Frequent urination

The frequent urination is defined if at the person this process happens to bigger frequency, than usually.

How the frequent urination is shown?

Formation of urine in a human body happens owing to functioning of kidneys. In a normality urine transparent, it is emitted every day from 1 to 1,8 liter. Process of an urination in an organism is controlled by both the central, and peripheral nervous systems. Small children learn to control this process gradually, aged from 2 till 5 flyings.

The frequent urination without pain is expressed by requirement to empty a bladder many times in day. Sometimes the urination several times occurs at the person and during the night period. This phenomenon in medicine is defined as a nocturia.

A small amount of the emitted urine is characteristic of this phenomenon: sometimes at a frequent urination it is allocated on only several drops. In certain cases at a frequent urination of people can feel pain. At the speeded-up release of urine of people can visit a toilet to 20 times a day.

Very frequent urination can be considered as absolutely normal phenomenon if the person drinks a large amount of liquid. In this case frequent desires to an urination are followed by allocation of the amount of urine adequate to volume of the drunk liquid. At the same time the frequent urination at girls and men at which in days more than 3 l of urine are allocated, is defined as a polyuria. This phenomenon can sometimes be a consequence of reception of a large number of coffee, alcoholic beverages. But nevertheless the frequent urodynia demonstrates that in an organism the serious illness develops. In certain cases this symptom is an alarming sign even if the speeded-up urination occurs without pain.

The polyuria is often shown as a painful frequent urination at women and men. At the same time the plentiful urination can be also followed by discomfort which is shown in a bladder. Strong burning at women, unpleasant feeling at men is often noted. You should not confuse signs of a frequent urination to an urine incontience, so far as concerns effects of involuntary work of a bladder. Nevertheless, the polyuria sometimes takes place in parallel with an urine incontience. The similar phenomenon can be observed even at night at women and men, mainly elderly. Therefore if the patient complains of very frequent urination, the doctor initially has to learn, painful or painless this phenomenon, and also define whether the night frequent urination takes place (niktoruya). Depending on features of this symptom, and also from why it is shown, the doctor defines, than to treat such state.

To define gravity of disturbances of an urination which initially the person considers insignificant he has to understand, first of all, whether they influence his quality of life in general.

It is very important to see at once a doctor and to begin treatment of a frequent urination if the symptom is followed by a dorsodynia, a fever, weakness, nausea. Have to guard also allocations from generative organs and urine opacification.

Why the frequent urination is shown?

Обильное питье - основная причина частого мочеиспусканияThe frequent urination is a consequence of irritation of an urethra and neck of a bladder. The frequent urination at men and is most often shown at night owing to infectious illnesses of urinary tract in the afternoon. Under the influence of an infection which annoyingly influences urinogenital system in general there is a painful plentiful urination, continuous burning and discomfort is felt. Very frequent night urination at infectious diseases is noted not only at elderly men. Such symptoms take place regardless of the place where the infection is localized. It can be infectious damage of a bladder, urethra, kidneys, prostates, etc. Therefore prevention of these diseases is an important condition of good health at any age.

Plentiful and frequent release of urine is observed at the people having a chronic renal failure. At this illness the renal failure is noted. This symptom is shown also at not diabetes mellitus owing to which in an organism functions of neuroendocrinal system are broken. Active loss of liquid results that leads to constant thirst. However, the diabetes mellitus can be the reason of a frequent urination at night and in the afternoon also. Manifestation of a frequent day and night urination is considered one of important symptoms of this disease of which strong thirst, the increased appetite, weakness is also characteristic. At girls at diabetes generative organs often inflame.

Desires on a frequent urination and can be shown at night as a result of a so-called "bear illness" in the afternoon, that is in view of strong nervousness or a stressful situation. Business is in that, in a human body at a severe stress there are disturbances in work of a nervous system, as provokes too frequent desires. The similar phenomenon can be observed at people of any age. Often the stress provokes a frequent urination at young people, both at boys, and at girls.

Никтурия у женщинStones in a bladder or in kidneys which do not allow to empty a bladder completely can be the cause of the speeded-up campaigns in a toilet. As a rule, in the presence of stones the speeded-up urination mainly is observed in the afternoon, and at night, at rest, does not feel desires of people.

At men frequent desires can be connected with a tumor or increase in a prostate. The increased prostate can interfere with normal passing of urine and put pressure upon an urethra.

Also this symptom is shown if the person accepts some medicines which have diuretic effect. Alcohol has a diuretic influence, and also at kofeinosoderzhashchy drinks. At neurosises at the patient night the urination is absent, and very frequent desires are observed in the afternoon.

Very frequent urination during pregnancy is absolutely normal phenomenon for the woman at incubation of the kid. Such symptom in this case — a consequence of sharp changes of a hormonal background, and also constantly increasing pressure of the growing uterus upon internals of the woman.

The speeded-up desires in a toilet and a nocturia — the characteristic phenomena for a climacteric at the woman. Basic reasons of a nocturia in this case — disturbances of functions of ovaries which happen during a menopause. Nocturia symptoms at a menopause are one of signs of age changes. By estimates of physicians, this symptom during this period is observed approximately at 40% of women. Nevertheless, a nocturia at women in a climacteric it becomes frequent the factor significantly influencing quality of life, bringing both physiological, and psychological discomfort. In that case it is necessary to tell about the problems to the doctor who can appoint a symptomatic treatment of a nocturia.

Desires on an urination can also demonstrate at night gradual aging of an organism. And if the nocturia at children, most likely, is a symptom of disturbance of work of kidneys, then at elderly people this phenomenon — a symptom of natural aging.

Children can also have various reasons of a frequent urination. First of all, the painless frequent urination at the child can occur owing to changes in his food allowance, a strong nervous tension. However it is not excluded that this symptom at the child is a consequence of development of serious diseases — a diabetes mellitus, infections. Therefore you should not give to the kid of medicine at all or to use any folk remedies, without having consulted to the doctor. Treatment is appointed only after exact definition of the diagnosis.

How to get rid of a frequent urination?

Частое мочеиспускание у женщинIt is initially necessary to establish surely the reason for which at the person this symptom is shown. In the course of establishment of the diagnosis the doctor shall establish all features of this phenomenon at the patient. This existence of the accompanying symptoms, amount of the drunk liquid, reception of medicines, etc. Further analyses and researches which are appointed by the specialist are carried out.

Further therapy is carried out depending on the found reasons of a frequent urination. At a diabetes mellitus the constant control and reduction to norm sugar level in blood of the person is important. Existence of infectious diseases assumes a course of treatment antibiotics.

At prostate diseases at men administration of drugs, having fortifying influence, and also the means promoting a rassasyvaniye of congestive zones is appointed. Sessions of massage of a prostate are appointed. It is always important to remember methods of prevention of prostatitis — physical activity, lack of overcooling.

In the presence of stones in kidneys it is important to establish correctly the diagnosis and to define the nature of the formed stones. Proceeding from specific features of a disease, the doctor makes the decision on a way of treatment of an urolithiasis.

Besides, if necessary the doctor can cardinally advise to reconsider a food allowance to reduce quantity of the products and drinks provoking more frequent urination. You should not drink a large amount of liquid before going to bed.

In certain cases a good measure of prevention are Kegel's exercises by means of which it is possible to strengthen considerably muscles of an urethra, a basin, a bladder. Such exercises need to be made daily on several tens times.

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