What future mother can drink?

Many specialists speak about what can eat during pregnancy, but give attention to a liquid use problem very little. Future mother needs to drink every day to two liters of liquid, and in hot days — in addition one more liter. In number of the consumed liquid it is necessary to consider also soups, vegetables and fruit, generally, everything that contains though a little reviver.

What future mother can drink?


Still water one of the best drinks for the pregnant woman. Before buying water it is desirable to examine the maintenance of a label. Very popular to become spring water which is intended for babies and future mothers. Such water is suitable for children, contains a small amount of minerals and does not complicate work of kidneys. It is worth to remember that the pregnant woman needs the increased amount of mineral salts — potassium, magnesium, etc. Therefore choose water highly or srednemineralizirovanny, such water will perfectly satisfy thirst and will fill an organism with useful minerals.

Fresh juice
Give preference to vegetable juice which contains less sugar, than fruit. Freshly squeezed juice is rich with minerals and vitamins, so necessary for future mothers. For example, tomato juice contains a lot of potassium, and orange and grapefruit contains vitamin C which improves digestion of iron. It is better to drink juice since morning, or in 2 hours after food.

Что можно пить будущей матери во время жары?Milk drinks
Milk, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir contain calcium for the correct development of the child. Include milk drinks in the menu, you can add seeds to them Lena which are rich with an omega 3 and cellulose. Such milkshake will present a charge of cheerfulness not only to you, but also future kid.


Sparkling table water
Helps some pregnant women at toxicosis at initial stages. On "big" terms — it is categorically contraindicated.

To pregnant women the use of caffeine which contains not only in coffee, but also in tea, chocolate and Coca-Cola is better to avoid. It interferes with digestion of calcium and iron in an organism, strengthens heartburn.

Fruit drinks
Refuse sweet purchased drinks as they contain dyes, sugar, preservatives – these components bring potassium, calcium and magnesium out of an organism. You can cook house compotes without sugar addition.

Herbal tea
At toxicosis ginger tea with a lemon and honey helps. And mint tea neutralizes nausea.

It is forbidden:

Alcohol influences health of future child, is capable to get through a placenta and to poison a small organism. The use of such drinks can lead to mutations of a fruit and alcoholism.

Energy drinks
It is not known what influence of substances in these drinks on the developing fruit. Usually contain a large amount of caffeine that during pregnancy is undesirable.

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