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  • Latin name: Cerazette
  • ATH code: G03AC09
  • Active ingredient: Dezogestrel (Desogestrel)
  • Producer: ORGANON N.V. (Netherlands)


The main substance of drug – Dezogestrel. In addition Charozetta (Cerazette) contains the following additional components: macrogoal 400, silicon dioxide colloid anhydrous, lactoses monohydrate, povidone, gipromelloza, talc, alpha tocopherol, starch corn, stearic acid, titanium dioxide.

Release form

Medicine is issued in the form of biconvex tablets which are covered with a white film cover with an engraving of "ORGANON" with a five-pointed star on one party and "KV" over figure two – on another.

Pharmacological action

Progestagenny and contraceptive drug.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Charozetta is intended for peroral contraception. Effect of drug is caused by inhibition of an ovulation and a condensation of cervical slime.

The use of this means leads to reduction of concentration of oestradiol to indicators which are characteristic of an early follicular phase.

Medicine is quickly soaked up and will be transformed to an active metabolite etonogestret. At regular use the maximum plasma concentration is reached about 100 minutes later after the next tablet. Bioavailability about 70%.

Drug mainly contacts serum proteins (albumine, globulin).

Active agent is metabolized by means of a hydroxylation and dehydrogenation, being transformed to an active metabolite etonogestret through which sulphatic and glyukuronidny conjugates are formed.

Drug is removed mainly with urine and a stake in the form of free steroids and conjugates.

Indications to use

This means is applied to contraception. Some doctors also appoint it at endometriosis.


You should not take medicine at:

  • acute venous thromboembolic disorders;
  • hypersensitivity to its components;
  • the malignant new growths sensitive to sex hormones (diagnosed or suspected);
  • pregnancies;
  • heavy disturbances in work of a liver (even in the anamnesis);
  • vaginal bleedings of an unspecified etiology.

Side effects

Side effects at Charozetta's use can be the following: headache, bloody allocations, changes of mood, nausea, acne, painful feelings of mammary glands, changes of weight, amenorrhea, decrease in a libido.

Such manifestations as vaginitis, cysts of ovaries, alopecia, sensation of discomfort when using contact lenses, a dysmenorrhea, vomiting, fatigue are less widespread.

Such side effects as rash, knotty erythema and the small tortoiseshell are in rare instances recorded.

Application instruction of Charozetta (Way and dosage)

Medicine needs to be used on a tablet in day, without missing any reception. It is necessary to do it at the same time within 28 days in the order written on packaging. The instruction on Charozetta recommends to wash down tablets with necessary amount of liquid. From the following packaging it is necessary to start reception of tablets at once after previous ends.

If before hormonal contraceptive means were not applied, the application instruction of Charozetta provides the beginning of reception from the first day of a menstrual cycle. Though it is possible to begin a course and in 2-5 days, but in this case it is recommended to apply within the first week additional measures of protection from pregnancy.

Upon transition from the combined hormonal contraceptive drugs Charozetta's course begins next day after the end of reception of the previous means or in day of removal of a vaginal ring, transdermalny plaster. Additional contraception in this case is not necessary.

Upon transition with "mini-drank" to Charozett it is possible to accept in any day. If before the implant or gestagenvysvobozhdayushchy intrauterine system was used, the first tablet drug is used in day of their removal. At contraception in an injection form pass to Charozetta in day when the following injection had to be given. After abortion in the I trimester it is necessary to begin reception of this medicine immediately. Additional contraception in this case is not necessary.

After abortion in the II trimester the beginning of a rate of drug is possible only 21-28 days later, and also in 6 weeks after the delivery. If Charozetta's use began later, within the first week additional measures are necessary for reliable contraception. At the same time pregnancy has to be excluded.

If reception of a tablet is missed less than for 12 hours, it needs to be accepted at once as soon as it is possible, the following reception takes place in usual time. If reception of a tablet is missed more than for 12 hours, it is necessary to accept it at once as soon as it is possible, but at the same time within the next week to use additional methods for reliable contraception.

At frustration from a gastrointestinal tract it is also best of all to use additional methods of protection from pregnancy.


At the raised doses nausea, insignificant vaginal bleeding, vomiting can develop. Symptomatic treatment.


Researches on interaction of drug with other means were not conducted. However on the basis of pilot supervision it is known that at a combination to hydantoins, Carbamazepine, Okskarbazepin, Troglitazon, Griseofulvin, barbiturates, Rifampicin, Rifabutin and Felbamat emergence of vaginal bleedings and reduction of efficiency of contraceptive action is possible. One of drugs in this case needs to be cancelled. If it is impossible, it is necessary to use an additional method of protection from pregnancy throughout all course of treatment one of the specified means and within a week after its end. And at Rifamptsin's reception and within 28 days after the last use.

When using the drugs inducing liver enzymes it is better to refuse the use of tablets of Charozetta and to pass to non-hormonal methods of protection from undesirable pregnancy.

Reception of absorbent carbon can reduce effect of drug. So at such combination it is recommended to resort to additional contraception.

Terms of sale

This means is released only according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Medicine needs to be held in the unavailable to children, protected from hit of sunshine and dry place. Optimum temperature – 2-30 °C.

Period of validity

It is necessary to store drug not longer than 3 years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

For those who look for Charozetta's analogs specialists recommend Laktinet.

About Charozetta

Contraceptive tablets of Charozett at forums receive comments the most different. In the majority, however, opinions positive. Negatively only those for whom reception of this means did not do without side effects speak (mainly a set of weight and failures of a menstrual cycle). About Charozetta when breastfeeding also, as a rule, positive. Only in some exceptional cases of the woman noted reduction of amount of milk. Responses of doctors confirms efficiency of this drug too. Especially often it is appointed after the delivery as it is not contraindicated at a lactation.


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