Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease – is an incurable disease of the central nervous system of degenerative type. Loss of memory, the speech, logic and other mental capacities which happens constantly is characteristic of it. This illness most often occurs at elderly people: statistically, the risk of display of Alzheimer's disease considerably increases at people after 65 flyings. At the same time this disease is considered one of the most eurysynusic reasons of weak-mindedness at people of advanced age today. This illness of one person to become very essential loading for other family members.

Today for certain the exact reasons of emergence of this illness are not known, however Alzheimer's disease it is considered to be as an effect of destruction of essential quantity of nervous cells, and also a lack of those substances which are necessary for process of transfer of nervous impulses. Alzheimer's disease arises at those who have genetic predisposition to this illness, at the people who got poisoning with toxic metals, a serious injury of the head and also at those who have a brain tumor, a hypothyroidism.

Alzheimer's disease symptoms

At this disease at its early stage the following symptoms take place. At the patient constant forgetfulness is shown, he cannot remember what occurred quite recently. This state constantly progresses. The patient cannot learn those objects which are well familiar to him. It shows the expressed emotional frustration, a condition of concern, there is a depression. There are signs of a disorientation and apathy to what around it occurs to close people and objects which surround it.

At a late stage symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are observed the following. Patients can have hallucinations, be shown crazy ideas, they completely cease to recognize close people and even family members. Patients with Alzheimer's disease have difficulties with movement, gradually their gait gets the "shuffling" type. People gradually completely lose an opportunity to think and move independently. Sometimes take place and less common symptoms of Alzheimer's disease: in some cases patients can have spasms.

Complications of Alzheimer's disease

As complications of this disease the accompanying infections among which pneumonia often occurs can be shown, also the illness is accompanied by insufficiency of food. Patients with this illness often are traumatized any, to them there are accidents.

Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

Болезнь АльцгеймераIt is very important to establish such diagnosis as soon as possible. Therefore family members have to trace constantly a state of health of elderly relatives and assist them in passing of regular medical examinations. If someone and relatives of old age have symptoms described above, it is necessary to consult at once with the specialist.

First of all for the patient it is necessary to find the experienced doctor who will cause trust in the patient. Today there are no special doctors who specialize only in Alzheimer's disease. Therefore the address to the local therapist has to become the first step. This specialist will make observation and will define further steps.

It is possible that the therapist will give the direction for visit of a number of specialists of narrower profile: the neuropathologist whose specialization are diseases of a brain and a nervous system; the psychiatrist having experience in treatment of disturbances of thinking and the personality; the psychologist who is engaged in testing of memory, abilities to cope with problems, functions of cerebration and language.

Now the exact and only diagnostic method of Alzheimer's disease is not invented. Medical examination is conducted, and by its results it is already possible to estimate the patient's condition, to find those diseases which directly influence his process of thinking. There are data that the therapist with a high skill level can define existence at the patient of this disease with an accuracy more than 90%. As a rule, specialists define existence at the patient of dementia, but its exact reason can be understood not always.

Therefore during reception the doctor sets to the patient and his relatives a number of questions about symptoms which take place.

The doctor also includes questions of diseases which the patient has now in the general poll and were earlier. Also the situation with diseases of relatives of the patient and whether in a family Alzheimer's disease was ever diagnosed is studied.

In the course of the general diagnosis to be carried out also the assessment of a mental state which helps to find out how the patient feels whether he can remember certain things, carry out arithmetic actions, remember some words. To the patient also to be put the number of questions from which it is possible to learn about a condition of those skills which are necessary for life in life.

In the course of diagnosis to be conducted short research of cognitive functions of the patient and diagnostic tests, there is a physical survey. He assumes conversation with the patient on alcohol intake and the principles of food, definition of what medical supplies the patient accepted earlier, definition of a blood pressure, temperature, pulse. Also take from the patient on the analysis urine and blood.

In the course of neurologic inspection the specialist defines reflexes, the movement of eyes, a condition of the speech, coordination and balance, a condition of muscles, the movement of eyes. To inspection and statement of the diagnosis today actively apply a magnetic and resonant tomography, and also a computer tomography.

Treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Болезнь АльцгеймераNow druggists developed a number of drugs which help to stop progress of this disease. At acceptance of the recommended drugs disease can be suspended considerably, and at the same time even to improve a condition of mind of people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. However at the moment there are no those means which could cure this illness.

The regular use of drugs allows patients to be adequate in life and to remain the long period independent of other people. Certain medicines give the chance to cope with some symptoms — a depression, behavior disorders.

Very important a sick disease of Alzheimer to adhere to active life, to receive good food, to constantly have an exercise stress. The person has to be in the quiet environment with structure, usual for it.

At selection of drugs the specialist without fail considers a number of factors to define effective drugs individually. The most often used drug for therapy by a symptom of this illness is arisept. It is cholinesterase inhibitor which property is suspension of disintegration of acetylcholine in a head brain and increase of level of acetylcholine. This drug helps to improve intellectual activity.

Also means ekselon and razadin are applied to treatment of such patients. Their action is also directed to increase of level of acetylcholine. They are applied at different stages of a disease. At therapy of symptoms of a disease in an average and heavy stage appoint means of a namend. This drug effectively regulates glutamate level in a brain. The mentioned substance takes active part in intellectual processes. One more drug used in the course of therapy, kogneks. It is the same inhibitor of cholinesterase which is slowing down disintegration of acetylcholine.

However it is necessary to consider that all listed medicines stop only Alzheimer's disease symptoms at an easy and average stage of an illness. Researches which purpose search of an effective remedy from this disease are constantly conducted. Also there is a speech about the invention of a vaccine against this illness.

Prevention of Alzheimer's disease

In the course of preventive measures the healthy nutrition is very important in order that in an elderly organism blood supply normally functioned and there was an energy balance of a brain. For prevention of Alzheimer's disease it is necessary to use green tea, vegetables, fish, other products which have properties to lower the level of harmful cholesterol. At the same time it is necessary to refuse or minimize the use of sweets, smoked and fat dishes. It is necessary to keep to a diet constantly. At the same time specialists define a number of very useful products which promote protection from emergence of symptoms of this disease. So, it is recommended to eat several times a week the quail eggs stimulating work of a brain. Bean, and also the bread baked and bran will help to keep attention. But there are these products follows at least once in a week. The use of fish stimulates information transfer between neurons. Also there are some more very useful products for prevention of Alzheimer's disease: it is iodized salt, nuts, sunflower seeds, a turmeric, a curry. It is important to have constantly a certain level of an exercise stress, to sleep fully.

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