The depression is a depression at which the person constantly stays in the suppressed and gloomy mood. He badly feels physically, the thinking is slowed down, the general activity also decreases. If symptoms of a depression are expressed by psychosis, then for patients it is necessary to conduct continuous supervision, considering their inclination to a suicide. Treatment of a depression needs to be carried out surely only under the leadership of the specialist.

Depression reasons

To understand how to get rid of a depression, it is necessary to define, first of all, the reasons owing to which at the patient this state is shown. In human life there are many periods when he suffers from a certain form of a depression which arises as an effect of stresses of both emotional, and physical character. Typical stresses in certain cases create too strong psychological load for the person because of what he can be depressed.

If at the person the reactive or situational type of a depression takes place, then in this case this state can pass without special treatment after a while. The person needs only support and patience of the people surrounding him. However if typical symptoms of a depression become very strong and proceed a long span, then in this case the address to specialists can be required.

Among such manifestations it should be noted a number of symptoms of a depression. This constant suppressed mood, feeling of fault, helplessness. It is very difficult to person to concentrate, make independently decisions, he can lose interest and in communication with people, and in work. Besides, in a condition of a depression the patient has no energy, it has headaches, sleeplessness and some other complaints to a physical condition of an organism. All these manifestations which dragged on for a long time are direct premises for the address to qualified specialists.

There are also other forms of a depression which reasons are defined more specifically. For example, women in the period of a climax very often have rather serious depressions in view of a hormonal imbalance in an organism.

Symptoms of a depression most often are found in people, in an organism which deficit of B6 vitamin and folic acid takes place. Owing to such phenomenon in a brain of the person the content of serotonin which is the most important for maintenance of positive mood sharply decreases. The lack of an organism of B1, B2, B12 vitamins, and also deficit of vitamin C can have to display of a depression also.

Developing of a depression is possible also at people at whom deficit of iron is observed. It is important to eat enough irreplaceable fatty acids which are defining in the course of a producing the substances defining stability of mood — prostaglandins.

Today it is proved that symptoms of a depression are more often shown at the people using a lot of caffeine and also sweet food stuffs. Among food stuffs which strengthen depressive manifestations also note fats of animal origin. Display of a depression is provoked by serious illnesses, often from it suffer, people who abuse alcohol.

Seasonal depression

депрессияEvery year many people suffer from displays of a so-called seasonal depression. The autumn depression is shown at the person as an effect of changes in the nature: light day is sharply reduced, the person lacks the sun and heat. The seasonal depression can be expressed differently: one people owing to change of seasons have only a hardly noticeable discomfort, for others the autumn depression is a serious disease.

Symptoms of the depression having seasonal nature are shown by constant drowsiness: the person with great difficulty can wake up in the morning, however sometimes he can also suffer from constant sleeplessness. The autumn depression provokes emergence of constant fatigue and weakness: to the person very difficult fully and quickly to perform work, as a result he sometimes has an excess weight. This form of a depression leads also to feeling of apathy, helplessness, desire to disappear from communication, the expressed laziness. The patient does not feel sexual desire, very hard perceives any stress. Also sharp changes of mood are characteristic of a seasonal depression.

The seasonal depression often arises at people at any age, but nevertheless most often it young people till thirty years have. However, the autumn depression quite often arises also at people at advanced age, and at children. The fact that the people living in tropical countries suffer from a depression more seldom is interesting.

Also some physical signs which can demonstrate that at the person the depression develops are allocated. The patient can look anxious, not look in the face to the interlocutor in the course of conversation, lose memory. At it aches hands, hair can sometimes drop out. Also block or, on the contrary, a condition of excitement is noted. The person can slowly move, sometimes his movements pass into a full immovability or he falls into a condition of a catatonia. Also constant tearfulness and a sad look can be observed.

It is very important that each person who suspects development of an autumn depression surely asked for the help of the specialist who will recommend an optimal variant of treatment of a depression. Very often for treatment of this form of a depression light therapy which essence consists in providing the person is used as it is possible bigger amount of light. For this purpose use the special device. Besides, it is very important to stay as often as possible in the fresh air, to eat rationally and fully, every day to do, at least, small exercises.

Puerperal depression

депрессияThe puerperal depression is considered rather serious illness which very often arises at young mother at first after the birth of the kid. The puerperal depression is shown also after the birth of the dead child or after an abortion. The woman in this state has a strong feeling of grief, loss of pleasure and pleasure from life, a hopelessness. At the same time young mother feels that it is very difficult to it to look after the child.

Puerperal depression – rather widespread state: it occurs approximately at 10-15% of women. In this case it is important to realize a difference between usual fatigue and displays of a puerperal depression. The feeling of exhaustion is felt after the delivery by many women. They can face weakness, bad mood, sleeplessness. But in several weeks the field of the birth of the kid all these manifestations disappear. At the same time symptoms of the depression arising after the delivery sometimes do not disappear for several months.

In some especially difficult cases at young mother irregular shape of a puerperal depression which is called puerperal psychosis can be shown. At such course of a disease symptoms of a depression are expressed by very strange behavior of the woman, existence at it of hallucinations, possible attempts of infliction of harm to the child and themselves. In such condition of the patient the urgent help of the qualified specialist is necessary, the condition of the woman can worsen further. As a result both its own health, and health of the kid appears under the threat.

Treatment of a depression which develops after the delivery at the woman is necessary. At the same time the success and speed of treatment directly depends on that, how quickly it was begun.

As the reasons which define a puerperal depression specialists call sharp difference of level of hormones in the woman's organism after the child is born. There is a number of the factors directly influencing a possibility of development of this disease. Those women who in the past already suffered from a puerperal depression have more chances of repetition of this state. About a half of women suffer from a puerperal depression at late pregnancy. Not less important points directly influencing development in the woman of a puerperal depression lack of support from the family, very serious stress (diseases of the child, difficulty in a family), existence at the woman of problems with health in a puerperal period influences. The puerperal depression arises more often at first labor, also this state develops at women more often,
which suffered from a depression during incubation of the child or earlier.

Besides, the factor of a genetic favor to developing of a puerperal depression is important. Very often the depression after the delivery arises at women who suffered from bipolar disorder which is also called a maniacal depression. The highest risk of a disease in this case is noted at those women in whose family cases of a maniacal depression were noted.

In the course of pregnancy and childbirth in an organism of the woman there are pronounced changes of somatic, endocrine, psychological character. According to supervision of physicians, the sharpest shift in mood of the woman is noted for the fifth day after the child's birth that happens to the greatest hormonal shift. Sharp process of decrease in contents in an organism of gonadotropic hormones in time after the delivery provokes certain affective disturbances and dysfunctions in serotonergic system. At the women having predisposition to depressions it leads to developing of a depression.

Depression symptoms in a puerperal period are defined, first of all, by absolute unwillingness of the woman to address specialists for council how to pull out. In this case mother can have sense of guilt because of those difficulties which at her arise in the course of care of the kid. Expectation of the fact that after the birth of the kid the woman will be able to adapt to the new role at once is frequent and without problems to look after the child, do not justify themselves. As a result young mother has a sense of guilt, fatigue, it is exhausted by daily duties.

депрессияIn such state at the woman the following symptoms of a depression are observed: it constantly stays in an alarming state, feel a hopelessness and grief, cannot feel usual daily pleasure. In a condition of a depression the woman can lose appetite and, respectively, a weight. At the patient the sleep is interrupted, she cannot concentrate. All these manifestations can arise both in the first days after the delivery, and several weeks later after the child was born.

Diagnosis of a depression

First of all at diagnosis of a depression the doctor pays attention to symptoms which take place at the patient. In the course of establishment of the diagnosis the doctor defines what type of a depression developed at a patsiyet. Today there are special laboratory analyses which help to establish the correct diagnosis, defining the general condition of the patient. But nevertheless the most effective method of identification of species of a disease detailed poll of the patient about displays of his illness is considered. The specialist surely asks the patient about his way of life, behavior, habits. It is important to exclude existence at the person of diseases which can provoke development of a depression, define whether the patient's family had cases of display of a depression.

Treatment of a depression

After establishment of the diagnosis "depression" the doctor appoints the corresponding treatment and appoints necessary depression medicine. In each case treatment of a depression of envy for what type of a disease takes place at the person. Often at a cafard the doctor appoints treatment by means of antidepressants. Sometimes reception of means antidepressants is applied in parallel with holding sessions of psychotherapy. If the serious case of a depression takes place the doctor can make the decision on treatment of a depression by use of an electroshock therapy. Such technique is applied generally when traditional treatment does not bring results.

To define what depression medicine will be the most effective, in certain cases it is necessary to try treatment by several different drugs-antidepressants and stabilizers of mood. Besides action of such means is shown only several weeks of treatment later.

At treatment of a depression several different types of antidepressants are used. Among the most widespread types of antidepressants it should be noted the tricyclic antidepressants influencing on noradrenaline and serotonin in a brain. At rather good results of therapy by these drugs, it is important to consider that they provoke emergence enough serious side effects.

Treatment of patients at whom the depression difficult gives in to therapy is carried out with use of inhibitors of monoaminoxidase. However patients who take this depression medicine have to adhere to a diet very strictly. At treatment it is impossible to eat with such drugs cheeses, to drink wine, and also in parallel to accept some medicines. For this reason such drugs use very seldom.

Rather new form of antidepressants are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. With their help the amount of serotonin in a brain of the person changes. Also rather recently for treatment of a depression began to use inhibitors of the return serotonin reuptake and noradrenaline.

If the depression at the patient develops against other mental diseases, then in parallel with reception of antidepressants the doctor can sometimes appoint the stimulating or anti-alarming means. However such drugs are effective only in a complex with antidepressants.

The psychotherapy at treatment of a depression is used in order that the patient received control over own feelings and emotions. Such ability will allow it to cope more effectively with daily stresses, will strengthen effect of antidepressants and will help to understand how to pull out. The psychotherapy is carried out differently: it can be group, family, individual sessions.

депрессияIf very severe form of a depression is diagnosed for the person, then the electroshock therapy will help to cope with an illness. Such procedure is carried out only by the experienced doctor. It consists in a transmission of electric charge through a skull in a brain. Such influence causes spasms. Such technique is considered very effective. However it is used only when other methods are effectless, or the person stays being able when he can do harm to either himself, or other people. There are also new methods of treatment of a depression. Today for this purpose use, for example, a magnetic field. Besides, specialists whom patients address to learn how to struggle with a depression, in certain cases recommend to solve a problem with the help of acupuncture, hypnotherapy, art therapy, a musicotherapy, meditation. All these methods apply in parallel with pharmacological therapy.

In traditional medicine there are many councils how to get rid of a depression. So, to the people inclined to displays of such illness, every morning advise to be rubbed off by water to which add table salt. For treatment of a depression folk remedies broths of herbs and plants prepare. Effective remedies – infusion of the crushed oats straw, infusion of a ninety-knot, roots and sheets of a primrose spring. Also apply broths and infusions of mint, leaves of a poplar, roots or leaves of a ginseng, roots of an aralia to treatment of a depression Manchurian, rosemary leaves.

Also apply the crushed mix of equal parts of raisin, a lemon, nuts, honey, dried apricots, prunes to treatment of a depression. Such mix should be accepted on one teaspoon before the first acceptance of food. Before food about fifteen drops of tincture of an eleuterokokk are recommended to accept also twice a day.

One more effective remedy – a cathedral of otravny parts of herbs of a motherwort, a hawthorn, an everlastings, a camomile pharmaceutical. Such broth is accepted three times a day after food.

To define how to get rid of a depression, it is necessary to see surely a doctor and to get his advice concerning expediency of use of any of the given national methods of treatment.

In the course of treatment of a depression it is necessary to try to adhere to the diet recommended by physicians. It is necessary to exclude coffee, alcohol, tea, chocolate, flour sweets, spicy food from a diet. It is important that the food contained a large amount of phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B.

Prevention of a depression

The methods directed to prevention of a depression help to minimize its influence on human life. Further not to care for how to struggle with a depression, it is necessary to care for the healthy and healthy nutrition, to conduct active life, playing sports, to adjust a work-rest schedule. Specialists recommend to walk as much as possible in the fresh air, to have a rest fully during issue.

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