Fourth month of pregnancy

At this stage the placenta is already considered created. What is characteristic, the fruit already begins to move, it has an indumentum, eyes open, and, in turn in addition to deglutitory also the sucking reflex appears. The body of a fruit begins to grow much quicker than the head, forming of fingers on extremities enters the completing phase, and on fingers the print begins to appear inherent only to them. Though to a fruit there are visible changes, alone unaided in a womb it will not be able to survive. The fourth month of pregnancy can be characterized as a turning point in fetation in a womb.

Separately, it is necessary to pay attention to what at this moment is tested by the pregnant woman and what problems at her can arise.

Characteristic changes of the fourth month of pregnancy in an organism of future mother are shown as follows. First of all, the pregnant woman becomes weaker, perhaps, desires to an urination will become more rare. From problems which touch a digestive tract it is possible to note abdominal distention, frequent locks, and a possible eructation.

Also the fact that there will be frequent nausea, dizziness, and the increased appetite is not excluded. The emotional state will be unstable. Frequent change of mood, change of flavoring preferences, an unstable nervous state are characteristic. Emergence in pregnant alarm which will be connected with the child, future is possible, and how there will take place childbirth.

It is regularly recommended to undergo testing of arterial pressure for the reason that it that it can become unstable, high will be replaced low, and changes at each check can testify to possible problems.

Too it is necessary to watch closely weight. If from the twelfth to the twenty sixth week weekly addition of weight is equal to one and a half kilograms, accumulation of liquid in an organism is obvious. Strong indications of it are hypostases which are shown on all body.

Pregnancy on the fourth month can proceed difficult both for future mother, and for the child. Therefore it is regularly recommended to visit the doctor to avoid any negative effects. Unfortunately at this stage at most of women serious nervous breakdowns, with possible harmful effects begin.

Pregnancy and outward of the woman

Четвертый месяц беременностиAs for influence of pregnancy on outward, it really affects it substantially, and on the fourth month it becomes gradually noticeable. Emergence on skin of spots of pigmentatsionny character is possible. Hair can become fragile. Nasal bleedings are not excluded. Also gingivas can begin to bleed.

Manifestation of similar external problems is a basic reason a surplus of women's hormone in an organism in parallel with which the organism suffers an acute shortage of vitamins. It shows that pregnancy proceeds with some aberrations. These symptoms can will be shown also in a puerperal period. Advise pregnant women in such cases to accept the corresponding special vitamins which the specialist in results of survey and analyses has to appoint.

It is possible to tell the following about a fruit. In spite of the fact that it makes the first movements on the seventh week, on the present its mobility become noticeable from the fourteenth to the twenty sixth week. Everything depends on how pregnancy proceeds, and from many individual factors which, as we know, at each pregnant woman will be expressed on the.

Sex on the fourth month of pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is not forbidden. The fourth month of pregnancy does not exclude possible sexual contacts, but also too frequent sex is not recommended too. Specialists strongly recommend to be in case of sexual intercourse of the pregnant woman or in situation from above, or lying on one side.

At the same time it is necessary to remember that sex during pregnancy can be contraindicated during any period in case of a number of symptoms. It is possible to carry situations to number of those if from a genitalia of the woman bleed if the placenta is located below norm or if the husband suffers from any infectious diseases, sexually transmitted. In the period of the third trimester sex is also contraindicated if pregnancy is polycarpous.

Problems with a dream

Practically on any term problems with a dream are not excluded. Partly it is caused by the fact that future mother cannot accept a pose, rather comfortable for a dream, in any way. Of course, timely preparation for pregnancy warns about it, but all the same sleeplessness is one of the most frequent satellites of incubation of the child.

It is inconvenient to sleep on a stomach not only, but also it is harmful, and when lying on spin perhaps wrong functioning of the lower sexual vein can. Therefore it is recommended to sleep lying on one side, at the same time the pregnant woman has to clamp a pillow between legs. Such way of a dream not only improves blood circulation, but also increases operability of some bodies.

Other changes of the fourth month

Четвертый месяц беременностиFor any pregnant woman the movement of a fruit will be considered at least as a joyful event. The fact that the fruit moves demonstrates that future child begins to realize himself, and learns to move. As we already spoke, pregnancy on the fourth month will be characterized by the fact that the movements of the child will become more notable. Also the movements of a fruit during the period from the fourteenth to the twenty sixth week demonstrate that pregnancy proceeds normally. At the same time, if the pregnant woman resides in the movement, then work of any actions lull the child in a womb, and he will not be too often moves. If future mother has constantly a rest, then the child will quietly not behave, and will be awake more often.

Let's not forget that if the pregnant woman is engaged in something, she will not pay attention to small pushes as her attention will be concentrated on operation which it performs. Most of doctors make the recommendation to count the movements of the child since twenty eighth week. At the same time considering that in the afternoon the child is less active, and in the late afternoon on the contrary - has an effect. The norm is considered if the child makes about ten movements within one hour.

Changes of the fourth month of pregnancy affect also dimensions of future mother. To feel more comfortably, the pregnant woman should put on special tights, or overalls with braces, on a jeans basis. It not only will present feeling of comfort, but also will exclude displacement of any vessels, or veins that will also positively affect on health. Purchase of elastic tights will relieve of negative effects in the future such, such as a varicosity, hypostases of legs, feet, or overlapping and displacement of arteries and venous expansions. If the pregnant woman too often has spasms, doctors recommend to use vitamin C, to spend barefoot more time, standing on a cool surface, and activity in turn has to alternate with rest. However, if hypostases do not fall down, it is recommended immediately will see a doctor, in order to avoid the fact that veins will inflame (that also is possible at pregnancy).

It is necessary to see a doctor also in case of manifestation of any abdominal pains, allocations from a genital tract if process of an urination will be is followed by pain or if on hands, or legs hypostases were formed, and at certain cases of a problem with an urination can let know that the pregnant woman has an asymptomatic bacteriuria. Anyway, it is regularly recommended to be followed up by a doctor in order that the symptoms described above did not arise in general, and fetation passed normally.

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