The deratofibroma is an education on skin, similar to a small knot which in the diameter equals to one centimeter. As a part of this outgrowth on skin — fibrous fibrous fabric which contains fibroblasts and histiocytes. Also in medicine there are other names of a deratofibroma — a sclerosing hemangioma, a histiocytoma. This education is high-quality. As a rule, the deratofibroma on skin of legs appears. Sometimes throughout some time of people does not even pay attention that it develops a hemangioma sclerosing. Therapy of a hemangioma is made only if to the patient education brings discomfort.

How the deratofibroma is shown?

Deratofibroma — high-quality education which appears on skin and connecting fabric. Visually it is similar to a wart or a birthmark. As a rule, deratofibroma surface smooth, form round. Sometimes, in more exceptional cases the surface of this education can be warty or the keratosic. The most part of a deratofibroma is in skin, and only the small fragment acts over a surface of integuments.

If to feel this education, it will remind a lump which hardened under skin. In most cases the deratofibroma happens single, but sometimes the patient has also multiple histiocytomas. Fibrous fibrous fabric is a part of this education, it contains fibroblasts and histiocytes. If the amount of such education makes, as a rule, about one centimeter, then color can be a miscellaneous — from gray to black. Most often the deratofibroma develops standing, however and on other parts of a body meets too. Most often the disease affects women of middle age.

The skin histiocytoma has several versions if to estimate this education from the clinical point of view. Are allocated a lentikulyarny, firm, soft deratofibroma.

The Lentikulyarny deratofibroma is created several condensed small knots. Its diameter — no more than 1 cm, color can be as reddish, and more dark, up to black.

The deratofibroma magky  is lobular education flabby, as a rule, which has a folded surface and consists of soft tissues. It can have the different size. Color varies from corporal to bluish. This the histiocytoma is good-quality appears on a trunk and a face.

Дерматофиброма кожиThe firm fibrous histiocytoma has a corporal or dark red shade. It is made by spherical or lobular educations. Education can be both single, and multiple. The size of such outgrowth sometimes reaches up to 2 cm. Such education can appear on any part of a body, and, often firm deratofibroma disappears independently over time.

In most cases spontaneous increase or an ozlokachestvleniye of a deratofibroma is not observed. The malignant fibrous histiocytoma is a kind of myagkotkanny sarcoma. Therefore the malignant histiocytoma is other type education. However in the course of carrying out diagnosis it is very important to differentiate it from a deratofibroma. Directly treatment of a histiocytoma practices if education creates discomfort for the person.

Nevertheless, it is important to see surely a doctor and to consult with him at some guarding signs. This existence of bleeding at education damage, notable pain or an itch at a touch, sharp discolorations and the amount of education, a strong progibaniye in a deratofibroma when pressing.

Thus, the deratofibroma is a high-quality education which develops over a skin surface, can bleed at damage. Sometimes when pressing a deratofibroma pain is felt, the itch can be also felt.

Why there is a deratofibroma?

Still exact information on why in a human body the deratofibroma begins to develop, does not exist. However there are several so-called presumable reasons which are mentioned, so far as concerns emergence of a deratofibroma. First of all, it damages of an epithelium. It is proved that emergence of this education can turn out to be consequence even of absolutely small damage, for example, of a mosquito sting or a wound from thorns of plants.

One more factor which is directly influencing emergence of a deratofibroma is a hereditary favor. If in a family there were cases of such illness, then probability to ache with it increases.

Most often the illness affects people in the middle age, is more often than women. Such disease is diagnosed for children very seldom.

In general the major factors influencing development of a deratofibroma, physicians consider frequent traumatization of integuments, adverse influence of environment, and also a hereditary factor.

How to get rid of a deratofibroma?

Дерматофиброма на ногахThe deratofibroma demands treatment only when it brings to the person notable discomfort. That is removal of a deratofibroma is made if the person cannot depilate, have a shave because of it if it constantly adjoins to clothes and, as a result, hurts. It is possible to look at a photo after removal to understand how the skin surface will look. If treatment of a deratofibroma is carried out by a surgical method, then after its removal on site of education there can be a scar (it well noticeable on a photo). The matter is that the histiocytoma should be cut out from deep layers of skin. Respectively, to get rid of a scar, it is necessary to make additional cosmetology procedures (injections, removal of a scar the laser, plastic surgery). But if education was located in the place which is not evident (for example, a deratofibroma on a leg), then the patient can simply not pay attention to such scar. Operation is performed rather quickly, and the patient can be written out from a hospital in day of surgical intervention if it passes without complications. As complication of operation abscess can develop, however it occurs only if surgical intervention was made poor. After an extract it is important to look after a scar carefully. Initially on its place reddening will be noticeable, the itch can be felt. Gradually the place of a scar becomes lighter.

Removal of a histiocytoma by means of liquid nitrogen practices in modern medicine. But such freezing gives the chance to get rid only of upper part of education. Therefore, the patient has to know that after a while, the outgrowth on skin can appear again. However in that case it will already be not so noticeable. For removal of a deratofibroma it is possible to reuse liquid nitrogen too.

It is also possible to carry out removal of a deratofibroma by the laser. After such procedure the patient does not have noticeable hems, on site educations only the white track will be covered up. However such method more expensive in comparison with usual operation.

But initially the doctor has to confirm that it is a skin deratofibroma, but not some other education. In the course of diagnosis the specialist defines the deratofibroma reasons, conducts survey of the patient to confirm or disprove deratofibroma symptoms.

It is necessary to remember that treatment by folk remedies cannot yield in this case positive result as some methods can even do much harm also. Nevertheless, specialists advise people with a deratofibroma properly to eat. It is important to include as much as possible products rich with cellulose in a diet. After removal education it is possible to use ointment of Kontraktubeks. Later, when skin completely dragged on, the place of a scar can be greased with anti-cellulite creams.

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