Pain in left hypochondrium

General information

Why the left side hurts, it is possible to explain with development of very many diseases and pathologies. The discomfort and pain are connected with diseases of those bodies which are located in the field of the left hypochondrium. It is a spleen, the left part of a diaphragm, part of a stomach, a pancreas, intestines loops, a pole of a left kidney. At disturbance of functions of the listed bodies there are gripes, spasms and pains in this area.

Pain in the left side of a stomach — what she is?

Initially it is necessary to define borders of area of hypochondrium. It is the left side of a stomach – the left quadrant above which is located under edges. Respectively, about what hurts in this part of a stomach the man, the woman or the child and what doctor it is necessary to address it is possible to determine by character of pain, the period and circumstances of its emergence. If pain is shown in upper part of a stomach on the center and gives to the left side, it is possible to speak about development of different diseases.

The pricking pain which is shown during loading

Those who is interested why he pricks at run and whether it is dangerous need to consider that the similar symptom is observed also at healthy people. If the pricking only periodically develops at the movement, that is at an active exercise stress, then such phenomenon can be considered normal. Such symptoms quickly disappear and they demonstrate only that the adult or the child warmed up before sports occupations not enough and moved very sharply.

Боль в подреберье при физических нагрузкахBefore occupations it is necessary to do careful warm-up that the organism gradually adapted to blood circulation activation. The pricking pain sometimes develops also at too active walking that can prevent, having reduced rates.

This state is harmless if colitis only during loading and happens it to the healthy people who do not have cardiac illnesses. However even healthy people who strain too strongly at development of such feelings need to stop and relax, deeply to breathe. At an exhalation it is necessary to press a palm that place where pain develops and to bend sharply forward. It is possible to repeat such actions several times.

It is important to watch also that when there takes place occupation, breath was deep as at shallow breathing there are small excursions of a diaphragm.

Severe sharp pain at the left can be also noted if the person began training after food. It is important that after food prior to occupations passed, at least, an hour and a half as the alimentary system has to cope with digestion process.

Knife-like sharp pain

If burning develops sharply, and it is not connected with loading, then it is necessary to ask for medical care. Sharp burning under edges, and also burning in the bottom of a stomach can be the certificate of a rupture of a spleen, a renal pelvis, perforation of a wall of a stomach and loops of a small intestine. Acute pancreatitis and abdominal option of a myocardial infarction are also probable in that case.

Acute pain after traumatized

If emergence of pain in this area is noted at a breath after the postponed injury, accident, falling, then there is a probability that at the person internals are seriously injured. It is in that case important to address specialists as there is a probability of threat of life at once.

The dull aching ache in the left side

The poured, aching pain which is shown throughout a long time and arises periodically, can be a sign of development of a chronic illness of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract. The inflammation in a stomach — gastritis, and also pancreatitis, cholecystitis , etc. is probable. To define what can hurt in the left side, or exclude development of pathologies, it is important to pass consultation at the gastroenterologist, to carry out analyses and researches. Also nagging pain in left hypochondrium develops at some pathologies of blood, bacterial infections, sepsis, system diseases.

The aching pain

If in hypochondrium constantly aches, pulls, then the weight reasons under edges can be connected with development of a duodenitis or slow colitis. If at the same time at the patient nausea and vomiting is noted at once, then it is possible to speak about probability of a peptic ulcer of a stomach.

If pain is not connected with problems in the gastrointestinal tract functions, it is possible to assume a preinfarction angina, stenocardia,  coronary heart disease.

The pain reasons in hypochondrium at the left

Thus, answering a question that the hypochondrium can hurt in left, it is necessary to mention such reasons:

  • cardiomyopathy, damage of heart, heart attack;
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases – cholecystitis, an ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, a duodenitis, colitis;
  • intercostal neuralgia;
  • increase or rupture of a spleen;
  • tumors of internals;
  • spleen heart attack owing to thrombosis of arteries;
  • rheumatic manifestations;
  • diaphragm injury, phrenic hernia;
  • left-side pleurisy, and also the left-side pneumonia developing in the lower part of the left lung.
Органы брюшной полости

Abdominal organs

It is necessary to consider surely what is at the person in the field of hypochondrium, and also character of pain (giving to a back, aching, pricking, just weight or unpleasant feelings) and also factors which could define development of such pain (after food, at a breath during physical exercises, etc.).

The hypochondrium in front can hurt the woman at pregnancy. In this state also pain in left hypochondrium behind from a back because of the strong pressure of the increased uterus upon internals is shown. Sometimes future mothers complain of what periodically has a stitch in the side.

Pain in left hypochondrium in front can be also connected with the postponed injuries – in that case can be felt as discomfort in front or dull ache in front, and severe, diffuse pains. In that case the doctor has to define the reasons immediately.

Pain in the left side under edges, origins

Why hurts on the left side under edges, depends also on the mechanism of development of such pain. This indicator is an accessory sign in the course of diagnosis when the doctor tries to define what hurts in the left side under edges that is on the right and causes such feelings.

The following division of pains in this area is known:

Character of pain Features of manifestation
Synalgias Are shown as irradiating from the bodies located far. It can be pain at left-side pneumonia, a heart attack, pleurisy, etc. Can give edge pain at the left in front, in spin behind, on both sides.
Visceral pains

Develop at enterospasms or in case of disturbance of motility of a stomach.

Also, visceral pain is characteristic of a condition of stretching of muscle fibers of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract. The person can complain that he is hurt by a stomach if the disease progresses, pain can be felt also on the center, and also on the right side. The patient sometimes complains that he in a stomach gurgles, pulls on both sides.

In case of a meteorism in a side at the left and on the right the aching dull ache can be noted.

In case of intestinal gripes – a colicy pain, and, the person can have complaints to what pricks also in other, near body parts — between edges in the middle, sideways, etc.

Peritoneal pains  Pain is shown constantly, and, pain is localized accurately, can be cutting, acute. It is provoked by irritation of a peritoneum, for example, stomach ulcer. Such pains become more expressed at a breath, after food, sometimes – when pressing.

Despite character of pain that can cause such attacks under edges, the doctor has to diagnose. Defining the reasons, the specialist, first of all, considers what is under edges at the left, is interested in character and the mechanism of pain. Also finds out some important points – for example whether there is edge pain at cough, whether the edge hurts when pressing. What body is in this area and where pain develops, will help to define also the researches appointed by the specialist.

Pain ahead in left hypochondrium

If pain in the left side at the level of a waist is felt, then, most likely, it is about damage of a spleen or tissues of a stomach. However, if pain is shown at the level of a waist, then the doctor carries out the differential diagnosis with a miositis, a myocardial infarction, colitis. If there is a pain shift up, and it is shown in the center, then it is probable that diseases of a stomach are combined with diseases of a duodenum and gall bladder.

When pain behind

If the person complains that the left side from a back hurts, and this part hurts constantly, then defeat in a left kidney is probable. In that case pain from a back strong.

If the kidney hurts, symptoms can constantly disturb. What to do in it, a case, the doctor after establishment of the diagnosis defines. Symptoms of an illness can be defined on ultrasonography, it is also necessary to carry out analyses of urine and blood.

Also hurts under a left shoulder-blade behind or a little lower at osteochondrosis. The reasons of pain in a shovel can be behind connected with a palpation of juxtaspinal shoots. The discomfort from a shovel can be noted at a miositis.

Girdle pain which is combined with unpleasant feelings at the left

The pulling girdle pain which appears where the left lower edge is located, behind passes to a front abdominal wall, it is possible to suspect that the pancreas inflamed and pancreatitis develops. As a rule, at pancreatitis the girdle pain in a stomach and a back amplifies when the inflammation develops. Then it sharp, giving to a back. It becomes a little easier for the person when he sits or bends forward.

The reasons connected with diaphragm pathologies

Сильные боли в левом подреберьеWeight and constant pain develops at diaphragm pathologies, and also at phrenic hernia. The opening in a diaphragm separates chest from an abdominal cavity. If there is a weakening of tissue of muscles which regulates this opening, the gleam extends, and the upper part of a stomach appears in a chest cavity. Respectively, contents of a stomach are thrown in a gullet owing to what this area constantly aches a bit – the aching, dull ache develops, feels sick, heartburn disturbs.

Phrenic hernia develops at pregnancy, at people with an excess weight, at strong exercise stresses. Also similar diseases quite often arise at people at advanced age against weakening of the muscular device. In certain cases there is a pinching of a stomach, then the sharp cutting stomach ache and in left hypochondrium is noted, sometimes the stomach ache gives to a back.

Pains at intercostal neuralgia

Against development of neurologic diseases there can be an irritation or squeezing of intercostal nerves. When nervous cells are surprised, at patients with intercostal neuralgia pain can have very wide range: develop skhvatkoobrazny, pulsing, shrill, sometimes acute or aching, stupid or thermalgias. The person complains that he in a waist, under edges presses, pulls, grows dumb, aches, bakes. Such feelings at breath amplify — a sigh, at a breath, an exhalation, and also at cough, pressing on some points on a back, a breast, a backbone, at a tension, change of position of a body.

At attacks of neuralgia pricks under a breast, periodic twitchings of muscles, pallor or erubescence, strong sweating are noted.

Patients with neuralgia often are interested at doctors that is on the left side at the person as pain often gives for a shovel, is felt under heart, in a stomach from above, in an upper back under a shovel, and also in other places when pressing. There is a feeling that cuts, "disturbs" and twitches in different places.

Pain is shown at any time, and in those places where nerve pathways were damaged, numbness is noted.

Pain at the left at cardiac pathologies

Боль слева при сердечных патологияхIn heart the thermalgia is not always connected with cardiac pathologies, bodies that are under heart can disturb the person. However, if the aching pains are shown at the left, under the left nipple, along with short wind, nausea, frequent heartbeat, and it occurs as during loading, and at rest, it is possible to suspect development of heart troubles. The patient can feel weight and burning under a breast. Similar symptoms can appear at coronary heart disease. If coronary arteries are struck, there is a disturbance of blood supply of a muscle of heart, provoking development of ischemia.

What hurts in the left side below edges, interests also those who suffer from a cardiomyopathy. It is a number of diseases at which function of heart is broken, but arterial hypertension, pathology of the valve device, diseases of vessels of heart is not noted. At sick cardiomyopathies the cardiac muscle structurally changes. As a result, the person gets tired more, gripes and feeling of pain develop at an exercise stress.

Pain at the left at spleen diseases

At manifestation of pain it is possible to suspect at the left that the spleen disturbs the person.

Where is and how this body hurts? The spleen – brittle, is easily torn therefore pain develops at any morbid condition of this body. If the spleen hurts, it is difficult to find symptoms of its small increase, especially in people with an excess weight as the spleen at the person is located deeply in hypochondrium at the left.

Расположение селезенки в организме человека

Spleen arrangement in a human body

The splenomegaly (that is increase in a spleen) is noted at an infectious mononucleosis and other diseases which reasons – infectious defeat. But at this disease at the patient temperature, fever, muscle pain, intoxication, a hyperadenosis and a liver are also shown.

In an organism the spleen carries out different functions, being the largest lymph node, the thinnest filter of blood and the greatest conglomerate of reticuloendothelial fabric.

The hypertrophy of a spleen occurs if it carries out the functions in the strengthened mode owing to infectious diseases, hemolitic anemias, diseases of cell-bound immune complexes. Its increase in sizes thereof sometimes also is the answer to a question from what the spleen hurts the person.

Besides, there are also other reasons why the spleen hurts. The tumor, injuries, an infiltration, defects of development can be the reasons of it. The most acute pain is shown after an injury or blow which lead to a rupture of this body. What to do if it occurred, the doctor has to define as soon as possible. At a rupture of a spleen cyanosis of skin near a navel is also noted, pain gives around a back. After such symptoms were noted, it is necessary to cause acute management immediately.

Pain at the left at diseases of a pancreas and stomach

It is necessary to remember: if the left side of a stomach hurts that it can be also a symptom of illnesses of a stomach and a pancreas.

Расположение поджелудочной железы в организме человека

Pancreas arrangement in a human body

At gastritis

Displays of gastritis take place at most of people. Mucous a stomach it is very sensitive to action of irritants which modern foodstuff contains very large number.

At gastritis in the field of hypochondrium the aching pain, an eructation, nausea develops, sometimes in a stomach hums, rages, the pulsation is felt. Pain develops in epigastriums, vomiting, feeling of pressure, weight. The listed signs are shown at the child and the adult most often after food. At gastritis of the patient pallor, dryness in a mouth, feeling of weakness, a lock, a diarrhea, gases, swelling also disturbs.

At a peptic ulcer of a stomach

Symptoms of this disease are similar to symptoms of gastritis. Signs depend because how heavy the disease is. But at stomach ulcer pain, as a rule, arises after there was a meal.

At an ulcer of the patient not only severe gripes, but also vomiting, deterioration in appetite, an eructation, heartburn, rumbling and gurgle in a stomach disturb.

At a perforated ulcer of colic in the bottom of a stomach and in the field of hypochondrium pass into sudden knife-like pain why the person can faint.

At pancreas diseases

What is at the person in the left side under edges, disturbs also the people having pancreatitis. At this illness the strong surrounding pain is shown under edges above and a little lower at the left. Vomiting with bile, bitterness in a mouth, nausea is characteristic of such state. Sometimes so intensive that the person should sit, having bent pain. The kcal can brighten and darken urine.

If the illness passes into a chronic form, pains generally disturb later abuse of junk food and alcohol. To establish oncological processes in a pancreas very difficult as in an onset of the illness symptoms are almost not noticeable.

At oncological diseases of the alimentary system

On early terms oncological processes can proceed with softly expressed symptomatology. Therefore different symptoms have to guard, especially, if they develop often or it occurs at elderly people. The periodic pricking – if pulses and pricks in the bottom of a stomach or above, weakness, constant lack of appetite, anemia, fast saturation, a constant swirling and periodic stomach aches, regular alternation of ponos and locks - all this is the reason for concern. It is also necessary to address the doctor at once if in this area there was a consolidation, the cone.

But if some of these symptoms it is shown constantly, to draw conclusions about a disease and only the doctor has to appoint treatment.

Pains in hypochondrium at women

Unlike men, at women such feelings can be a consequence of physiological processes. Sometimes pricks in the left side at pregnancy, during the period before periods.

Боли в левом подреберье у женщинWhy pricks in the left side in the bottom of a stomach at pregnancy, it is easy to explain with physiology of future mother. A number of bodies that is in the left side in the bottom of a stomach, are plunged to pressure of the increasing uterus. Therefore at pregnancy, especially on deadlines, periodic pains, both in upper, and in the lower site of hypochondrium are noted. Sometimes pain amplifies when the fruit moves. But, as a rule, she is easy. Also the swirling in intestines can disturb, in a stomach often hums.

Sometimes, that at women before monthly in an organism many sex hormones are produced owing to what there is a spasm of zhelchevyvodyashchy channels. The woman notes nausea and a raspiraniye, pains in the left part of a stomach. In that case it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist.

What needs to be done at display of pain?

If pain in left hypochondrium disturbs the patient, and the diagnosis is not established yet, it is initially necessary to address the therapist who will be able to define, what specialist it is necessary to address further.

Sometimes the call of acute management and the subsequent hospitalization is required. So it is necessary to work in the following cases:

  • at sudden acute pains;
  • at the aching pain which does not pass for one hour;
  • at the pricking pains in the course of the movement which are not passing about 30 minutes;
  • at dull aches and vomiting with blood impurity.

To practice self-treatment inadmissibly. It is especially important not to warm hypochondrium by means of a hot-water bottle as such actions can aggravate disease. The means removing spasms can break an overall picture and complicate diagnosis. Use of a cold compress is allowed.

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