Warts are an education which appears on integuments of the person owing to development of a viral infectious disease of skin.

How warts are shown?

Warts develop on skin owing to impact on a human papillomavirus infection human body. Under its influence in a human body new growths not to skin, high-quality character develop. They look as small knots or small nipples. In most cases the wart is a formation of high-quality character. However sometimes there is a process of an ozlokachestvleniye of such skin education.

Why hand warts and on other areas of a body appear and develop, the doctor after research can answer. Most often warts develop on face skin, legs, hands. Is defined with papilloma virus type, and also displays of an illness (as there are warts whether the area where they were formed, etc. scratches) the following types of warts.

So-called ordinary warts (one more name — vulgar warts) most often develop at children school students. This type of warts is considered the most widespread. Why there are such warts, it is possible to learn during research. Therefore it is important to both child, and adult to see a doctor who will define why warts grow. Ordinary warts have white-gray color, sharp differentiation with healthy skin. They are dense, do not cause morbidity, look as small knots which tower over integuments. As a rule, such warts develop on a face, on back part of fingers and hands.

If treatment of ordinary warts is not undertaken timely, then after a while near a wart there are multiple white spots which are gradually passing into plaques of brown color. As a result, face warts will be able to become serious cosmetic defect for the person.

The bottom viral wart on foot develops in those places where on foot strongly presses footwear. Most often warts on a sole of foot develop at people who very strongly sweat. Such warts very dense, hypodermic, have a dirty-gray shade. When walking people feels severe pain. One more feature of such warts — the big sizes. They can increase from several millimeters to several centimeters.

Бородавки на теле человекаFlat warts call also youthful as they most often develop at teenagers and children. Flat warts at children have the rounded or irregular form, look as flat grayish zhelyte small knots which very quickly become the keratosic. Most often there are flat face warts, on sensitive sites of extremities. The reasons of emergence of this type of warts are often connected with injuries: juvenile warts develop on those places where there are cuts and scratches. Responses demonstrate that, applying ointment or other means, such warts it is possible to treat effectively. However the scheme how to treat juvenile warts, the doctor in an individual order has to define.

In most cases emergence of warts brings to the person discomfort only as a cosmetic shortcoming. Morbidity and inconvenience is noted at emergence of warts in places on which education constantly gives in to friction (fingers, feet). Can suffer from severe pain of people owing to emergence of bottom warts.

Warts and papillomas can be located on skin as groups, and one by one. It is necessary to understand accurately, than the wart differs from a birthmark. The main difference is an arrangement of a birthmark over skin while the wart is growth of an integument. There is also some other differences. The birthmark is an inborn education which does not disappear independently, the Wart — manifestation which defines a papilloma virus, can suddenly appear, and later disappear. If the person does not understand how to distinguish these educations, the specialist can help with it.

One more type of warts — sharp-pointed warts (condylomas). They look as small bubbles of reddish and pink color. Such educations expand very quickly, at growth in the basis of a wart the narrow leg forms. There are condylomas on the warm and humidified parts of a body, very often they affect external genitals of the person.

About what types of warts happen at the person and as to get rid of them, in more detail if necessary the dermatologist will consult.

Why there are warts?

Появление бородавок на телеThe reasons of warts on a body are connected with impact on a papilloma virus human body. Modern physicians know about 60 types of papillomaviruses with which origins of warts on palms, on a neck, on heels, etc. are connected.

When the virus of papilloma of the person gets to an organism, he begins to breed actively in skin. Infection with a virus occurs owing to contact with its carrier, when using objects which the infected person used earlier, at visit of public places.

After hit of a virus in an organism the incubation interval can proceed about half a year. The additional reason of emergence of warts — decrease in protective forces of an organism. Against decrease in immunity the virus of papilloma begins to breed intensively, and on skin warts develop. These educations can appear anywhere — on the head, in language, on the member. It can be both flat, and trailing educations. At children of a wart will be able to appear also owing to infection with a virus vnutriutrobno or in the course of childbirth.

Face warts at the people infected with a virus of papilloma of the person actively develop in the presence of some factors. The question how to clean face warts, often disturbs people who did not get used to watch personal hygiene carefully. Sometimes the person notes that there were small face warts, the ambassador of use of objects for individual use which other people used earlier (towels, hairbrushes, etc.). Some types of warts appear on places of cuts and scratches. Also face warts can develop at the people who got sick with a diabetes mellitus at pregnant women. At the same time it is necessary to distinguish accurately warts and birthmarks.

Quite it is clear why hand warts — the reason in the same virus of papilloma develop. If the virus infects skin of hands, and the person is accustomed to touch often the person, then emergence of warts in the person will be observed after a while. Considering how warts develop, it is not necessary to comb spots, to irritate places of cuts.

Бородавки у женщинFrom where hand warts undertake, sometimes it is possible to answer, having defined, as whom the person works. If occupation or a profession assumes irritation of skin of hands and frequent microtraumas, then the risk of development of warts increases. Emergence of warts on a body can be connected with work in cold, in too wet rooms, etc. For example, warts — not a rarity at the people who are engaged in cutting of meat. What to do if such factors take place, the person has to solve. However at the same time it is necessary to consider that sometimes it is difficult to get rid of multiple warts. Therefore it is better to think of how to prevent their emergence.

During pregnancy emergence of warts in the women infected with a papilloma virus is connected with deterioration in immunity and the general changes in an organism. Future mother who had warts needs to tell about it to the doctor to prevent infection with a virus of papilloma of the person of future kid.

Warts standing at children and adults most often develop after contact with a surface which was infected. On a sole of legs such educations quite often appear after visit of the pool or a sauna where the person walked on a floor the tramp. On leg foot often there are cracks and small grazes through which the virus gets to an organism. Besides wet skin is injured easier, and as a result of after a while people notes that on a leg the wart or at once several such educations developed. Warts can develop not only on a leg, but also between legs, especially if on these places there are attritions or injuries. Warts on a sole which emergence is connected with close footwear, perspiration of legs, to the wrong approach to hygiene of legs are especially painful. It is important to know how the bottom wart looks timely to take all measures for treatment.

It is necessary to consider that decrease in immunity happens against stressful situations. Therefore the chronic stress is also considered the contributing factor to emergence of warts.

How to get rid of warts?

Удаление бородавокSometimes warts completely disappear without intervention of doctors. However you should not hope for such outcome. Besides the warts which disappeared suddenly can return in the same way, and after that also to extend further to other sites of integuments.

How to treat warts at children and adults, the specialist after carrying out survey and researches will in detail tell. It is important to define the reasons of emergence of warts to pick up those drugs or methods which will help to remove viral warts at small children or at adults. There are many traditional methods of treatment of warts. Ointments, a plaster, winterizing by liquid nitrogen, laser therapy are for this purpose used.

Very often the person has flat hand warts. In this case it is impossible to ignore a question of how to remove hand warts, these educations can increase both in sizes, and in quantities over time. Sometimes the person believes that if not to get rid of hand warts, then later they will independently disappear. Nevertheless, it occurs not always. Therefore at emergence on hands of warts it is necessary to consult with the doctor, to define the reasons of emergence and to begin treatment. Of course, the general reasons of warts on hands are papillomoirusa of the person which are not eliminated from an organism completely. But the doctor will help to define how to cure displays of an infection and also how to strengthen immunity that warts after disappearance did not develop again after a while. It is necessary to define also why warts develop and to eliminate influence of such factors.

To destroy outgrowths on skin, medicines, physical impact, and also folk remedies from warts are used. It is possible to get rid of hand warts by means of the local drugs possessing necrotizing properties. Also means for cryotherapy, keratolitik, and also antiviral drugs which increase protective forces of an organism are used. How to remove hand warts by means of use of liquid nitrogen or laser therapy, the specialist in clinic will explain. These methods allow to remove warts completely. To see result of their use, it is enough to consider a photo. After treatment was carried out, and warts disappeared, it is desirable to receive medical treatment for imunostimulyator and a vitamin complex.

Бородавки у пожилых людейIf there is toe wart, practically the same methods of treatment are applied. It is important to know precisely how finger wart or on foot as over time such education can provoke display of severe pains looks. It is better to take care of how to remove finger wart or on a sole right after the person finds it. However in practice occurs in a different way. The patient comes to the doctor with a question how to clean a wart between fingers, on a leg thumb, on foot, only when education already strongly hurts. In this case it is necessary not only to pick up treatment methods, but also to define those additional reasons which led to emergence of such education in the future to prevent emergence of warts. How to remove bottom warts and viral hand warts, there is a lot of information and in collections of national recipes. However national methods should be practiced only after approval of the doctor and under his constant control.

Actually, the question of how to remove bottom warts, is rather difficult. Responses demonstrate that even treatment of bottom warts by means of surgical intervention not always yields those results which are expected by the patient. Roots of such warts, regardless of the reason of their emergence, are located very deeply and to remove them very difficult.

As a rule, defining how to remove bottom warts at the patient, the doctor recommends to carry out removal by liquid nitrogen and removal by the laser of bottom warts. However, after carrying out laser influence on site where earlier there were warts, sometimes there are hems.

It is preferable to carry out removal of bottom warts at children by means of cryotherapy (influence by liquid nitrogen) as this procedure is the least painful. Sometimes removal of bottom warts requires several sessions of cryotherapy.

For treatment of bottom warts also ointments on the basis of salicylic acid are used. In certain cases the quite good effect can have treatment by national methods at the heart of which there is a celandine. Juice of a celandine can suppress process of growth of cells which were damaged by a virus. The simplest method — several times a day to grease warts with celandine juice.

Except a celandine in traditional medicine also other plants for treatment of warts are used. It is recommended to grease them with wormwood juice, to put a ginger root to the struck place, to rub warts with a fresh crude potato or juice of an aloe.

The special concern is caused by small warts on the member or on female generative organs. If on skin of the member or vulvar lips there were white warts, the person can suspect development of a venereal disease. It is necessary to see surely a doctor and to define the reasons of such manifestations, and only after that it is possible to tell precisely how to treat sexual warts. Most often warts on intimate places is a consequence of influence of a virus of papilloma of the person. Men have such penis warts, in particular, on a balanus. At women they can arise on vulvar lips, in a vagina.

To remove white intimate warts on generative organs, the same methods are used, as at treatment of other types of warts. Educations are removed by means of medicines, the laser — or electronic coagulation, cryotherapy. After this process correction of immunity of the person is surely carried out. The doctor as self-treatment in this case can lead to dangerous complications has to select the most effective method of treatment.

It is easy to prevent emergence of warts if to adhere to simple, but very important rules. Not to allow infection with a virus of papilloma of the person, it is necessary to have the arranged sex. It is important to follow accurately all rules of personal hygiene, whenever possible to avoid stressful situations, to take measures for immunity strengthening.

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