Blood circulatory system diseases

Now in the world of an illness of the blood circulatory system are the leading cause of death. Very often at defeat of bodies of blood circulation of people completely loses working capacity. At diseases of this type both different departments of heart, and vessels suffer. Bodies of blood circulation are surprised both at men, and at women, at the same time such illnesses can be diagnosed for patients of different age. In view of existence of a large number of the diseases relating to this group it is noted that some of them meet among women more often, and others – among men.

Structure and functions of the blood circulatory system

Heart, artery, veins and capillaries enters the blood circulatory system of the person. In anatomy it is accepted to distinguish big and small circles of blood circulation. These circles are formed by vessels which leave heart. Circles are closed.

The small circle of blood circulation of the person consists of a pulmonary trunk and pulmonary veins. A big circle of blood circulation there begins the aorta which leaves a left ventricle of heart. Blood from an aorta gets to large vessels which go going to the head of the person, his trunk and extremities. Large vessels branch on small, passing into intraorganic arteries, and then — in arterioles and capillaries. Capillaries are responsible for exchange processes between fabrics and blood. Further there is an association of capillaries in post-capillary venules which merge in veins – initially intraorganic, further — in extra organ. Blood returns to the right auricle through upper and lower venas cava. In more detail the structure of circulatory system is shown by its detailed scheme.

The blood circulatory system of the person provides in an organism delivery of nutrients and oxygen to fabrics, is responsible for removal of harmful products of exchange processes, transports them for processing or removal from a human body. Also circulatory system moves intermediate products of a metabolism between bodies.

Reasons of diseases of the blood circulatory system

In view of the fact that specialists allocate many diseases of the blood circulatory system, there is a number of the reasons provoking them. First of all, display of diseases of this type is influenced by too strong nervous tension as a result of serious mental injuries or long strong experiences. One more reason of diseases of the blood circulatory system — atherosclerosis which provokes developing of coronary heart disease.

Diseases of circulatory system are shown also owing to infections. So, owing to influence of a beta and hemolitic streptococcus of group A at the person rheumatism develops. Infection with the green streptococcus, to enterococci, golden staphylococcus provokes developing of a septic endocarditis, a pericardis, myocarditis.

Disturbances of fetation in the pre-natal period are the reason of some diseases of the blood circulatory system. Often inborn heart disease turns out to be consequence of such disturbances.

Acute cardiovascular insufficiency can develop at the person as an effect of injuries from which the plentiful loss of blood results.

Specialists allocate not only the listed reasons, but also a number of factors which promote manifestation of a favor to illnesses of bodies of cardiovascular system. In this case it is about hereditary tendency to diseases, existence of addictions (tobacco smoking, regular alcohol intake, a hypodynamia), the wrong approach to food (too salty and fat food). Also diseases of the blood circulatory systems are more often shown at disturbances of a lipidic exchange, in the presence of changes in work of endocrine system (a climax at women), at the excess weight. Also illnesses of other systems of an organism, reception of some medicamentous drugs can influence development of such diseases.


The blood circulatory system of the person functions in such a way that complaints at diseases can be various. Diseases of the blood circulatory system can be shown by symptoms which are not characteristic of diseases of certain bodies. Physiology of a human body such is that many symptoms in different degree and in different intensity can be shown at the most various illnesses.

But it is necessary to consider also the fact that at initial stages of some diseases when the blood circulatory system still rather normally carries out the functions, patients do not feel any changes in an organism. Respectively, diseases can be diagnosed only accidentally, at the address to the specialist in other occasion.

At diseases of bodies of the blood circulatory system the patient has characteristic symptoms: interruptions in cardiac performance, and also pain, short wind, feeling of asthma, cyanosis, hypostases, etc.

Existence of changes of heartbeat is considered an important symptom. If the person is healthy, then at rest or easy physical efforts he does not feel own heartbeat. At people with some diseases of circulatory system heartbeat can be felt clearly even at an insignificant exercise stress, and sometimes and at rest. It is about tachycardia – display of tachycardia. Such symptom arises as an effect of decrease in sokratitelny function of heart. In the course of one reduction heart sends to an aorta less blood, than usually. To provide normal supply with organism blood, heart has to be reduced with a bigger frequency. But such operating mode for heart cannot be favorable, at the strengthened heartbeat the phase of relaxation of heart at which in a cardiac muscle there take place the processes making on it positive impact and recovering its working capacity becomes shorter.

At diseases of circulatory system interruptions, that is spasmodic cardiac performance are also often shown. Feels arrhythmia of the patient as a sinking heart then the strong short blow follows. Sometimes interruptions happen single, sometimes they take certain time or happen constantly. In most cases interruptions happen at tachycardia, but also at a rare heart rhythm they can be also observed.

Pain in heart very often disturbs the patients having diseases of bodies of blood circulation. But this symptom at different illnesses has different value. So, at coronary heart disease pain is the main symptom, and at other diseases of cardiovascular system the symptom can be minor.

At coronary heart disease of pain are shown as a result of a lack of supply with blood of a cardiac muscle. Pain in that case proceeds no more than five minutes and has the squeezing character. Arises attacks, generally in the course of an exercise stress or at a low temperature. Pain is stopped after Nitroglycerine reception. It is accepted to call such pain an angina of exertion. If the same pain arises at the person in the period of a dream, it is called rest stenocardia.

Pain at other diseases of system of blood supply has the aching character, it can proceed a different span. After drug intake pain, as a rule, does not abate. This symptom is observed at myocardites, heart diseases, perikardita, a hypertension, etc.

Often at diseases of circulatory system of the patient suffers from an asthma. An asthma is shown as an effect of decrease in sokratitelny function of heart and stagnation of blood in vessels which is observed at the same time. An asthma often demonstrates development in the patient of heart failure. If the cardiac muscle is weakened slightly, then an asthma will be shown only after an exercise stress. And at a severe form of diseases an asthma can be shown also at the lying patients.

Hypostases are considered as a characteristic symptom at heart failure. In this case, as a rule, it is about right ventricular insufficiency. In view of decrease in sokratitelny function of a right ventricle there is a stagnation of blood, the blood pressure raises. In view of stagnation of blood its liquid part gets to fabrics through walls of vessels. Initially hypostases, as a rule, develop standing. If cardiac performance weakens further, then liquid begins to collect in pleural and belly cavities.

One more characteristic symptom at diseases of circulatory system — cyanosis. Lips, the nose tip, fingers on extremities at the same time gets a bluish shade. It occurs in view of blood raying through integuments. Blood at the same time contains a lot of the recovered hemoglobin that happens at the slowed-down blood-groove in capillaries because of the slowed-down reductions of heart.

Insufficiency of cerebral circulation

Плохое кровообращениеNow disturbance of cerebral circulation is one of the main reasons of disability. Every year the number of such patients promptly increases. At the same time cerebral circulation often worsens at the person in average years.

Deterioration in cerebral circulation often happens owing to a hypertension and cerebral atherosclerosis. People with the broken cerebral circulation have a satisfactory condition, staying in normal conditions. But in need of the increased blood circulation their health becomes sharp worse. It can happen at high temperature of air, exercise stresses, overfatigue. The person begins to suffer from noise in the head, dizzinesses, headaches. Working capacity decreases, memory worsens. If such symptoms are present at the patient, at least, three months, and repeat at least, than once a week, then the speech already goes about the diagnosis "insufficiency of cerebral circulation".

Insufficiency of cerebral circulation conducts to a stroke. Therefore as soon as the person has first symptoms of this disease, the immediate treatment directed to improvement of cerebral circulation is required.

After carrying out comprehensive diagnosis and detailed consultation the doctor defines the scheme of treatment and decides how to improve blood circulation at the patient is most effective. It is necessary to begin a course of treatment and to take the appointed medicine at once. The course of treatment includes not only the drugs improving blood supply, but also a complex of vitamins, sedatives. Drugs for blood supply improvement also surely are included into such course of treatment. There is a number of such means making anti-hypoxemic, vasodilating, nootropic impact.

Except drug treatment the patient needs to take the measures directed to change of an image of his life. Enough time – is very important to sleep about 8-9 hours, to avoid heavy loadings, to do regular breaks during the working day. Rest and lack of negative emotions is important. It is necessary to be as much as possible in the fresh air, to air the room where there is a patient. Also the diet is important: in a diet it is necessary to limit carbohydrates, salt, fats. It is necessary to leave off smoking at once. All these recommendations will help to suspend a course of a disease.


Диагностика болезней системы кровообращения The doctor can reveal many symptoms during survey of the patient. So, at survey existence of gyrose temporal arteries, a strong pulsation of carotid arteries, an aorta pulsation sometimes is found. By means of percussion heart borders are defined.

In the course of auscultation it is possible to hear the changed sounding of tones, noise.

In the course of diagnosis of diseases of the blood circulatory system tool methods of research are used. The simplest and often applied method is the electrocardiogram. But the results received in the course of such research need to be estimated, considering clinical data.

Except an ECG the method of a vektorkardiografiya, an echocardiography, a phonocardiography which allow to estimate a condition and cardiac performance is applied.

Except researches of heart also various researches of a condition of a blood-groove are conducted. For this purpose the blood-groove speed, blood volume, mass of the circulating blood is defined. The hemodynamics is defined by studying of minute volume of blood. Adequately to estimate a functional condition of cardiovascular system, to patients exercise tolerance tests, with breath holding, orthostatic tests are carried out.

Informative methods of research is also the X-ray analysis of heart and vessels, and also a magnetic and resonant tomography. Also laboratory researches of urine, blood, biochemical analysis are taken into account.


Treatment of disturbances of blood circulation is carried out only by the specialist, choosing tactics, depending on that what symptoms of an illness take place at the patient. Disturbance of cerebral circulation, and also an acute disorder of blood circulation of other bodies it is necessary to treat at once after establishment of the diagnosis, the result of therapy depends on it. A dangerous state is passing disturbance of blood supply of a brain which increases risk of development of a stroke.

To treat the easiest a disease at the first stages of its development. Treatment can be both medicamentous, and surgical. Sometimes elementary change of way of life allows to gain desirable effect. Sometimes for success of treatment it is necessary to combine several methods. Also widely the resort therapy of disturbances of blood circulation using a number of physiotherapeutic procedures, physiotherapy exercises practices.

How to improve blood circulation

КровообращениеUnfortunately, of how to improve blood circulation, most of people think already when at them a certain illness takes place or bad blood circulation is diagnosed.

Meanwhile, each person can implement all recommendations about improvement of blood circulation. First of all, it is important to provide daily exercise stresses which to allow to activate blood circulation. It is especially important to do physical exercises by that who works sitting. Blood supply of a small pelvis is in that case broken, also other bodies suffer. Therefore it is the is best of all the general condition of an organism is influenced in this case by fast walking. But in breaks between work which should be done at least once at 2-3 o'clock it is possible to do all types of exercises. At a brain circulatory unefficiency exercises should be done also regularly, but with smaller intensity.

Not less important point is maintenance of normal body weight. It is for this purpose important to correct food, having included vegetables, fruit, fish, fermented milk products in the menu. And here smoked products, fat food, pastries, sweets it is necessary to exclude from a diet. It is important to include natural dishes in a diet, and it is better to exclude artificial food stuffs completely. If at the person insufficiency blood circulation takes place, smoking and alcohol intake is contraindicated. Some medicamentous drugs are also capable to improve peripheric circulation, however the doctor has to appoint them only. Sometimes such means also appoint pregnant for activation of blood circulation of a fruit.

The full-fledged dream, positive emotions is important for strengthening of a nervous system. Improvement of a state comes at people who are capable to realize all these recommendations in practice.


The described methods are higher and higher are effective measures of prevention of diseases of this type. Methods of prevention of diseases of the blood circulatory system have to be directed to decrease in level of cholesterol, and also to overcoming of a hypodynamia. There is a number scientifically of facts in evidence that change of way of life allows to reduce risk of diseases of the blood circulatory system effectively. Besides, it is important to treat timely all infectious diseases which can provoke complications.

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