Purely progestinovy contraceptives

Purely progestinovy contraceptives are one of types of hormonal oral contraceptives. As a part of such tablets there is the only component – progestinovy. In abbreviated form such contraceptives call ChPK.

They contain rather low dose of hormones – about 30 mkg. Packaging of such tablets contains 28 or 35 tablets.

Choosing the protection method suitable for itself from undesirable conception, the woman has to consult surely with the doctor. It is especially important to get a professional advice if it is about hormonal drugs as there is a number of contraindications for their use. Therefore very often women to whom for certain reasons reception of the combined oral contraceptives is contraindicated, choose according to the recommendation of the doctor of ChPK.

Progestinovy contraceptives contain only the progestin which is analog of hormone of progesterone. This hormone is produced in ovaries. Tablets contain very small doses of hormone — 300–500 mkg. ChPK is considered to be as less well-tried remedy of protection, than the COOK as the combined oral means contain analogs of estrogen and progesterone in higher doses. But at the same time progestinovy drugs influence a female organism much more softly.

To whom are progestinovy contraceptives shown?

Taking into account the features of this kind of contraceptives stated above they are recommended to be applied to women to whom are contraindicated the COOK.

So-called mini-drank it is recommended to use for the purpose of protection to women who feed the child with breast milk as drug does not influence its structure and tastes.

Прогестиновые таблеткиProgestinovy tablets are shown also to women who suffer from cardiovascular diseases at which the strengthened intravascular blood coagulation is noted. Reception the COOK in that case is not allowed as they increase intensity of a blood coagulation and increase risk of emergence of blood clots in vessels.

Doctors recommend to choose ChPK to those women who smoke, and their age at the same time is more senior than 35 years. The matter is that reception the COOK and simultaneous influence on an organism of nicotine can activate process of formation of blood clots in vessels.

Today the group of purely progestinovy oral contraceptives includes the following drugs: Ekslyuton, Kontinuin, Ovret, Micronorum, Charozetta, Primolyut-Nor, Mikrolyut.

Influence mechanism

Drugs of this group influence the woman's organism differently, than the COOK. They suppress an ovulation. Therefore, during reception of ChPK at the woman the monthly cycle does not change and there are periods.

At reception mini-saw there is a change of quality of slime of a neck of uterus. Under the influence of ChPK its consistence becomes more dense. It is a barrier to spermatozoa which, thus, do not meet an ovum. But if this barrier nevertheless does not work, and there is a fertilization of an ovum a spermatozoon, then the second mechanism of protection against pregnancy works already. Progestinovy activity promotes also change of a mucous membrane of a uterus therefore the embryo attachment in such conditions is impossible. Also under the influence of mini-saw the peristaltics of uterine tubes is slowed down that interferes with hit of an ovum in a cavity of the uterus.

If to compare efficiency of this method of protection with the COOK, then progestinovy contraceptives render lower contraceptive effect — 95%. At the same time efficiency the COOK makes 99%.

How to accept?

Прогестиновые препаратыFeature of this type of contraceptives such is that their efficiency of influence directly depends on exact following to a route of administration. It is necessary to take such pill every day, and, at the same time. The woman has to take a pill, despite existence or lack of bloody allocations in days of periods. It is desirable to drink a tablet during the period ot18 till 19 o'clock, the maximum effect appears approximately in 4-5 hours after the use of a tablet, and sexual contacts, as a rule, happen in evening and night time. However and at sexual intercourses in other time of day the effect of protection remains.

In the period of a lactation use of ChPK is justified. The matter is that when feeding suppression of an ovulation happens a breast, and the so-called lactic amenorrhea is observed. But before menstrual allocations will begin, the follicle can ripen and, respectively, there is an ovulation. Thus, the woman can become pregnant prior to the beginning of periods. So it is recommended to use contraceptives and during breastfeeding. Mini-saw approach for this purpose most optimum. But nevertheless after the end of the period of feeding and resuming of a full-fledged monthly cycle it is desirable for women to pass with a breast to reception the COOK.

Reception mini-was drunk the woman has to begin in the first day of a monthly cycle. After the child's birth reception of progestinovy contraceptives begins in six weeks of day of childbirth. After carrying out abortion mini-saw accept at once.


Чисто прогестиновые контрацептивыAs advantages of such method of contraception it should be noted rather high performance of contraceptive effect, absence as a part of synthetic analogs of estrogen, lack of a negative impact on process of a lactation, fast achievement of effect, lack of communication with sexual contact. Besides, these tablets do not cause in the woman of discomfort in the form of headaches and nausea, and also do not become the reason of increase of pressure at the women inclined to a hypertension. At reception of ChPK there is no risk of display of thromboses and other disturbances in the course of blood circulation. These drugs do not exert a negative impact on a psychological state unlike the COOK. Seldom or never their reception can provoke a depression. Use of these contraceptives also does not affect sexual desire of the woman.

Except the specified advantages at reception of progestinovy drugs the woman notes reduction of pain in days of periods. Mini-saw can render a certain therapeutic effect in the presence at the woman of diseases of inflammatory character of bodies of a small pelvis. Unlike the combined oral contraceptives such drugs can be used in the course of preparation for surgical interventions.

Accepting mini-saw, the woman can expect that her ability to conceive after the end of reception of tablets will be recovered very quickly. After the termination use of tablets the woman can become pregnant in a month after acceptance of the last dose of ChPK.


But except the specified advantages there are also some essential shortcomings which women note when using progestinovy drugs. Need of observance of very exact mode of reception of tablets is very inconvenient for some women. Therefore, mini-saw categorically do not suit those it is difficult to whom to organize the time. As a shortcoming it is possible to note also lower performance in comparison with efficiency the COOK.

During reception mini-some women drank note that they can put on weight. At the same time there are cases of loss of body weight.

At use of this method of contraception absolutely there is no adequate protection against infection with diseases which are transmitted sexually, and also AIDS. The contraceptive effect can decrease if ChPK are accepted in parallel with the drugs having anticonvulsant influence and also with means against tuberculosis.

Side effects

Чисто прогестиновые контрацептивыDuring reception of purely progestinovy contraceptives at the woman the menstrual cycle sometimes changes that can be expressed both in an amenorrhea, and in increase in bloody allocations. At the same time in most cases to cancel drug there is no need. Approximately one month later such side effects disappear independently. Also at reception mini-saw the risk of formation of cysts of ovaries increases. After drug is cancelled, the cyst in several months disappears without treatment.

At reception of ChPK at the woman the milkwoman can become aggravated if the favor to candidiasis takes place. At patients with a diabetes mellitus sometimes when using kotratseptiv of this group nausea, dizziness, weakness which independently stop approximately in a month without drug withdrawal is shown.

Increase in amount of the emitted skin fat, in more exceptional cases – emergence of an acne is sometimes possible.

In the first days of reception mini-saw the woman can note that sensitivity of mammary glands increased. Drug withdrawal is not required, the symptom disappears independently.

Sometimes strong sensitivity to influence of an ultraviolet develops that leads to emergence of a nevus pigmentosus. At such phenomenon in the first months of reception of tablets doctors recommend not to acquire a tan and not to visit a sunbed.

Except the specified side effects at the woman legs can swell, in rare instances – to increase growth of hair on a body.

Drug is cancelled only in volume cases if at the woman long bleeding with plentiful allocations is noted. Also cancellation is reasonable if the by-effects stated above do not stop longer, than 2-3 months.

Who cannot apply progestinovy contraceptives?

Чисто прогестиновые контрацептивыReception of purely progestinovy contraceptives by women for which the oncological disease of a mammary gland, cirrhosis, liver tumors is diagnosed is not allowed. It is impossible to accept mini-saw at hepatitis in an active stage, bleedings from generative organs, at damages of a brain and cardiovascular system, at epilepsy, serious illnesses of kidneys. It is impossible to use at the same time drugs with anticonvulsant influence.

Correctly to choose drug, and also to define existence of contraindications, the woman has to consult with the gynecologist. Before the final choice of drug it is necessary to pass ultrasonic research of bodies of a small pelvis to exclude pregnancy. Survey of the gynecologist and the analysis of the taken smears for the purpose of an exception of oncological pathologies and definition of microflora is also necessary.

Features of progestinovy contraceptives

Use of progestinovy contraceptives is recommended to women of reproductive age, and also those who stays in the remenopause period. Also ChPK are shown to nursing mothers at whom regular sex life is noted; to those women who gave birth to the child recently, but refused breastfeeding; to women to whom abortion was made; to women who smoke; that who has a hypertension or disturbance of coagulability of blood.

When using mini-saw to women it is necessary to make everything to avoid breaks in reception of tablets. The woman has to build for herself a certain scheme of reception of tablets and a reminder on this action. If the pill was not taken in time (there passed more than three hours after time in which it was necessary to take a pill), then for seven days the woman has to apply an additional method of contraception. Similar actions are necessary if after reception of a tablet for two hours vomiting or a diarrhea took place.

At manifestation of some symptoms at the women using as a method of contraception mini-saw, the address to the gynecologist is required. Such symptom are too plentiful or long monthly (approximately is twice more, than in a usual situation). In the absence of periods after several regular cycles the woman needs survey from the gynecologist to exclude pregnancy. It is also important to exclude an extrauterine pregnancy if at the woman periodic pains in the bottom of a stomach are shown.

At disturbance of a regularity of reception mini-saw owing to which the woman became pregnant, it is necessary to stop administration of drug. Pregnancy is not required to be interrupted as tablets of this type contain the small dose of hormone which is not influencing a fruit negatively. Conducting pregnancy happens in the usual mode.

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