The depression is useful?

The clinical depression, according to the western scientists, brings benefit to health of the person and it is considered the positive factor which is positively influencing the general condition of an organism and even prolonging life.

According to the foundress and the head of the charitable psychological organization SANE (Great Britain) Marjorie Wallace (Marjorie Wallace), the depression should be considered as the catalyst for a survival in cruel conditions of modern life. The people who tested a depression become much stronger. Marjorie fell a victim of the most severe depressions more than once that roused it to creation of the charitable organization giving help to people in a depression.

More than two flyings ago Jerome Ueykfild's book, the teacher of University of New York which in literal sense created a furor was to the public published. The matter is that the author of the book is sure, the depression not only pushes us to positive changes in life, but also helps to learn certain lessons from the situations endured by us, and also to understand own desires. Wakefield supports the statements with results of numerous researches.

For example, the Dutch scientists during research work succeeded to find out that the people who had a depression possess a good health, steadier mentality, show good results in work and, in general, it is better than the others cope with vital difficulties. Besides, the women who had a depression live longer than the healthy contemporaries.

According to the psychiatrist Paul Kidvell (Cardiff university, Great Britain), the depression teaches people to exclude those moments which cause a condition of a chronic stress from life. Also the psychiatrist warns that antidepressants will not render any medical effect until the person does not refuse way of life which provokes a depression. Cases when patients completely recovered from an illness after changed the way of life are known, beginning from an operating mode and food, up to refusal of visit of an office of the psychoanalyst.

Marjorie Wallace, in turn, adds that not all people are capable to feel a positive impact of a depression on the life. Everything depends on a disease stage. There is also recurrence when after noticeable improvement of a state people return to a depression again. But in one specialists are uniform – a family support and relatives accelerates recovery process.

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