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  • Latin name: Dazolic
  • ATH code: P01AB03
  • Active ingredient: Ornidazol (Ornidazole)
  • Producer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (India)


Each tablet as compound components contains:

  • ornidazol (the main active agent of tablets Dazolik) – 0,5 mg;
  • starch;
  • microcrystallic cellulose (MKTs);
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • K90 polyvinylpirrolidone;
  • the purified talc;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • colloid silicon dioxide;
  • glycollate of starch of sodium of type A;
  • eudrazhit E-100;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • polyethyleneglycol 6000;
  • isopropyl alcohol;
  • acetone;
  • the purified water.

Release form

Biconvex tablets of a round form white or close to white colors. Each piece is covered with a cover and has characteristic to risk on one of the parties. Tablets are located in blisters from aluminum foil or PVC on 10 pieces everyone. Cardboard packaging contains 1 or 5 planimetric and cell plates.

Pharmacological action

Dazolik is an antibiotic of antiprotozoan character, that is the main pharmaceutical effect of drug is directed to destruction of microorganisms which concern to protozoa. In particular active components of medicine break structure of chains of deoxyribonucleic acid, the main carrier of genetic information necessary for normal life activity and reproduction at living cells. Antibiotic properties are effective for a wide range of microorganisms to which they belong:

  • Giardia lamblia (intestinal lyambliya);
  • Trichomonas vaginalis (vaginal trichomonad);
  • Entamoeba histolytica (dysenteric amoeba);
  • Clostridium perfringens (clostridium perfringens);
  • Bacteroides fragilis (bacteroids fragilis);
  • Fusobacterium nucleatum (fuzobakteriya of nucleoid or Plaut's stick).

It should be noted that the last three types of harmful microorganisms belong to anaerobic microflora, that is for normal life activity of such cells oxygen is not necessary. As a rule, these families cause especially heavy damages of deep structures of a human body which sometimes lead to gangrene as to the absolute therapeutic indication.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The basic making elements quickly enough and fully (bioavailability of medicine makes kind 90 percent) are absorbed from a digestive tract after oral administration. The maximum plasma concentration is reached in 1-2 hours, depending on individual indicators of a metabolism. Not less than 15 percent of biological substances of Dazolik contacts in blood her squirrels. In 13 hours after reception of tablets compound components are capable to get through a blood-brain barrier.

Antibiotic drug preferential by kidneys – about 60-70 percent of all products of an exchange is removed. 20-25 percent are allocated by means of fecal masses. 5 percent from the accepted dose are found in not changed look in urine and excrement.

Indications to use

  • trichomoniasis;
  • amebiasis (including as out of intestinal forms of a disease, for example, amoebic abscess of a liver, and dysentery);
  • lambliasis;
  • prevention of mephitic gangrenes (it is often used in a conservative phase of treatment at operations on a colon and in gynecology).


  • the hypersensitivity acquired or hereditary intolerance, idiosyncrasy in relation to compound components of drug;
  • the pregnancy periods (especially in the first trimester) and lactations (in particular breastfeeding);
  • organic pathologies of the central nervous system.

Side effects

During a course of medicamentous therapy by Dazolik the following undesirable effects can be observed:

Dazolik, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The application instruction of Dazolik differs with a dosage and the scheme of a course of treatment a little depending on primary disease against which conservative therapy is carried out by an antibiotic.

At a trichomoniasis use a dose in 500 mg two times a day (two tablets for 24 hours) within 5 days. In pediatric practice the amount of pharmaceutical drug is calculated proceeding from body weight – 25 mg/kg and take a pill of all of times a day.

At treatment of an amoebic infection the amount of medicine depends on a form of a course of a disease. So at the dysentery caused by Entamoeba histolytica a dosage makes 1,5 g/days for patients weighing about 35 kg and more. For patients with smaller body weight use 40 mg/kg daily in the form of one dose. Duration of such drug treatment makes 3 days.

If the amebiasis abenteric, then drug is accepted 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening, and the dosage depends on age:

  • children are more than 12 years old and the adult on 500 mg;
  • age category from 7 to 12 flyings – on 375 mg;
  • from 1 to 6 flyings – 250 mg;
  • the newborn till 1 year – 125 mg.

The course of such treatment has to proceed from 5 to 10 days, an exact framework is established by the attending physician depending on individual indicators throughout conservative therapy.

Lambliasis treat according to the following scheme – for an adult age category and in pediatric practice to patients weighing 35 kg and more – on 1,5 g twice a day. If the weight of the diseased is less than 35 kg, then as well as at therapy of a dysenteric amoeba, the dosage of drug makes 40 mg/kg once in day. Treatment duration – 1-2 days.

Preventive therapy of mephitic gangrenes is formed thus – 0,5-1 g once before operation (an exact dosage the operating surgeon from the corresponding indicators of an organism establishes), and further, after operation, on 500 mg 2 times a day for 3-5 days.


Symptoms of the increased concentration of active components in blood serum:

  • epileptiform spasms;
  • depression;
  • peripheral neuritis.

The specific antidote for drug Dazolik in pharmaceutical practice does not exist therefore at overdose by the active making components it is used symptomatic treatments. So, for example, to stop convulsive attacks Diazepam, the soothing pharmaceutical drug of the central type of action belonging to a benzodiazepine number of tranquilizers is used.


Dazolik considerably strengthens therapeutic effects of anticoagulants of a coumarinic row that can will be shown in the form of dot hemorrhages, hemorrhagic rash or purpura.

Ornidazol increases duration of myorelaxation action of Vekuroniya Bromid.

Terms of sale

Medicine belongs to the list B of the international register of pharmaceutical drugs as strong therefore in pharmaceutical booths it is released only according to the recipe certified by the attending physician.

Storage conditions

Dazolik it is necessary to save in the unavailable to children and protected from direct rays of light place at the room temperature (18-22 degrees Celsius), but no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

3-5 years.

Special instructions

At a trichomoniasis it is necessary to carry out conservative therapy of simultaneous both sexual partners as the vaginal trichomonad is given by means of sexual contact.

It is not necessary to break a drug regimen compliance at all and to independently reduce the course of conservative therapy ordered by the attending physician as well as in case of sanitation by any other antibiotic. Such actions can result in incompleteness of pharmaceutical effect of drug and development of resistance to Dazolik (and all group of antibiotics on the basis of an ornidazol) at harmful microorganisms that is fraught with grave consequences. So in case of amoebic dysentery stronger antibiotics which range of side effects are much wider, than at this medicine that will make medicamentous treatment more exhausting and long will be appointed.

Pharmaceutical drug considerably can influence coordination of movements and small motility, cause disturbances of consciousness therefore during conservative treatment it is necessary to refuse driving or others, potentially dangerous, mechanisms.

Dazolik's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Dazolik's analogs are not numerous, replace usually therapeutic effect of pharmaceutical drug at any contraindications to its use with the following antiprotozoan means: Ornisid or Avrazor.


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