Treatment of diseases of a nervous system folk remedies

Presently nervous breakdowns became constant satellites of most of adults. The intense rhythm of life and constant stresses oppress and loosen a nervous system. At first in us irritability collects, then we become nervous, and over time our nerves that is called hand over.

Even if externally the person looks quiet, internal tension can be huge. The proof of it is frustration of a nervous system, and in special cases – rage in any insignificant occasion or without cause.

Traditionally neurosises of all degrees, irritability, a frequent headache, chronic fatigue, a depression, inflammations or pinching of nerves are considered as diseases of a nervous system. Of course, there are people who are irritable by nature, but for most of people irritability is a hint on the coming neurosis.

The nervous state is shown in various ways on behavior of the person — one tear paper to small parts, others gnaw nails, the third pritopyvat a leg, the fourth do not know where to put hands. There is a lot of manifestations, and the reason everywhere one – diseases of a nervous system.

It is possible to treat nervous breakdowns and it is necessary as addition to complex treatment of other diseases. At such approach recovery comes significantly quicker. If you do regularly not forget to recover operability of a nervous system by means of traditional medicine, then the state of your health shortly considerably will improve.

Most of adult inhabitants of the planet knows what it is diseases of a nervous system. Most often our way of life is also fault of the majority of nervous breakdowns. Day by day we are exposed various force to stresses which cannot completely pass. Diseases of a nervous system are capable to take various form – from headaches to epilepsy attacks. But nobody is capable to exclude stresses from the life completely. At most what we can make is to minimize their quantity and force.

Strengthening of a nervous system by national methods

There are many ways of strengthening of a nervous system. Perfectly departure in sanatorium or to the resort, far away from daily vanity and efforts helps with such cases. But for this purpose time and financial expenses which can appear is necessary it is too expensive. Besides the use of medicines throughout a long time will only harm other systems of an organism.

In such cases folk remedies will come to the rescue. Traditional medicine knows many natural calmatives which are applied at various diseases. So, for example, it is possible to use properties of the majority of herbs. And one more grass can be applied even to treatment of different diseases – at a certain number and a way of its preparation. Some folk remedies very seldom meet or grow only in certain areas, others meet literally at every turn. The general for all cases of treatment council will use as much as possible fruit. They well influence the general condition of a nervous system. It is more difficult to residents of the cities to find necessary herbs, but you should not forget about honey. It perfectly calms, weakens, reduces stress.

Parkinson's illness — a chronic illness of people of the senior age group. She is called by destruction and the subsequent death of neurons of the central nervous system. Motive disturbances, a tremor, muscular rigidity are characteristic of an illness. The illness is considered incurable, however the existing methods of treatment allow to achieve considerable improvement of quality of life of patients. Parkinsonism in neurologic clinics is treated. And as additional resources traditional medicine can offer several recipes.

  • 1 tablespoon of a root of an asarum European undertakes, the floor of liter of cotton oil is filled in, 2 weeks are drawn on the sun. It is used for backbone natiraniye several times a day till 5 minutes. Receive medical treatment in 1 month. In a month the course can be repeated.
  • About 20 g of bark of a white willow, a root of a burdock, a grass of a savory, flowers of a sloe and a yarrow, juniper fruits mix up and crushed. 10 g of collecting are filled in with 1 liter of boiled water and 1 — 2 minutes cook, 1 hour is drawn, filtered. About 100-200 ml 3 times a day only before food are accepted.
  • For day it is possible to drink instead of water infusion from ground seeds of a dogrose and leaves of olive European. Collecting prepares also, as well as in the previous recipe.

Folk remedies from vegeto-vascular dystonia

Лечение болезней нервной системы народными средствамиVegeto-vascular dystonia – in most cases temporary frustration in the form of vascular neurosis with disturbance of activity of arteries. Manifestation of fluctuations of a blood pressure, spasms and relaxation of walls of arteries can be symptoms of vegeto-vascular dystonia.

Vegeto-vascular dystonia is most often observed at young women. It is followed by a bad dream, weakness, a breakdown and changeable mood. For fight against a disease it is recommended to get rid of addictions.

The best medicine at vegeto-vascular dystonia is the physical culture. It is possible to apply skis or skates in the winter, it is possible to do swimming, rowing, volleyball, soccer, work in a garden in the flying. In off-season long run and swimming will approach. Sports activities perfectly take off fatigue and irritability; the alternating douche can be quite good help. Also the gymnastics with use of swing exercises is recommended. It is necessary to use a hawthorn, a valerian, a motherwort, mint, a camomile on 20 — 30 drops 2 times a day to food.

The following folk remedies from vegeto-vascular dystonia are the most popular:

  • petals of the Crimean rose — 10 g, cowberry leaves — 20 g, a ptarmigan-berry — 20 g, plantain leaves — 20 g, a medicinal betony — 20 g, a nettle — 30 g, hips — 40 g, wild strawberry — 60 g, a horsetail field — 60 g 2 tablespoons of such collecting to fill in with 0,5 liters of boiled water, to take on the water bath about 30 minutes. To insist and filter. Accept in a warm look after an urination 100 — 150 ml a day.
  • Wild strawberry leaves — 10 g, a nettle — 10 g, a silver birch — 20 g, a flax seed — 50 g 2 tablespoons of collecting fill in with a glass of boiled water. Insist hour. Take in a warm look during the day for half an hour to food. The course of this treatment lasts 1 — 2 month.
  • Leaves of a silver birch — 4 parts, the tributary medicinal — 2 parts, wild strawberry leaves — 3 parts, a cinquefoil goose — 3 parts, a flax seed — 3 parts, mint leaves — 1 part, a licorice naked — 4 parts, a violet — 2 parts, a deadnettle — 4 parts. To fill in 2 tablespoons of the prepared raw materials with 0,5 liters of boiled water. Insist 6 hours, accept in 20 minutes prior to food.

headaches medicines

Лечение болезней нервной системы народными средствамиMost of people faced chronic headaches. They are called either migraine, or tension headaches. At migraine of the person everything irritates, he cannot sit still. At headaches of tension it seems that all head hurts. Pain as if clamps the head in a vice. Such pains meet much more more often than migrenevy. The person is so arranged that constantly thinks of something, worries. At those who consider themselves happy headaches happen much more less than at unhappy. In a brain of each person there are mechanisms of psychological protection. If the amount of negative emotions exceeds quantity of positive, there comes failure of system. Important part of protection is the full-fledged dream. Protective mechanisms the faith in God, love, a hobby is also considered.

Strengthening of a nervous system folk remedies helps to avoid frequent headaches. How to kill a headache? It can be removed if to put a cold compress on area of a nape. Also tea from mint with honey reduces pain.

The headache is killed by such weakening exercises:

  • Sitting, having closed eyes, cast away the head on a head restraint of a chair it is necessary to try to weaken frontal, temporal and masseters, at the same time it is possible to slightly open a mouth.
  • Lying on spin; to consistently relax muscles of a neck, shoulders, spins, breasts, buttocks, hips, calves, feet.
  • To breathe a stomach: on a breath it should be inflated, on an exhalation – to involve in itself; the exhalation is longer than a breath twice.

On such charging discharge only 10 — 15 minutes are required, and the advantage of it can be enormous.

Perfectly thyme infusion strengthens nerves. 5 g of a grass fill in about 0,5 l of boiled water and leave for 40 minutes in densely closed container. Infusion is accepted by 2 — 3 times a day for seven days, doing two-week breaks.

It is also necessary to accept B1 vitamin. It is very important for work of a brain. It contains in rye bread, beer yeast, bean, a liver. A good stimulator is green tea, it does not exert a negative impact on a brain. The headache is relieved circular massage about temples. Massage can be done with natural oil of a lavender or lemon.

The feeling of tension in a nape sometimes appears from behind osteochondrosis, a chronic miositis of cervical muscles, fatigue. Massage of muscles of a neck helps with such cases. It is possible to try to throw back for several minutes the head against the stop back. So intracranial pressure decreases, food of a brain improves and often there comes the simplification.

The means helping at a headache:

  • Take a valerian root, crush and fill in with cold water, insist 10 hours, filter. Before the use add 3 — 5 drops of juice from a leaf of a gold mustache.
  • Previously kneaded cold leaf of a gold mustache is put to temples for 5 — 7 minutes, then put a lemon crust to temples.
  • Gruel from fresh beet helps. It is put to temples, alternating to gruel from a stalk of a gold mustache.
  • At migraine take 150 g of grated horse-radish, 1 large leaf of a gold mustache, 0,5 kg of small cut oranges, 300 g of sugar and 1 liter of red wine. Cook on the water bath hour. Allow to drink on 75 ml in 2 hours after food.
  • Headaches are killed by guelder-rose juice, fresh juice of potatoes.
  • Lilac leaves will help to kill a headache if to put them to a sore point.

Treatment of depressions and neurosises by national methods

Лечение болезней нервной системы народными средствамиDepression – the mental state which is characterized by mental and physical disorders. It can be the suppressed mood, decrease in the general tone, slowness of all movements, a sleep disorder and digestion. An effective remedy at such states is reception on a pollen teaspoon 3 times a day to food. And it is possible to accept it with oil and honey. It is important that a daily dose for prevention — 20 g, at treatment — 30 g.

The first symptoms of a depression — irritability, sleep disorders, depression, decrease in a potentiality. At some pressure differences, tachycardia begin, tendency to cold increases. For treatment of a disease the set of medicines is created, however any of them cannot become a universal remedy. The lack of B12 vitamin can be the cause of a depression. Researches showed that if the person has enough this vitamin, the risk of depressions is reduced much. The liver, beer yeast, kidneys, milk, eggs can become a source of B12 vitamin.

At a depression and weakness the nonconventional medicine advises such means:

  • Pollen of melliferous plants is used as toning and strengthening means.
  • Ninety-knot grass infusion: 1 tablespoon on 2 glasses of boiled water to allow to insist 1 hour. Broth should be drunk before food daily.
  • To fill in 1 tablespoon of leaves of mint with 1 glass of boiled water and to cook 10 minutes. To accept on half a glass in the morning and in the evening.
  • Infusion of leaves of a black poplar is applied in the form of bathtubs as a calmative.
  • Also it is necessary to use honey, according to 1 h to a spoon 2 — 3 times a day.

Treatment of neuralgia folk remedies

Neuralgia is an illness which is shown by an acute pain of nerves, the reasons of it can be in an inflammation of the nerve, an inflammation of the fabrics surrounding a nerve, injuries, infections or sharp cooling.

Treatment of neuralgia folk remedies is very effective. At treatment of neuralgia in house conditions use lemon juice. It is recommended to use daily for several days one – two small fruit.

  • Put to sore points fresh leaves of a geranium for 2 hours, having wrapped up from above with a warm shawl. It is necessary to change leaves on fresh 3 times during this time.
  • Flowers of a camomile and leaves of mint on 1 tablespoon fill in 0,5 l of boiled water, insist 1 hour. Also drink during the day. The course lasts 3 — 5 days.

Treatment of neurosis folk remedies

Лечение болезней нервной системы народными средствамиNeurosis is a temporary frustration of a nervous system which arises under the influence of the acute or often long psychoinjuring factors. An important role is played here by overfatigue, the postponed serious illness, influence of radiation, etc. The main forms of neurosises – a neurasthenia, neurosis of persuasive states, hysterical neurosis.

The neurasthenia is shown by irritability, hypererethism, weakness, instability, a bad dream. In response to frivolous notes of people can answer with shout, but then quickly calms down, conscience can begin to torment it, there is a depression, even tears are sometimes possible. In the onset of the illness difficulties with assimilation of information begin to arise, the person is scattered, forgetful, quickly gets tired. Vegetative disturbances are possible: sleep disorders, perspiration, fluctuations of arterial pressure. Sometimes patients are sluggish, apathetic, are in the suppressed mood, they are disseminated.

The thoughts arising irrespective of desire of the patient, fears, inclinations are characteristic of persuasive neurosis. Their emergence is preceded by long overfatigue, the postponed chronic intoxications, infectious diseases.

Hysterical neurosis — reminds many diseases of a nervous system. The main manifestation — a hysterics. It arises after the postponed psychoinjury. The consciousness of such patient at the same time is broken not completely, the behavior varies from sobbings and to laughter. At such patients between attacks the increased emotionality, unmotivated differences of mood is noted. The hysterics can be stopped only influence of strong irritants: slap in the face, imperative shout, tub of cold water. Neurosises with the timely professional help, perhaps to cure completely. But without carrying out treatment perhaps long course of a disease, permanent decrease in working capacity, forming of the neurotic personality.

There is a set of ways to win against neurosis. Very first — physical exercises it is also desirable in the fresh air. From all ways helping to change mood the most effective by right need to consider aerobics. Researchers found the salutary biochemical reactions coming at physical exercises. Fast walking, run, swimming are considered the most useful. In a word – all this that stimulates cardiac performance and blood circulations, enriches an organism with oxygen. It is necessary to be engaged in physical exercises 20-30 minutes several times a week.

Psychologists think that color has not the last value for a brain, and can be same important as vitamins for an organism. For example. To reduce irritation, it is necessary to evade from red color. If mood bad, it is not necessary to surround itself with dark color scale. It is better to choose bright, warm, pure colors. To remove stress it is possible to recommend to look on neutral tone – greenish, soft blue. Still it is possible to organize on working space a phytodesign from pastel adornment plants, to pick up a picture, to replace wall-paper.

Not the last role is played by music. Music should be selected according to mood, gradually character of music can be changed according to desirable change of mood. Simple music can give the strongest effect. Therefore it is necessary to prefer romances, etudes, songs.

In France musicotherapy specialists hold special testing, define a melody which answers a state of mind of the patient, then select the melody urged to oppose to action of the first melody, it seems, neutralizing it. It has to be the air, light melody consoling, giving hope. And, at last, the third work completes a complex – it is chosen so that sounding had the largest force of emotional influence. It can be dynamic music, it has to instill confidence.

It is impossible to refuse to itself pleasure. If there is a strong wish, it is possible to indulge himself having eaten something sweet. And there will be enough only 150 — 200 g of carbohydrates for calm. The proteinaceous food — meat of chicken, fish, meat of mollusks, fast beef and veal can bring also desirable effect. Better you should not use coffee and strong tea, and also the drinks containing caffeine — "Coca-Cola", "Pepsi" and many others. In their basis — extracts from stake nuts which are rich with caffeine and theobromine, and also the leaves cooks containing cocaine. Direct dependence between reception of caffeine in large numbers and the aggravated depressions, irritability and alarm is known to all. Treatment of neurosis folk remedies well helps at all types of neurosises.

  • At fatigue grape juice and a piece of salty fish helps
  • It is possible to prepare a hot dessert from a glass of hot milk, a yolk and sugar
  • The pounded walnuts with honey, the spoon is recommended to accept according to 1 h three times per day a course 1 — 3 weeks
  • Include products which contain iodine — a laminaria, fruits of a mespilus, a feijoa in a diet.
  • In the evenings it is possible to accept 15% infusion of a grass of a motherwort within a month.

Traditional medicine offers enough means for improvement of mood, a dream, stress coping. Everyone will be able to choose for himself the most efficient means.

  • At the general weakness the patient with a neurasthenia recommend 1 h a spoon of a grass of a verbena to fill in with a glass of boiled water and to insist hour, to accept during the day small drinks.
  • Hawthorn flowers, melissa grass, catnip grass, valerian root to fill in 1 l of boiled water. To insist 3 — 4 hours, to filter and accept 200 ml for an hour to food 3 times per day at nervous excitement.
  • The glass of hot milk, dessertspoon of flowers of a camomile to insist 30 — 40 minutes, then to filter and drink, having added 1 h a honey spoon. Such medicine is taken by 2 weeks then improvement of a dream is observed.
  • Tea from leaves of wild strawberry except a large amount of vitamins considerably improves a dream. Such tea is drunk on a glass by 2 times a day and before going to bed a course 1 — 1,5 months.
  • At a neurasthenia, in the morning and it is necessary to use in the evening 30 — 50 g of honey where add 1 h a spoon of a uterine milk and 1 h a spoon of the iron preparation sold in a drugstore.
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