Diseases of a liver, gall bladder and pancreas

Liver of the person it is quite justified give definition "laboratory of an organism". Considering all functions of this body, such comparison seems rather exact. In a liver of people every minute there pass millions of chemical changes. It is the main filter which neutralizes all arriving substances. At disturbance of functions of a liver harmful substances get to blood of the person owing to what there is systemic poisoning of an organism.

Reasons of diseases of a liver

Diseases of this body develop at the person for several reasons. As the most widespread specialists distinguish an infectious factor (it is about hepatitis viruses), a disease of a diabetes mellitus, the broken lipometabolism, and also the continuous malicious use by the person of alcohol from them.

Often the person is hurt by a liver if he throughout the long period accepts medicamentous drugs or contacts to toxins. In that case liver pains arise as an effect of her poisoning. Symptoms of a disease of a liver are shown also at those people who have hereditary tendency to such pathology. The protective system of an organism of the sick person begins to take for alien cells of a liver and bilious channels why the patient also learns afterwards how the liver hurts.

The liver of the person can be surprised under the influence of parasites who infect liver tissues. Negatively also development in the person of diseases of blood, tuberculosis, heart failure influences its state.

However, in certain cases why work of a liver is gradually broken, the person can even not guess. So, sometimes the wrong approach to daily food, continuous observance of a rigid diet, a prompt set of excess weight becomes an etiology. What to do in that case, the specialist as independent treatment can lead to aggravation of a situation has to prompt.

Thus, can influence a condition of a liver not only serious diseases and disturbances in work of systems of an organism, but also habit and preference of the person, an ecological situation. Preliminary diagnosis and the correct approach to therapy is anyway necessary.

Symptoms of diseases of a liver

Симптомы болезни печениIf at the person hepatitis develops, then it is about an acute or chronic diffusion inflammation of a liver which can have various origin.

At an acute hepatitis sometimes symptoms are expressed softly. Therefore, find a disease in process of diagnosis of other illnesses. But generally acute hepatitis begins with a so-called preicteric stage. At this time symptoms of an illness can remind symptomatology at flu. Approximately in two weeks the icteric stage begins.

More terrible disease is acute toxic hepatitis. Due to organism intoxication the illness progresses very quickly. The patient's skin, and also his mucous membranes get a yellowish shade, urine becomes brown, and a chair — whitish-brown. If acute display of an illness takes place, then development of a skin itch, nasal bleedings, disturbances of a heart rhythm is possible, and also there are separate signs of defeat of TsNS.

Examining the patient with suspicion on an acute hepatitis, the specialist reveals that his liver is increased, and at a palpation take place small morbidity. By means of laboratory researches the diagnosis is confirmed, and treatment is appointed.

At establishment of the diagnosis it is important to doctor to study very carefully the anamnesis as there is always a probability that the patient has a viral hepatitis.

Diagnosing liver diseases, rather often all at patients reveal chronic hepatitis. Liver disease symptoms in this case are shown by its increase, heavy feeling or pains in right hypochondrium. Such signs as an itch of skin and jaundice are noted less often, and, only moderate yellowing of mucous membranes and skin is noted. But at the same time at the person regular nausea, loss of appetite is noted. Besides, the person is disturbed by an unstable chair, a meteorism, feeling of weakness. Influences a state and food: the patient badly transfers fats. For this reason the diet at a liver disease is very important.

Except the described hepatitis forms, doctors in the course of diagnosis define also other kinds of this illness: benign and aggressive hepatitis, inactive and active hepatitis, the progressing recurrent hepatitis. Carrying out a laparoscopy and capture of material for a liver biopsy allows to define an illness form with high precision.

At a hepatosis at the patient disturbance of exchange processes in liver cells develops. Gradually dystrophic changes develop. There is no inflammation at the same time. Most often the fatty hepatosis arising owing to too frequent and plentiful receipt in a liver of fats is diagnosed for patients. Obesity of cells of a liver results.

At the started hepatitis form at the person cirrhosis gradually can develop. This illness has a chronic current, damage of a liver of the progressing type is characteristic of it. There is a full reorganization of tissue of liver owing to what all functions of body are broken, and at the person the chronic liver failure is shown. At cirrhosis of people the hypochondrium and a subspoon, feeling of bitterness in a mouth, an eructation, weight loss, abdominal distention generally complains of manifestation of the general weakness, constant pain or heavy feeling in right. It notes jaundice, reddening of palms, manifestation of a vascular network on a face, a breast, palms. The liver at cirrhosis is increased, at the same time its reduction is considered an adverse sign. Also at the patient the spleen increases. Further development of a disease proceeds already with symptoms of portal hypertensia. At the person liquid in an abdominal cavity collects owing to what the stomach increases, the varicosity of a rectum, gullet, stomach is observed, hypostases are shown. Bleedings are possible.

Generally people who regularly take many years alcoholic drinks have cirrhosis. Cirrhosis develops sometimes and against infectious illnesses, viruses of hepatitis C and B.


Лечение болезней печениThanks to snowballing of modern medicine, and also capture by doctors on arms of methods of pharmacotherapy and other nonconventional means treatment of a liver takes place effectively. Before appointing drugs for treatment, the doctor accurately establishes the diagnosis and removes those causes which led to development of an illness.

Treatment of cirrhosis and other pathologies of this body is laborious and long process. In this case it is important to patient to ask for the help in time and not to miss the moment as delay is fraught with development of terrible diseases, in particular the liver cancer can be shown. Some patients consider that traditional medicine will be effective. But treatment of a liver folk remedies can practice only under the strict guide of the doctor, but not independently. Practicing complex therapy, the attending physician can recommend treatment by herbs and other folk remedies (treatment of a liver, honey, oats, etc. widely practices).

Not less important point in the course of treatment of a liver is the sparing diet. So, if at the person the fatty hepatosis at which there is obesity of cells of a liver develops, in its diet proteinaceous products have to prevail. The developed fatty dystrophy assumes strict restriction in a diet of amount of fats. Patients at whom the hepatosis developed are not recommended to use animal fats. At the same time reception of vitamins, drugs for stimulation of functions of a liver is appointed. It is recommended to lead active lifestyle.

If the hemangioma or a cyst of a liver is diagnosed for the patient, then treatment of such educations depends on their location and size. In this case it is important to carry out exact diagnosis then the doctor individually makes the decision on treatment.

As drug treatment of diseases of a liver and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, depending on features of an illness, reception of so-called hepatotropic means practices. They are subdivided into three subgroups. Cholagogue drugs activate biliary secretion and improve process of its hit in a duodenum. Gepatoprotektorny drugs improve exchange processes in a liver, allowing it to perceive more steadily pathogenic influences, promote recovery of a liver. Cholelitholytic drugs activate process of dissolution of gallstones.

At treatment of hepatitises of different forms the complex therapy including different procedures and methods practices. In particular, medicamentous means which favorably influence work of a liver, a special diet and the mode are applied. At a stage of recovery by the patient the physical therapy and sanatorium treatment is appointed.

At an acute viral hepatitis for ensuring removal from an organism of toxic substances plentiful drink of infusions and broths of herbs is recommended. Traditional medicine recommends to apply broths of flax ordinary, camomiles pharmaceutical, a dogrose cinnamon, a clover red, a peppermint, oats, a St. John's Wort, other herbs and plants. At a viral hepatitis reception of vitamins E and And, and also oils and products which contain these vitamins is recommended. Treatment by juice of a black radish, oil of a thistle, a sea-buckthorn, etc. practices.

At cirrhosis to the patient the diet is appointed, alcohol is categorically excluded. If in a liver there is an active process, then to the patient the course of treatment which includes reception of Cocarboxylase, vitamins of group B, folic acid, ascorbic acid, vitamins A, D is appointed. If at the patient symptoms which testify to a liver failure are shown, Haemodesum, solution of 5% of glucose, solutions of salts is shown him. In the presence of the expressed inflammatory process therapy by corticosteroid hormones practices, and also Levamisole (Dekaris) is appointed. Treatment surely takes place under control of the doctor.


Диета при заболевании печениSpeaking about providing the sparing mode at liver illnesses, first of all, it is about the correct approach to catering services of the person. The sparing diet allows not only to treat more effectively liver diseases, but also to normalize functions of a liver, processes of bilification in an organism, to recover exchange processes. The special diet at a liver illness is shown to patients who have a risk of fatty regeneration of body. As the recommended products it should be noted a cod, soy, cottage cheese which contain many lipotropic substances. Food by products with the low content of fats is shown to people at whom liver illness symptoms are shown. The person should not use more than 80 g of fats a day, at the same time every day it is recommended to use vegetable a little which provides cholagogue effect, and, so and treatment of a liver. If the patient had bile outflow disturbance signs, to it is shown to use a day about 150 g of fats, and, vegetable oils have to make a half of them.

It is not recommended to eat a lot of carbohydrate food. At chronic diseases of a liver fractional food by the dishes containing a full-fledged ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats practices. The food has to be boiled or steamed. At hepatitises in a diet there have to be many digestible proteins.

It is strictly forbidden to use fat meat, smoked products, rich broths, canned food, chocolate, acid food, alcohol. If at the majority of diseases of a liver it is required to keep to a diet only at a stage of treatment and recovery, then at cirrhosis it will be lifelong. And, restrictions in food at this terrible illness especially serious.

Diseases of a gall bladder

Болезни желчного пузыряThe gall bladder is located under a liver which connects to a bubble system of bilious channels. Bile, is produced by a liver, provides activation of production of fats in a liver. Purpose of bile — to improve digestion of fats and to activate movement of food on intestines. On walls of a gall bladder and channels there is a layer of muscles which, being reduced, stimulate bile movement. If there are failures in such reductions, then dyskinesia, that is disturbance of mobility of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways is diagnosed for the person. Dyskinesia is shown by periodic pain in the field of the right hypochondrium.

If to consider diseases of a gall bladder in general, then dyskinesia is not considered a dangerous illness, however owing to long progressing of this state cholelithiasis symptoms can develop.

At cholelithiasis there is a formation of stones in bilious channels or a gall bladder. Most often the women at working-age having excess weight suffer from this disease. Staying in a gall bladder, stones can not cause disturbances to the patient, however at an exit to bilious canals the attack of bilious colic begins. The person suffers from severe pain in a stomach, nausea, vomitings, bitterness in a mouth. The attack calms down if the stone left in a duodenum independently. Otherwise bilious ways are corked, and inflammatory process of a gall bladder — acute cholecystitis is a consequence of it. At such state there is already a serious danger to life therefore it is necessary to treat it immediately.

If inflammatory process in a gall bladder proceeds gradually and slowly, then the speech already goes about chronic cholecystitis. Its treatment is carried out at an exacerbation of an illness. Also the patient has to keep constantly to a sparing diet, it is possible to practice treatment herbs and by other national methods. At an exacerbation of an illness doctors recommend several days to eat food minimum. Reception of medicines from several different groups which eliminate the main symptoms of a disease is appointed and allow to normalize work of a gastrointestinal tract.

In the presence at the patient of an inborn bend of a gall bladder the illness can not be shown at all. It is just feature of a shape of a gall bladder which can be found accidentally when carrying out ultrasonic research. But in certain cases the bend of a gall bladder is formed as an effect of cholecystitis, cholelithiasis. Symptoms which are provoked by a bend of a gall bladder are periodically shown: this bad digestion, nausea, vomiting. The acquired excess of a gall bladder it is necessary to treat. Drug treatment is initially carried out, physiotherapy exercises, a diet also practice.

Treatment of a gall bladder is made only under the leadership of the doctor. If therapeutic treatment does not give desirable effect, and the inflammation progresses, then in that case it is necessary to address already the surgeon.

At some pathologies of a gall bladder perhaps exclusively surgical treatment. So, an operative measure is often necessary if find in the patient a polyp of a gall bladder, and also stones in a gall bladder. Though in the latter case sometimes it is possible to do without operation. In this case modern methods of treatment, and also therapy by some folk remedies practice.

Often at treatment of cholelithiasis the most acceptable method is removal of a gall bladder (cholecystectomia). It will be out as by usual operation, and a laparoscopic method.

Pancreas diseases

Заболевания поджелудочной железыThe pancreas is in an abdominal cavity of the person. The main function of this body is the producing enzymes which in an organism take part in process of processing of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Initially enzymes are emitted to the canal of gland, later enzymes appear in a duodenum. Exactly there is also a digestion of food. Also in a pancreas the insulin which is responsible for regulation of an exchange of sugar is produced. Therefore, its shortcoming leads to development of a diabetes mellitus.

The main diseases of a pancreas is pancreatitis of an acute and chronic form, and also a tumor. These diseases can have similar signs.

Diseases of a pancreas are, as a rule, shown by pain in an anticardium which gives to a back for a left shoulder-blade. These symptoms of diseases of a pancreas amplify after the person ate a fried or fat dish, drank an alcohol quantity. Therefore, important point in the course of treatment is the correct diet. Also vomiting, a diarrhea, nausea disturbs the person. Besides at it appetite vanishes, body weight is lost.

At acute pancreatitis there is an inflammatory process in a pancreas. This illness can affect the person owing to the use of plentiful amount of alcohol and also as an effect of diseases of a gall bladder and duodenum. At acute pancreatitis of people suffers from severe pain, and it needs the help of the doctor. Treatment of a pancreas folk remedies without preliminary survey of the doctor in this case cannot be practiced.

The acute form often passes into chronic. At chronic pancreatitis inflammatory process of a pancreas long and slow. When progressing an illness of fabric of gland connecting fabric gradually replaces. As a result, less enzymes are emitted, digestion of food worsens. Besides, the risk of development of a diabetes mellitus as the producing insulin also decreases increases.

At treatment of a chronic form of an illness it is important to keep to a diet, to practice reception of medicines which reduce development of a gastric juice, and also the means containing enzymes. In this case treatment of a pancreas herbs is also possible.

Tumors of a pancreas subdivide into two look: pancreatic cancer and tumors hormonal active. At oncological education at the patient development of jaundice, chronic pancreatitis, a diabetes mellitus is noted, he is disturbed by very severe pains, weight is lost. Surgical treatment practices. At hormonal active tumors initially in the course of diagnosis is defined, malignant it is a tumor or high-quality. After that the decision on carrying out chemotherapy or surgical intervention is made.

It is important that treatment of such diseases was complex and it was carried out at once after diagnosis of a disease.

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