Illness Sheyermana-Mau (rachiocampsis)

Sheyermana-Mau's illness is a progressing deforming changes in a backbone which are shown generally at youthful or teenage age, that is during the intensive growth of fabrics and bones. According to data of medical statistics, the disease develops approximately at 1% of young people. Occurs equally often both at girls, and at young men.

Features of an illness of Sheyermana-Mau

To define more accurately illness symptoms, it is necessary to consider in more detail a structure of chest department of a backbone of the person. At normal development of a backbone it has three natural bends. At cervical department there is a small inclination. Respectively, the chest department deviates a little back, and lumbar – forward. Thanks to the correct corners load of a backbone is evenly distributed. At the same time the biggest loading appears on lumbar department, but each of other segments also participates in distribution of loading.

Normal these corners make from 20 to 40 degrees. If a certain deviation takes place, then the kyphosis is already diagnosed for the person. The form of chest department of a backbone is similar to a letter C. On condition of a corner deviation from a vertical axis it is more than by 40 degrees, deformation of a backbone is already diagnosed.

If at the person Sheyermana-Mau's illness develops, then the angle of deviation already fluctuates from 45 to 75 degrees. In view of redistribution of loading wedge-shaped deformation of vertebrae is gradually shown, sheaves are thickened. Therefore, treatment is required to prevent further development of a disease.

Till today there is no exact information on the reasons owing to which the person has this disease. The most probable cause is considered, according to doctors, a genetic factor. Besides, it is possible to speak about influence of certain injuries on regions of growth of a bone tissue at teenage age. Osteoparotichesky processes which for the unknown reasons happen in a backbone can influence development and further progressing of a disease. A certain impact is also exerted by disturbance of muscular tissue.

For the first time this illness was diagnosed for workers from the sphere of agriculture who in the course of work constantly stayed in an inclination pose. But at the same time bonds between this illness and a bearing it was revealed not.

Symptoms of an illness of Sheyermana-Mau

Симптомы болезни Шейермана-МауSymptoms of this disease are generally fixed at teenagers whose age makes from 10 to 15 years. At the very beginning of a course of a disease the doctor cannot make the diagnosis, applying x-ray inspection. Most often the rachiocampsis is found in children if parents suddenly notice that at the child disturbances of a bearing take place. Very often at development of a disease of its first signs pain between shovels is. But, as a rule, pain is shown already if there is a strong deformation. The kyphosis progresses slowly. If disease fast, then, as a rule, parents take the child to the doctor that that appointed the corresponding treatment. The specialist often recommends special exercises which different types the child can carry out every day.

But most often of how to fix a backbone, the person thinks already when there are external displays of an illness. At the same time the patient constantly feels weight and fatigue in spin, complains of restriction of mobility in chest department of a backbone.

The course of a disease of Sheyermana-Mau provokes manifestation of rigidity of a backbone. In parallel with deformation pain gradually accrues. Sometimes for teenagers Sheyermana-Mau's illness also diagnoses scoliosis. According to the statistics, about 30% of people with Sheyermana-Mau's illness suffer also from scoliosis.

Owing to deformation of a backbone functions of lungs, hearts can sometimes be broken. Owing to change of an inclination of a thorax respiratory function is carried out defectively. As a result, function of a lung is broken, as influences cardiac performance.


To establish the correct diagnosis, the doctor initially conducts detailed survey of the patient who has to state disease history. It is necessary to remember all injuries, to explain what life is led by the patient, what level of physical activity at it, etc. It is important to consider a hereditary factor also surely.

Full physical inspection of the patient for the purpose of definition of functional disturbances will be the following step of the doctor. Thanks to carrying out x-ray inspection it is possible to define existence of hernias and to study in more detail the size of angles of deviation from an axis. If the patient also has expressed neurologic symptoms, to him MRT is carried out.


Лечение болезни Шейермана-МауIn the course of therapy of a disease two methods – conservative, and also surgical treatment are widely applied. To define what method of treatment will be reasonable in a specific case, the doctor considers many factors. It both age of the patient, and expressiveness of symptoms of an illness, and level of mobility of vertebrae. As conservative treatment several different methods which can be practiced in a complex are used. Here massage, physiotherapy exercises, manual therapy enters. To teenage patients carrying a special corset is often appointed to some period. But if the corner of a kyphosis (rachiocampsis) makes 75 degrees, and at the same time the patient states complaints to disturbances of functions of respiratory system and heart, then carrying out operational treatment is in that case shown.

Remedial gymnastics

Each person having this disease has to realize that he treatment of an illness of Sheyermana-Mau by means of remedial gymnastics is labor-intensive and long process. Doctors claim that at teenage age it is easier for person to correct a rachiocampsis, than in more mature years.

From a complex of remedial gymnastics only the specialist of the profile has to show exercises to the patient. It is necessary to carry out such complex in the first three months of treatment every day, later the gymnastic complex can be done already every other day. If to do exercises less often, then their efficiency sharply decreases.

The general duration of occupation makes of 40 minutes till one and a half o'clock. In total five important blocks of exercises enter a complex of remedial gymnastics. These are special exercises for strengthening of muscles of the middle of a back; the exercises directed to strengthening of gluteuses; the exercises promoting relaxation of muscles of a neck and waist; exercises on stretching of pectoral muscles and a complex of breathing exercises which help to expand a thorax and train lungs of the person.


To prevent development of this disease in the child, parents have to watch constantly his bearing and not allow the child to stoop. At twelve-year age of the child it is necessary to inspect at the orthopedist who can define the beginning of a disease earlier.

Those teenagers in whom Sheyermana-Mau's illness is found cannot be engaged in sports where the main loading is the share of a backbone. Occupations are recommended by swimming. Parents have to watch correctly to organize a workplace for sitting at the computer, to pick up to the child a suitable bed. The mattress has to be rigid and equal, it is the best of all to choose an orthopedic mattress for the child.

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