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  • Latin name: D-Panthenol
  • ATH code: D03AX03
  • Active ingredient: Dekspantenol (Dexpanthenol)
  • Producer: JSC Yadran Galensky Laboratory (Croatia), Stada Arzneimittel (Germany), LLC Nizhpharm (Russia)


Ointment D-panthenol for external use — dekspantenol, lanolin, fenonip, beeswax, paraffin white, emulsifier, dietetics, propylene glycol, butylhydroxyanisole, decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, butylhydroxytoluene, protegin In, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, the purified water.
Cream D-panthenol of 5% for external use — dekspantenol, tsetearit oktanoat, a ketomacrogoal, methylparahydroxybenzoate, tsetanol, propylene glycol, dimetikon, glyceryl monostearate, propilparagidroksibenzoat, the purified water, fragrance.

Release form

Ointment of 5% of light yellow color with a lanolin smell for external use in an aluminum tuba on 25, 50 g in cardboard packaging.

Cream of 5% of white color, homogeneous, for external use, has about a specific smell in aluminum tubas 25 g in cardboard packaging.

Pharmacological action

Dermatoprotektivnoye, stimulating epithelization, regeneration.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Dekspantenol is derivative substance of pantothenic acid which belongs to vitamins of group B (water-soluble), being a part of a coenzyme of A. Igrayet an important role in exchange processes: splitting of fatty acids, release from energy carbohydrates, synthesis of sterols, acetylcholine, steroid hormones. Pantothenic acid supports functions of an epithelium, and in cases injury of skin or mucous it is noted raised needs for it. Drug stimulates process regeneration of skin, increases durability of collagenic fibers, normalizes a cellular metabolism, has insignificant antiinflammatory effect. Hydrophily, optimum molecular mass and a low-polarity of these drugs allow to get to active ingredient into all layers of skin. The excipients which are a part of ointment and cream improve a trophicity of skin and soften it.


Drug is quickly absorbed from a skin surface, and active ingredient contacts blood proteins (with albumine and beta globulin).

Indications to use

  • various disturbances of integrity of skin formed under the influence of mechanical, thermal and chemical factors (burns of various genesis, decubituses, grazes, scratches, superficial wounds, long beginning to live skin transplants);
  • aseptic postoperative wounds after surgical intervention;
  • furuncles, dermatitis, inflammatory processes on skin, trophic ulcers of extremities, inflammations and nipple cracks at nursing mothers, lower care of skin near trakheosty, kolosty, gastrostomies;
  •  children have scratches, a diaper dermatitis, irritations after ultraviolet radiation, for prevention and treatment of an intertrigo;
  • prevention and treatment of effects of impact on skin of various adverse environmental factors (humidity, wind, cold).


Hypersensitivity of the patient to drug.

Side effects

Drug is transferred by most of patients well. Side effects in the form of local allergic reactions (contact dermatitis, the small tortoiseshell, an itch, an erythema, eczema) meet extremely seldom.

Application instruction of D-panthenol (Way and dosage)

Ointment D-panthenol, application instruction: ointment is applied outwardly a thin layer on skin in the field of defeat, easily rubbing, 2–4 (if necessary — is more often) once a day. If the site of skin is infected, it is necessary to carry out its preliminary processing by an antiseptic agent. To the feeding women to grease a nipple with ointment after each feeding of the child. Ointment Depantenol can be applied also to children, including children about one year. The newborn ointment is applied after each hydrotherapeutic procedure or change of linen. Duration of use of ointment are defined by portability of drug and efficiency of treatment.

The instruction on cream D-panthenol: cream is applied outwardly to adults and children with a thin layer on skin in the field of defeat, easily rubbing, 2–4 (if necessary — is more often) once a day pass 2–4 times. If the site of skin is infected, it is necessary to carry out its preliminary processing by an antiseptic agent. In the presence of nipple cracks, Depantenol to apply cream to nursing mothers after each feeding of the child. For treatment of the injured mucous neck of uterus and cracks of proctal pass, pathologies 1-2 times a day are enough to grease affected areas.

It is necessary to remember, as De-Pantenol is not recommended to apply ointment and cream on the becoming wet wounds. All forms of drug are safe during pregnancy and feeding by a breast, both for mother, and for a fruit.


Depantenol possesses low system absorption, and overdose by drug is almost excluded. Theoretically, dyspepsia at reception in a significant amount of drug is possible.


Clinically expressed manifestations at simultaneous use of cream and ointment D-panthenol with other HP are not revealed. An exception is prolongation by D-panthenol of effect of Succinylcholine of chloride.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

At a temperature up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

Ointment period of validity — 2 years, cream — 1.5 years.


Structural analogs on the ATH code and active ingredient: Bepanten; Dekspantenol; Panthenol Pharmstandard; Korneregel; Pantenol-ratiofarm; Moreal-plus; Panthenol; Pantenolsprey; Pantoderm.

About D-panthenol

About ointment D-panthenol in overwhelming number of cases positive. "… Used D-panthenol from spots yesterday. There is even nothing to the touch, skin of pleasant color any more today. I was even frightened a little, hormonal drug can do it. I used them earlier and the effect was good, but to me recommended not to use hormonal means. I recommend". Many patients use ointment De-Pantenol at burns of skin and note high performance of this form of drug. But, nevertheless, from burns it is better to use cream depantenol or spray D-panthenol (it is correct — spray Panthenol), which well helps at insignificant thermal and solar ozhogoga.

About cream D-panthenol also good. "… for the first time I got acquainted with Depantenol when I scalded a hand. The neigbour spread a burn with cream and in three days I already about a burn and did not remember. The second time — at a hand cut. Unsuccessfully cut bread. And too cream perfectly helped. Healing this time lasted a little longer, but result good. Now cream depantenol took the place in my home first-aid kit".

Many patients are interested what form of drug is more effective: "from what it is better to use ointment and from what cream is better?". The choice of a form of medicine depends on character of skin of the damaged surface: higher percent of fat is a part of ointment and use of ointment depantenol is recommended at dry skin at the patient. Cream of fat does not contain and use of cream depantenol is recommended on open body parts and on wet wounds. Besides, cream d panthenol is easily rubbed and quickly soaked up therefore it is recommended to be used at insignificant burns, in particular — from sunblisters.

Also, many patients candles D-Pantol, however, interest some of them mistakenly look for drug at the request of "a candle depantenol" and do not find this dosage form. It is necessary to look for candles Depantol, but not Depantenol. This dosage form is widely applied in gynecology. Except a dekspantenol the hlorgekidina biglyukonat, possessing the expressed antimicrobic activity, and also dermatophytes, yeast and protozoa is its part. Has the antimicrobic, regenerating and metabolic effect.

Often on the Internet, discussing ointment D-panthenol for what it is better to use it, it is possible to meet recommendations to apply panthenol to hair. This is true as Panthenol extremely well influences hair of any type, recovering the damaged structure and feeding them. Panthenol prevents their fragility, dryness, stratification and section, increases head skin resilience to negative and disturbing factors, eliminates an itch, stimulates growth of hair. However, in this case, Panthenol is recommended to use not spray, and to accept drug inside in the form of capsules (Panthenol-40) which is appointed at loss, stratification and fragility of hair, dandruff, a growth disorder of hair, the raised producing excretion of sebaceous glands.


  • D-panthenol of 5% cream 50gao Yadran Galensky of Laboratories
  • D-panthenol of 5% ointment 50gao Yadran Galensky of Laboratories
  • D-panthenol of 5% ointment 25gao Yadran Galensky of Laboratories
  • D-panthenol of 5% cream 25gao Yadran Galensky of Laboratories
  • D-panthenol spray 200gao Yadran Galensky of Laboratories

Drugstore of IFC

  • Bella cotton pads No. 70 with ekstr. orange and T.Z.M.O.Россия d-panthenol
  • D-panthenol spray 200 of, Jadrankhorvatiya
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  • Cream children's with D-panthenol 100mlfitoprodukt (Ukraine)
  • Napkins vlazhn. Smile Baby D-panthenol No. 66KPD (Ukraine)
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