Blood diseases

Diseases of blood are classified on four separate categories allocated depending on defeat of the components which are a part of blood – thrombocytes, erythrocytes, plasma and leukocytes. Such diseases of blood as a polycythemia and anemia are caused by anomalies of erythrocytes, thrombocytopenia arises in connection with emergence of anomaly of thrombocytes, the leukosis and a leukopenia is associated with disturbance of quantity of leukocytes and their developments in an organism. Due to the anomalies of plasma there is quite wide group of diseases of blood which number joins hemophilia And yes the agammaglobulinemia, a radial illness also leads to diseases of any blood.

Though in recent years there was a set of the drugs which are used a share of normalization of composition of blood the national methods of treatment of diseases of blood which are almost not rendering side effects on a human body and not influencing a condition of a liver are still widely applied.

Anomalies of erythrocytes

Anemia – one of blood diseases which is characterized by considerable decrease as a part of blood of level of erythrocytes, in certain cases it is shown as falling of the hemoglobin which is in erythrocytes. The illness arises owing to any reasons from which the following processes are distinguished:

  • decrease in level of hemoglobin or products of erythrocytes at which process of destruction of cells is beyond normal level;
  • there is a destruction of erythrocytes in accelerated, it is accepted to call such state hemolitic anemia;
  • loss of a large number of erythrocytes as a result of severe one-time bleeding or regular short bleedings, these subspecies of anemia is classified as posthemorrhagic anemia.

It is necessary to remember that developing of anemia is caused by one reason extremely seldom, quite often this disease of blood is caused by a combination of several reasons at once.

National methods are successfully applied to treatment of anemia, the set of recipes which use is capable to improve a condition of patients considerably is developed.

It is necessary to grate separately a radish, carrots and beet, then to wring out the turned-out juice and to merge it in a transparent glass large bottle in equal volume. From all directions the large bottle needs to be covered with the usual test, but it is not tight, allowing the liquid which is insisted in it to be evaporated freely. To include an oven on very small fire, to warm it and to put there a large bottle for three hours that juice of root crops could get warm and be drawn. The received means is applied at an anemia, the course of treatment makes three months, liquid is accepted three times a day on one tablespoon before food.

Big green apples of a grade "antonovka" need to be chopped and put small in nutryany pork unsalted fat, the turned-out mix carefully to mix and put on small fire in an oven that the turned-out mix protomitsya. Then to take 12 yolks, it is better from home-made eggs, to pound carefully with a glass of sugar to homogeneous mass, to rub there 400 grams of bitter dark chocolate, using the smallest grater. To mix the turned-out weight with mix of baked apples in fat, to put in the refrigerator and to accept daily before food three times a day, having just smeared on bread, washing down with warm milk. Such means not only will help to cure quickly an anemia, but also positively influences a condition of lungs, cures of easy forms of tuberculosis, considerably improves health, allows to bring the person out of depleted state.

Hips also help with treatment of anemia. Five tablespoons of dried fruits need to be crushed, filled in with liter of water and to boil on fire within ten minutes, then to wrap up capacity with liquid in a warm blanket and to insist till the morning, and then it is simple to drink warm or cold instead of tea. The dogrose infusion rich with vitamin C improves a metabolism of the person, perfectly clears his circulatory system, he will perfectly blink at an anemia and at a scurvy, diseases of a bladder and kidneys.

The carrots, grated on grater, mixed with vegetable oil or sour cream perfectly help at an anemia, such mix needs to be accepted daily in the morning, on an empty stomach. In a dietotherapy the water-melon is used, honey is widely applied. For treatment of an anemia it is better to use the dark honey rich with mineral substances, it needs to be used several times a day, having stirred in goat milk better. At an anemia it is recommended to use in I write as much as possible garlic, or to use tincture which is easy for preparing independently. It is necessary to take 300 grams of garlic, to carefully peel it, then to fill in with liter of alcohol and in the dark place to insist within three weeks. Then to accept 20 drops before food, stirring garlick tincture in a glass of milk.

The polycythemia, though is connected with anomaly of erythrocytes, its manifestation is connected with their excess level as a part of blood. Polycythemia origins are still unknown to scientists, and the illness is characterized, in addition to substantial increase of the level of erythrocytes which is repeatedly exceeding norm, growth of quantity of thrombocytes and leukocytes. Development of a polycythemia is influenced also by the external factors leading to bad binding by blood of molecules of the oxygen which is in its structure. Growth of erythrocytes in blood is characteristic of the population of mountain regions, for example residents of the villages located highly in the Andes, the same symptoms are shown also at the persons suffering from chronic disturbances of blood circulation in lungs.

Anomalies of thrombocytes

Now the science knows several types of anomalies of thrombocytes including thrombocytopenia – sharp decrease in quantity of thrombocytes in blood, a thrombocytosis – considerable exceeding of norm of quantity of erythrocytes as a part of blood. Sometimes also other anomaly of thrombocytes connected with change of their structure and a form meets. The thrombocytopenia which is observed most often in connection with emergence of anomaly of thrombocytes arises owing to excessive activity of a spleen or in connection with considerable injuries of marrow, this disease to a bowl of all proceeds as the isolated disturbance, but can be combined with a complex of other diseases of blood, such as a polycythemia.

Anomalies of leukocytes

Anomalies of leukocytes are shown doubly, and blood diseases in this case contact or their surplus in blood of the person, or essential lowering of their level, in both cases the aberration of leukocytes is observed.

Болезни кровиLeukopenia – one of the diseases connected with anomaly of leukocytes. It is classified on several subspecies, including a neutropenia and a lymphopenia, as a result of these diseases the quantity of white cells in blood decreases. At a neutropenia lowering of the level of neutrophils, one of the making leukocytes is observed. This illness quite often arises as complication after the infectious diseases transferred the person at which the body temperature leading to reduction of white cells in blood considerably increases. Measles and flu, a rubella, an infectious mononucleosis, a mumps, a typhoid belong to such infections, change in quantity of white blood cells is frequent cause various medicines and poisoning with toxics.

The lymphopenia is characterized by lowering of the level of leukocytes as a part of blood, this disease quite often is caused by x-ray radiation, it can be provoked also at a radial illness, and also at disturbances of immune system and Hodzhkin's illness.

The leukosis known and under the name "leukaemia" — not one disease, but the whole group of diseases which is characterized by transformation of blood cells in malignancies abnormal cells are developed in unlimited number and gradually force out normal cells of marrow. The leukosis arises at regeneration of blood cells in dangerous cancer cells, not all types of cells, and only the leukocytes relating to one type usually regenerate. Despite development of modern medicine, scientists at the moment cannot explain the leukosis reason.

At such dangerous illness of the blood circulatory system as a part of blood there are unripe or abnormal cells, and afterwards there are cancer infiltrates in the form of tumors and consolidations which can arise in various parts of a body of the person. If such changed cells appear in marrow, anemia joins a leukosis.

The disease which is quite often leading to death is subdivided into two subtypes – a lymphoid leukosis and a myeloleukemia. At a lymphoid leukosis there is a regeneration of leukocytes, and at a myeloleukemia – already other blood cells called by myelocytes or the granulocyte, malignant regeneration two types of cells in practice meets at once extremely seldom. Protein content in malignant cells deviates norm, and abnormal blood cells are characterized by the changed form.

Leukoses are subdivided on chronic and acute, at an acute form of this disease of blood the cells which are its part remain absolutely unripe. They do not bear that functional load which normal blood cells have to carry out. During an acute form of a leukosis the illness proceeds very hard, urgent medical intervention is required. The chronic form of a leukosis is less life-threatening the patient, at the same time a blood cell, despite their regeneration, rather mature, the disease proceeds quite slowly, and at the minimum maintenance therapy of the patient can live a lot more years.

For treatment of a leukosis or for delay of development of this disease of blood, along with drug treatment also national methods of treatment of diseases of blood are applied. It is possible to prepare independently a remedy on the basis of a horse-chestnut, at the same time the inflorescence in the form of a candle needs to be cut off accurately, then to remove a column, separating it from flowers. Flowers of a horse-chestnut need to be dried up, having put them on a clean sheet of paper or on the newspaper, and then one tablespoon of an immortelle to fill in with a glass of boiled water and just to insist within six hours. Such tincture needs to be accepted on a half of a glass, at the same time in a day it is possible to drink more than a liter of such liquid.

From a leukosis one more folk remedy helps. It is possible to prepare mix, having taken half of liter of juice of an aloe, half of liter of cahors wine, 200 grams of a root of an acorus and 500 grams of meadow honey, a root of an acorus it is good to crush, and then carefully to mix formulation components. The turned-out mix needs to be insisted within two weeks in the dark place, for example, in the storeroom. To accept daily for an hour before meal on one tablespoon, washing down mix with marjoram infusion. It is possible to prepare one more mix from 200 grams of a root of an acorus, cognac half of liter, and 500 grams of honey which is drawn and used in the same way.

At leukemia it is desirable to use also the folk remedy made on the basis of a dikhorizandra, in common people this plant call "a gold mustache". For this purpose it is necessary to mix buckwheat honey and a chopped gold mustache in equal parts, then to fill in mix with cahors wine which volume exceeds the mass of honey twice. Such mix should be insisted within forty days, then three times a day to accept before food on a tablespoon, washing down with simple decoction from flowers of a horse-chestnut. To prepare broth, it is necessary to use a proportion: one tablespoon of an immortelle on water liter.

One more medicine helping at a leukosis can be made of 50 grams of a sowing buckwheat, 45 grams of dried fruits of a dogrose, 5 grams of seeds of a globe-thistle ordinary. To mix all components, then to crush mix. Then to take 2 tablespoons of mix and to steam it in a thermos within two hours, the gulf of half of liter of abrupt boiled water. Tincture to filter and accept four times pass on a half of a glass, jamming broth one teaspoon of flower pollen, the course of treatment lasts month.

It is possible to take young year pine needles, 2 tablespoons of in advance crushed dried fruits of a dogrose, 4 tablespoons of a peel of onions, 2 tablespoons of leaves of wild-growing olive. To measure the received mix a glass, to pour out in a liter pan, to fill in with water up to the top, to put on a plate and to bring to boiling. To turn in something warm and to insist all night long, then to filter through a gauze and to pour in a glass bottle, to accept daily from halfliter, constantly increasing a dose, replacing with this broth water and other drinks.

The folk remedy from leukemia can be made on the basis of rye bran which is just filled in with boiled water, and then pine in an oven. To filter the received tincture, and then to add honey in number of 20-30% of its volume to liquid. The simplest recipe allowing to reduce the level of leukocytes of blood provides drink from 200 grams of unboiled water with addition of honey and apple cider vinegar on one teaspoon, it can be used without any restrictions.

Anomalies of plasma

Болезни кровиLeads to emergence of a radial illness even single impact on a human body of ionizing radiation which quantity repeatedly exceeds maximum permissible norm. The radial illness can develop not only owing to general irradiation, but also at receipt in a human body of radioactive materials through a respiratory organs either at meal, or at drink of the infected water.

At a radial illness it is recommended to consume the medical kvass and enzymes prepared from lactobacilli. Enzymes can be prepared independently, for this purpose it is necessary in a 3-liter jar by means of a load to lower a glass of the fresh or dried celandine grass in a sack from a gauze, and both leaves, and a stalk are used. Up to the top to fill in a large bottle with whey, and then just to add a sour cream teaspoon, it is the best of all prepared from house goat milk. From above the large bottle needs to be covered with the gauze put in four layers that medicine did not attract wine front sights.

Within two-three weeks the structure needs to be insisted in the dark dry place that in liquid strong lactobacilli managed to be created. Medicinal property of bacteria is caused by the products of their activity capable to perfectly update and clear any surface where only they get. Acceptance of such medicine on a half of a glass for half an hour to food for two weeks allows to clear completely a mucous surface of a stomach and intestines, deleting from an organism such heavy metals as mercury, thallium, lead, bismuth, and also unhealthy radionuclides.

The usual egg shell will help to remove radionuclides, it it is necessary from only two to six grams daily, it is necessary to pound only carefully a shell in a mortar, and then to accept in the mornings, having stirred the turned-out powder in porridge or in cottage cheese. It is possible to use the polished birch mushroom known under the name of a chag, in a proportion one tablespoon on a glass of water, broth is drawn only ten minutes, to drink on one tablespoon for half an hour before meal.

Juice of a black-fruited mountain ash perfectly helps for prevention of a radial illness. To remove radioactive materials from a stomach, it is necessary to accept bran in food, having steamed out them in boiled water, and a laminaria. The radial illness demands the increased amount of fruit in the patient's diet, there have to be a bird cherry and apricots, grapes and a guelder-rose, sloe fruits, peaches, plum and cherry.

At anomalies of plasma the person quite often has an increased tendency to bleedings, as after different injuries, and absolutely spontaneous. Bleedings the amount of proteins in plasma which are responsible for coagulability of blood provokes decrease. At anomaly of plasma there can be hemophilia And when can lead any cut of mile to bleeding even an insignificant wound. Other disease connected with anomalies of plasma is called an agammaglobulinemia, it is connected with the low level of content in blood of antibodies and their insufficient synthesis. The inborn or acquired agammaglobulinemia, first of all, is connected with defect of plasmocytes and lymphocytes because of what normal synthesis of immunoglobulins stops. At an inborn form of this disease some patients die at children's age, other patients can be cured successfully usual injections of gamma-globulin.

Hemophilia And belongs to the blood diseases which are characterized by high tendency to bleedings. At this hereditary disease in a blood plasma the lack of certain proteins is observed owing to what blood practically does not turn that is a fundamental factor for developing of bleeding. The lack of a blood plasma of antigemofilichesky globulin is diagnosed for 80% of the patients having this disease. An origin of Hemophilia And are genetic disorders, at 50% of patients this disease of blood is hereditary and has family character.

At the same time hemophilia And only men, and disease severity and his manifestation variously at each patient have, it depends on degree of a genetic disorder characteristic of one specific family. Patients with hemophilia earlier extremely seldom lived up to mature age.

The following national methods of treatment of diseases of blood help with treatment of hemophilia and minimization of its manifestation. The structure from a Sophora Japanese, herbs of a milk vetch, a root of a dandelion and a lucerne, a yarrow grass which need to be mixed in equal parts will help to increase coagulability of blood. It is possible to prepare also mix from a root of the mountaineer snake, arnicas, fruits of a coriander, a grass of a shepherd's bag, a burnet root in identical proportions. It is possible to recommend one more mix consisting of roots of a bergenia and an inula, the cone of an alder, herbs a repeshka, wintergreens and a ninety-knot which are also required to be mixed equally.

To increase coagulability of blood, it is possible to use mix from the following herbs – a shepherd's bag, flowers of an immortelle, Veronika's grass and a root of an acorus, oak bark. There is one more efficient mix including a yarrow, a dandelion root, a burnet root, immortelle flowers, fruits of a bird cherry and a root of an inula.

Broths from all collecting prepare by the identical principle, collecting is crushed, then two tablespoons of mix are filled in with liter of boiled water and ten minutes on slow fire are boiled. All this merges in a thermos, without being filtered, and is drawn till the morning. To take 100 grams for half an hour to food within three months, then it is necessary to take a two-week break, and after – to continue treatment, using already other mix. If there is outside bleeding from a cut or from a wound, the prepared grass collecting can be used as lotions.

Displays of gemofilichesky bleedings can be minimized, eating an underground peanut, but this folk remedy needs to be used in a complex with drug treatment. The peanut can be used crude, or to take in slightly fried look daily, 100 grams for half an hour before meal. In a bleeding time, characteristic of hemophilia And, it is necessary to accept broth from wild strawberry leaves on a teaspoon every two hours. That to prepare it, two glasses of water and a tablespoon of leaves will be required, broth can be replaced with svezheotzhaty juice from wild strawberry berries.

Sepsis and its treatment

Болезни кровиSepsis – a disease which name comes from the Greek word "sepsis" that in transfer into Russian means "rotting". This illness of infectious character arises if pyogenic microorganisms, waste products which toxins are get to blood of the person. The disease can be caused by such activators as colibacillus, pneumococci, staphylococcus and streptococci. As a rule, the reason of sepsis are the inflamed wounds in which pus collects, it can be shown also as a result of purulent diseases – phlegmon, an anthrax, furuncles. At women sepsis is quite often shown after the complicated childbirth or abortions, and also at infection of urine and immunodeficiencies.

National methods of treatment of diseases of blood on minimization of displays of sepsis provide the recipes allowing to purify blood. It is necessary to eat products of red color – a red cabbage and a cranberry, grapes and blackberry, cherry and beet. It is necessary to put the kneaded nettle leaves to an ulcer or the inflamed wound, it will help to stop blood poisoning.

The excellent natural means which is well purifying blood is cranberry juice. For receiving necessary effect it needs to be accepted a glass, daily on a half, three times a day in the first week of treatment, twice a day for the second week of treatment, for the third week once a day.

Blood can be purified also the drink consisting of tea, mixed with the milk prepared in the following proportions. At first to pour up to 20% of its volume in a milk cup, from above to add strong tea tea leaves, and then only to add a salt pinch. For increase in efficiency of drink it is possible to add carefully crushed dandelion root to mix. Such mix can be used only for one week, and in the second half of day in a cup, in addition to the main components, it is recommended to add a little honey. Every other day after the first acceptance of such drink the patient needs to make an enema to help his organism to get rid of slags.

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