strongly hurts, it is not necessary to wait that the symptom will disappear independently. But before deciding what to do and than to treat pain, it is necessary to carry out the correct diagnosis and to tell the doctor about all features of pain. First of all, it is necessary to report whether the knee when bending hurts, whether pain or discomfort disturbs at night, whether pain below knees, etc. is shown.

When knee pain develops?

The reasons of a gonalgia can be various. Sharp knee pain often develops after injury of ligaments as a result of a serious injury. However severe pain in a knee joint can be shown differently as a joint structure very difficult. In a knee of all there are four sheaves connecting a femur to a fibular bone and bones of a shin. At a rupture of one of these sheaves there is an acute pain in area which was injured. It most often happens at athletes. In that case pain throughout a long time disturbs the person when walking, and during run the discomfort remains even longer.

Two more sheaves are crossed are located in a knee. These two cross-shaped sheaves, front and back, connect at front part of a shin. At a rupture of a front sheaf in a knee there is a crunch. Further there is sharp and severe pain then in a knee the tumor develops. After receiving such injury it is necessary to stop at once as the damaged places so strongly hurt that the knee loses stability.

If the back cross-shaped sheaf in a leg joint, then pain, as a rule, less intensive is torn. At such injury knee pain sideways from the back party and feeling of instability is shown.

Сильная боль в коленеKnee pain develops also at injuries of a sinew. A disease it is called a tendinitis. In this case inflammatory process and irritation of sinews develops. The reasons of such phenomenon — an injury, mainly in sport. Most often the similar injury, both in the left knee, and in the right knee arises at skiers, runners, at those who play bicycle sports. Such inflammation sometimes develops at the same time in both knees. The patient suffers from discomfort and patella pain or in front part of a knee. Inconvenience and pain when bending is most often felt. In that case it is not necessary to apply national treatment or to try to use ointment to kill pain. Treatment of a gonalgia has to be appointed only after exact definition of its reason. Only then it is possible to draw a conclusion on what to do and than to treat a disease. Otherwise the illness drags on for the long period.

One more reason of pain in a knee is an injury of a meniscus, that is cartilage which is bent in a knee joint. Such damage can happen in different parts of a meniscus, but anyway the person has a tumor.

Sometimes at injury of a knee sacks with liquid which provide smooth sliding of sheaves and sinews inflame. In that case it is about a bursitis at which it can be shown as pain under a knee in front, and behind. At a bursitis in the field of development of an inflammation the swelling, reddening appears. The person feels pain at squat, at a rising on knees, and also at extension of the affected knee. The bursitis can develop under a knee cup (a so-called prepatellar bursitis), and at its infection very severe tumor, a febricula and fever develops. If the infection affects a zone under left or under the right knee behind, then, pain from the inside of a knee becomes intensive when the person goes up or down a ladder.

At injuries, wounds or a degeneration of a cartilage or a bone of their part can separate and be freely in a cup. The person does not think of how to treat this state until the free body does not begin to hinder the movement of a joint. In this case pain also appears.

At the shift of a patella of people notes the abnormal provision of a cup: it it becomes perpendicular to the correct situation. Symptoms of this phenomenon — pain, swelling in the field of defeat, strong discomfort at a pulling of legs and when walking. Shift of a cup of a knee which happened once often repeats in the future. Therefore doctors advise to do the special exercises directed to support of muscles.

At expansion of a knee joint owing to an injury the knee stretches and can be bent in the opposite direction. Developing of a tumor is characteristic of such damage, also the person is disturbed by pain from the inside of a knee. This injury is dangerous also that it conducts to a partial or complete separation in sheaves.

Болит коленный суставChronic diseases — separate group of the illnesses conducting to pain in knees. At rheumatic arthritis which affects all sheaves including knee, the person suffers not only from pain behind a knee and in front of a knee, but also from the general constraint of movements. Gradually there is a deformation of knee joints, the patient suffers from a constant indisposition. At arthritis both knees suffer at once, periodically there are aggravations and the periods of calm. Septic arthritis — an effect of infection with an infection. Its symptoms — pain, reddening, a tumor. Can seem to the person that pain is localized in a vein. Such state is frequent conducts to fever.

At osteoporosis which it is accepted to call degenerative arthritis pain under a knee behind and in front develops owing to wear of a cartilage. The illness develops gradually, as a rule, knee pain initially disturbs at weather changing, in the morning. Later the state is aggravated. As this disease at men develops less often, frequent the reason of why the knee hurts women, osteoporosis is.

At the same time the reasons of an acute pain in knees can consist in development of gout. This illness is shown suddenly by redness, a tumor and intensive pain. Joints in knees stay in such state about 10 days, and the condition of discomfort releases only in several weeks.

However, sometimes knee pain is a consequence of a usual overstrain. People who did not get used to sports trainings can note that legs below knees and directly knees after run on long distances hurt, and also when walking if the person was already strongly tired. Not to allow it, it is necessary not to allow overloads and to increase the rates of trainings gradually.

Except the described diseases and states pain in front part of a knee joint can accompany a patella chondromalacia. Osgood-Shlattera's illness is most often diagnosed for young people who actively play sports. In that case pain can be different intensity. Often at the same time the person is disturbed by an onychalgia below a knee.

How to get rid of knee pain?

There is a number of the general recommendations which implementation gives the chance to reduce risk of development of the diseases and states conducting to knee pain. One of the reasons of such diseases is excess weight. In that case tension increases by knee joints at any physical effort. At the people inclined to completeness, a thicket the osteoporosis conducting to problems with cartilages develops.

Sometimes, that to the person the knee hurts sideways when bending or in other area after he strongly strained muscles at excessive loading. It can be both physical work, and driving the bicycle, and too intensive exercises. In that case important not only to give to an organism adequate loadings, but also to provide enough rest that muscles could be recovered.

Лечение боли в коленеAnswering a question why knees are injured, specialists note insufficient flexibility of muscles. If muscles too weak or they are strained, then at physical efforts and even when walking tension on a knee joint does not smooth out. As a result, initially to the person it can be painful to bend and unbend a knee, and later pain can become even a constant. Therefore in this case the correct trainings and regular performance of specially picked up physical exercises are necessary for development and strengthening of muscles.

Besides, knee pain when bending and when walking develops at flat-footedness if one leg is shorter, than another. Such defects need to be corrected by means of special footwear, otherwise over time pain can outgrow in chronic, and to the person will not only bend painfully a leg in a knee, but also it is difficult to go.

It is not necessary to risk and take part in sports competitions in which there is a high probability of overloads. If the person plays skiing, track and field athletics, basketball, and also other sports where the risk of falling, injuries and overloads is increased, he has to calculate the forces extremely correctly.

The risk of injuries also increases if once the knee was already injured. Therefore if after an injury pain above a knee, below a knee or directly in a joint is felt, it is necessary to see a doctor at once.

At the first manifestations of a gonalgia legs need to allow to have a rest as long as possible. By means of the anesthetizing drugs of local use it is possible to try to kill pain. But if pain does not disappear, then it is necessary to address the specialist. Treatment of pain in a knee needs to be carried out if the signs testimonial of serious damages or diseases appear. So, it is necessary to go to the doctor if the acute pain in a knee does not disappear for several days if the tumor and vascular pains is noted if there is a deformation of a knee. It is important to begin immediately treatment of sore knees if reddening and fever as it testifies to an infection develops.

But before to begin directly treatment of a gonalgia, the specialist carries surely out diagnosis. Full physical survey and detailed poll of the patient is initially carried out, special tests are applied. Further the doctor appoints carrying out a X-ray analysis, KT or MPT. At suspicion on an infection blood test is surely carried out. Only holding results of all researches, the doctor can define how to treat a sore knee.

At injury of a knee it is necessary to apply a bandage. However there is enough usual bandage only if it was the weak bruise. If it is painful to person to rise on a knee, he cannot bend and unbend it without pain, then it is possible to suspect more serious injury. At damage or sprain imposing of special bandages or gypsum often is required.

Not to allow development of a tumor at an injury, it is necessary to put ice to the place of a bruise. It is possible to hold ice no more than 15 minutes, and for the prevention of its frostbite it is necessary to turn previously in fabric or in a towel.

As antiinflammatory therapy at pain in knee joints the anesthetizing drugs are used, the course of antibiotics sometimes is required.

Also the physical therapy practices. Some exercises can be done in house conditions, however during intensive recovery the doctor appoints visit of an office of physical therapy or the gym in medical institution.

Sometimes nature of damage such is that it is impossible to get rid of knee pain without surgical intervention. For this purpose the arthroscopic surgery which use allows to perform operation through the minimum cuts can be applied. At considerable damages sometimes it is necessary to replace some parts of a knee with special prostheses. Full replacement of a knee assumes establishment of prostheses from metal, polymers and plastic. Also in modern medicine at treatment of pain in a knee some nonsurgical methods allowing to gain rather quickly desirable effect are applied.

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