What can products be useful?

In a pursuit of magic elixirs we forget about folk remedies which in the millennia the mankind used. For a long time beauties applied various natural products to preservation of the beauty. Bathings in milk with honey and addition of essential oils were very popular. Essential oils positively affect skin, mood of the person. The nature gives us means against aging of skin, obesity and cellulitis. Helps with fight against problems of hair, such as baldness or dandruff. The nature gives all necessary for our body, it is only necessary to learn to use it correctly.

What can products be useful?


This ideal cosmetic for tired, "gray" skin. Honey contains such nutrients as fructose and glucose, mineral substances, enzymes, vitamins (In, C, A, D and E), and also organic acids and essential oils. This sweet gift of bees nourishes our skin, gives energy and removes irritations, accelerates healing of epidermis. The positive effect is supported by the necessary level of humidity of skin, improves its elasticity. Honey softens and smoothes skin, improves outward, being the real rough skin balm.


Contains proteins, vitamins (And, In and E), fats and other valuable elements, such as calcium. Milk regenerates skin, neutralizes free radicals, and finally slows down process of aging of skin. It also incorporates lactic acid which works as a peeling, at the same time feeds, softens, protects and strengthens skin. Milk stimulates production of collagen, is also used for care of hair, improving their growth and preventing emergence of the splitting ends.

Green tea

Extract from young leaves of tea is a natural source of vitamins (R, To, With, groups B) and minerals, and also flavonoids, important for preservation of youth. Green tea contains tannins which are natural antioxidants in fight against free radicals.


Perfectly regenerates skin, thanks to protein content, B12 vitamin and minerals. The yolk nourishes skin, and protein is cleaned and pulls together pores.

Almonds and nuts

They help to remove dead skin and feed it. Contain a large amount of vitamins (E, groups B), protein and mineral substances.


Prevents emergence of wrinkles, thanks to vitamins (And, With and E) which fight with free radicals, improve a metabolism of cells of skin. It is also known for the bleaching properties.


It is a well of cellulose, vitamins and enzymes. Masks from the made potatoes without salt calm and smooth skin.


The mucous membrane contains substances which form a pellicle on skin, protects it from irritation. Because of antiinflammatory properties extract of oats is useful to sensitive skin.


It is called a youth elixir. Contains beta carotene which blocks emergence of wrinkles, and, thanks to antioxidants, eliminates free radicals. Also carrots protect skin from harmful effects of UVA and prevent dehydration. Beta carotene exerts impact on our hair — prevents their fragility and regulates secretory function of skin, and also stimulates growth of hair. Carrots contain iron, zinc, calcium which soften and smooth skin.


Cucumbers contain mineral salts, organic acids, sugar and vitamins (With, And, In, E). Their positive effect is also connected with the raised sulfur content, solid particles of membranes and enzymes. Are characterized by the high content of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and magnesium. Juice of a cucumber calms and softens skin, humidifies, tones up and refreshes. It is especially recommended for people with the fat skin inclined to emergence of spots.


It possesses properties antibacterial and antiseptic. Ideally clarifies, clears and refreshes skin, smoothes wrinkles, eliminates cellulitis. It is rich with vitamin C which stimulates cells to life and stimulates production of collagen. Lemon juice acid, after cultivation by water can be used as tonic, recovering balance rn, pulls together a time. Thus, is suitable, generally for care of fat skin. The lemon is applied at care of hair: gloss adds gloss to hair and clarifies hair, doing their hair smooth.

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