How to reduce load of sore joints?

Sore joints should be protected from strong loading. The state worsens and pains of joints at long and fast walking amplify, in particular, on the rough country, at rise uphill, and also when walking on a ladder and carrying weights. As a result of all these types of load of the injured joints force many times exceeding body weight that makes an adverse effect on the changed cartilage works.

Try to avoid long stay in one pose, for example, in a sitting position or standing, having sat down on hunkers with the emphasis on knees or in the bent situation. Long stay in such poses increases load of the injured joints and worsens blood supply, food of a cartilage is as a result broken.

If joints of hands are affected, it is better to limit carrying weights, do not squeeze out hands heavy linen and do not do any other work which gives such load of hands.

It is necessary to alternate time of load of a sore joint and rest during which the joint is unloaded. It is necessary to give rest to joints of legs in a sitting position or lying. In such provisions do some movements in joints to recover in them normal blood circulation, for example, bend and unbend, exercise "bicycle" will also approach.

Use of a cane when walking will help to reduce loading. If you are disturbed more by the left leg, the cane should be carried in the right hand and vice versa. In certain cases, for decrease in pain in knee joints to you doctors can recommend to carry special kneecaps or insoles in footwear, so-called, instep supports which will fix a joint in the necessary situation.

Как уменьшить нагрузку на больные суставыIf you developed osteochondrosis of joints of the lower extremities, it is necessary to pay special attention to footwear. You wear shoes on a low, thick heel and with a soft elastic sole, it will allow to reduce considerably at the time of contact of a heel with the earth force of blow which usually extends on a foot and injures a cartilage. You watch that the footwear was moderately free, and upper part surely soft.

At excess body weight, load of joints of legs considerably increases. Also, it is established that the patients normalizing body weight receive result in increase in physical activity and decrease in pain in joints.

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