Dehydration is a gradual dehydration of an organism, that is liquid loss by which the lethal outcome for the patient can be caused. Such process is observed when the body of the person loses waters more, than gets. Because the body of the person consists of water more than for 70% which is in cells, intercellular liquid, a lymph, blood and even in a brain, loss of liquid can turn back the most deplorable effects.

At first sight can seem to much of us that dehydration, and scientifically – dehydration, not such important process which should pay much attention. However today many people live in a condition of slight dehydration, without suspecting that in case of developing of any even not most serious disease their state can worsen considerably.

Conditionally dehydration can be divided into several types:

  • Easy – loss about 5% of water
  • Average – a lack of 5-10% of liquid
  • Heavy degree comes at shortage more than 10% of water
  • In case of loss of 20 and more percent of liquid, there comes the lethal outcome

Set of indispositions to which people even more often get used to close eyes, are often caused by shortage of water in an organism. It is possible to carry to them:

  • Headaches, dizzinesses
  • Low pressure
  • Deterioration in work of kidneys
  • Dryness in a mouth
  • Constant joint pain and muscles
  • Insufficiency of breath
  • Cardiovascular insufficiency
  • Frequent locks
  • Nausea
  • The increased pulse
  • Arthritis, etc.

In case of such problems with health before starting drug treatment, there is a sense to try to fill shortage of liquid in an organism. Remember that the person needs to drink in day from 1,5 to the 3,5th pure liters depending on exercise stresses, and temperature (the higher – the more water), in case of the increased arterial pressure the day norm makes chtst less — 1-1,5 liters.

Men usually need more water, than to women, it is connected, first of all, with bigger body weight.

Most likely, you heard the statement: "When you feel thirst, so the organism is already dehydrated". Let this phrase be also easy exaggeration, the considerable element of truth in it is. The set of signals exists in an organism, and thirst is one of them is a sign that liquid level in an organism is lower than norm, so, life is under the threat, let meanwhile and not big.

Health of an organism so strongly depends on the content in it of liquid that its shortcoming can turn back really serious effects:

Many people are perplexed why to drink a lot of water. Actually, except an exit together with urine, it is worth to remember that during breath the organism also loses a lot of liquid, without speaking already about sweat.

In the flying doctors recommend to use many vegetables and fruit not only because they contain a huge amount of vitamins, but also because they more than for 50% consist of water that provides an additional source of liquid, so necessary in the flying.

To define whether normal you have a liquid level in an organism, it is possible just to pay attention to urine. The normal fullness of a bladder – each 3,5-5 hours, urine has to be light. If intervals it is more, and color of urine – very saturated probably at you is observed dehydration.

The necessary volume of water should be drunk equal parts during the day, not later than 2 hours to a dream.

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