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  • Latin name: Branolind
  • Active ingredient: Balm Peruvian (Balsamum peruvianum)
  • Producer: Paul Hartmann of AG (Paul Hartmann AG), Germany


The bandage Branolind contains white vaseline, tsetomakrogol, glycerin monostearate, the hydrogenated fat, triglycerides.

Branolind with the Peruvian balm: the main substance – the Peruvian balm of 265 mg. Vaseline, triglycerides, the fat hydrogenated tsetomakrogol, glycerin monostearate as auxiliary components.

Release form

Sterile salve dressings of 7,5 by 10 cm and 10 by 20 cm in size, No. 30.

Pharmacological action

Antiseptic, wound healing.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


These are sterile bandages from coarse fabric, permeable for air and separated the wounds impregnated or neutral ointment weight without farm. drugs, or Peruvian balm. The hydrophobic ointment basis does not allow sticking to a wound and traumatization of granulations when bandagings. Change of a bandage is painless.

The Peruvian balm is a liquid of dark color of an oily consistence. Has antiseptic and antiedematous action, stimulates growth of granulations therefore the wound is quicker carried out and there is a formation of an epithelium.

Considerably the risk of formation of scars and hems after frostbites, burns and trophic ulcers decreases. At burns of a bandage it is necessary to use at all stages as they serve as protection against environment and under them burn crusts do not form. Important the fact that the bandage is elastic therefore it is easily modelled on wounds in unavailable places and with a difficult configuration. Bandages are hypoallergenic that allows to use them on sensitive skin.


It is not provided.

Indications to use

  • fixation of skin transplants;
  • decubituses of an initial stage;
  • state after removal of nails;
  • superficial wounds and grazes;
  • ulcers (trophic and diabetic);
  • avulsive wounds;
  • use in cosmetology and plastic surgery.

Branolind of N with the Peruvian balm has more expanded indications including in addition treatment of heavy burns, badly healing wounds and deep decubituses.


  • Existence of hypersensitivity to the making components;
  • treatment of the wounds complicated by necrotic process.

Side effects

Despite natural composition of the Peruvian balm cases of individual intolerance and emergence of an allergy meet. The dispeptic phenomena are possible.

Branolind, application instruction (Way and dosage)

It is necessary to open sterile packaging. The bandage is covered with protective paper and it needs to be cut out by the sizes of a wound surface, without removing paper. Then to remove a paper layer on the one hand and to apply a bandage a wound then it is necessary to remove protective paper on the other side of a bandage. The applied bandage is covered with the absorbing sterile fabric (bandage, a gauze) and fixed bandage or a plaster. Salve dressing is changed daily and in 2 days at burns.


It is not registered.


It was not studied.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

At a temperature up to 30 °C.

Period of validity

3 years.


Has no structural analogs. Bandages Voskopran, Dzhelonet, Soffra-tulle, Silkofiks, Kosmopor, Atrauman, Gidrokoll Fynn, Grassolin neutral, the Peruvian balm have similar effect.

About Branolinda

In certain phases of a wound process drugs which protect a wound surface from infection have to be used, activate exchange processes, stimulate a wound repair and improve blood supply. Bandages Branolind N who are in addition atraumatic have this effect — do not stick to a surface of a wound and do not damage the growing epithelium.

The unique composition of the Peruvian balm received from bark of a balsam tree provides antiseptic, antiinflammatory and antibacterial properties. Responses indicate high performance of these bandages at treatment of superficial and deep skin damages, besides, they provide analgesic effect for 50–70 hours. Many patients note that change of a bandage is painless.

  • "… Strongly scalded boiled water a leg. Advised to plaster Branolind. At me from a burn even of a trace did not remain! Everything began to live very quickly".
  • "… Very good bandage for trophic ulcers".
  • "… Well helps from burns, kills pain and quickly heals. At me stuck a little".
  • "… Really, this bandage well helps at burns and decubituses. Bought for the little son who a burn a hand, and for the lying grandmother".


  • Hartmann Branolind salve dressing 10kh20sm 30shtpaul HARTMANN AG
  • Hartmann Branolind salve dressing 7,5kh10sm 30shtpaul HARTMANN AG
  • Hartmann Branolind bandage ointment n 7,5kh10sm 30shtpaul HARTMANN AG
  • Hartmann Branolind bandage ointment n 10kh20sm 30shtpaul HARTMANN AG
  • Hartmann Branolind of N a bandage sterile with the Peruvian balm 10kh20sm No. 30 (4923462) PAUL HARTMANN AG

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  • Branolind N salve dressing No. 30 sterile 10kh20sm, Hartmann Paulgermaniya
  • Branolind salve dressing No. 30 sterile 10kh20sm, Hartmann Paulgermaniya
  • Branolind N salve dressing No. 30 sterile 7.5kh10sm, Hartmann Paulgermaniya
  • Branolind salve dressing No. 30 sterile 7.5kh10sm, Hartmann Paulgermaniya
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