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  • Latin name: Dermovate
  • ATH code: D07AB01
  • Active ingredient: Klobetazol (Clobetasol)
  • Producer: Glaksosmitklyayn Farmasyyutikalz, Poland


Ointment of Dermoveyt (Dermovate merhem) contains 50 mg of a klobetazol – active agent.

Additional ingredients:

  • 500 mg — sesquioleate sorbitan;
  • 5 g — propylene glycol;
  • to 100 g — paraffin white soft.

Cream of Dermoveyt (Dermovate cream) contains 50 mg of a klobetazol – active agent.

Additional ingredients:

  • 11 g — monostearate glyceryl;
  • 1,5 g — arlatselya 165;
  • 8,4 g — cetostearyl alcohol;
  • 1,25 g — substitute of beeswax 6621;
  • 47,5 g – propylene glycol;
  • 50 mg — citrate sodium;
  • 75 mg — chlorocresol;
  • 50 mg — monohydrate of citric acid;
  • to 100 g — the water purified.

Release form

Medicine of Dermoveyt is issued in the form of cream or ointment for external use.

One packaging contains 1 aluminum tuba with 25 grams of ointment or cream.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Medicine of Dermoveyt belongs to group of glucocorticosteroids and is used for external (local) use. Putting ointment or cream prevents the regional provision of neutrophils in a vascular bed, lowers products and an inflammatory exudate of lymphokines, interferes with migration of macrophages, reduces intensity of course of processes of granulation and an infiltration, thereby rendering antiinflammatory, anti-exudative, antiallergic and antipruritic effects of local character.

Average Cmax of a klobetazol is observed in plasma in 13 hours after the first drawing 30 g of drug in the form of ointment on healthy integuments (or in 8 hours at repeated application) and 0,63 ng/ml equal.

Average Cmax of a klobetazol at repeated drawing 30 g of drug in the form of cream in 10 hours, exceeds it an indicator a little when putting ointment.

After single drawing 25 g of ointment in 3 hours at the patients having eczema and psoriasis average Cmax of medicine in plasma equals, respectively — 4.6 ng/ml and 2.3 ng/ml.

The metabolism of active ingredient of drug of Dermoveyt is up to the end not studied.

Indications to use

  • various forms of eczema;
  • psoriasis;
  • diskoidny form of a lupus erythematosus;
  • red flat deprive;
  • the pathologies of integuments steady against treatment with use of less active outside glucocorticosteroid drugs.

Dermoveyt in the form of ointment recommend to apply at skin diseases which are followed by its dryness, a thickening and a hyperkeratosis as the basis of ointment allows to keep moisture in integuments.

Dermoveyt in the form of cream recommend to apply in opposite cases, at pathological processes with the expressed inflammation which are followed moknutiy.


  • cancer of integuments;
  • eels vulgar;
  • nodal prurigo of the Guide;
  • genital and perianal itch;
  • perioral dermatitis;
  • widespread pustular and blyashechny psoriasis;
  • period of chest feeding;
  • children's age till 1 year;
  • fungal, viral and bacterial pathologies of integuments (including chicken pox, herpes simplex, actinomycosis, tuberculosis cutis);
  • hypersensitivity to the making ingredients of drug of Dermoveyt.

Side effects

At topical administration of medicine of Dermoveyt, very seldom observed hypersensitivity.

Among local manifestations of hypersensitivity noted: rash, an erythema, an itch, a local burning sensation of skin, urticaria and contact dermatitis of an allergic etiology which arise in sites of application of drug and are similar to those symptoms for therapy of which, and medicine was appointed.

At emergence of symptomatology of hypersensitivity therapy with Dermoveyt's use needs to be stopped.

From endocrine system very seldom observed hypercorticoidism symptoms which are shown when using a large amount of ointment or cream, and also when putting drug on extensive sites of integuments, and are a consequence of essential system absorption of drug. These manifestations are most probable at patients of children's and infantile age, and also when using, after putting drug, occlusive dressing. It is worth remembering that at babies use of a diaper can play a role of occlusive dressing.

At use by adult patients of doses of drug of not exceeding 50 g a week, oppression of function of a hypophysis or adrenal glands is temporary, with return of normal indicators of data of bodies, after cancellation of a short course of therapy with use of local glucocorticoid means.

Seldom, at Dermoveyt's appointment, expansion of superficial vessels of circulatory system was noted, in particular at intensive rubbing in of medicine in folds of skin or use of occlusive bandages.

From integuments and hypodermic fabrics infrequently observed a local atrophy, and also atrophic strips. The aggravation of the main symptomatology of a disease, pigmentation change, thinning of skin, a hypertrichosis and development of psoriasis in a pustular form was very seldom shown. These manifestations also most often happen at rubbing in of medicine in folds of skin or at use of occlusive bandages.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

The instruction to Dermoveyt recommends putting cream or ointment for affected areas of skin a thin layer, one or two times a day, depending on weight of defeat.

Cream of Dermoveyt (Dermovate cream) more is suitable for pathologies with the expressed inflammation and moknutiy whereas to apply ointment of Dermoveyt, the application instruction recommends at the diseases which are followed by a xeroderma.

The course of therapy by Dermoveyt is defined individually proceeding from the diagnosed disease and its weight, but should not exceed 4 weeks, without further assessment of expediency of its continuation.

In case of an exacerbation of earlier treated skin diseases purpose of repeated short courses of therapy by Dermoveyt is possible.

If necessary, at incomplete disappearance of outside displays of a disease, after the termination of a course of treatment by Dermoveyt, pass to use of less aggressive outside means from group of glucocorticosteroids.

In especially hard cases of defeat of integuments, in particular in the presence of a hyperkeratosis, it is possible to strengthen antiinflammatory effect of ointment and cream of Dermoveyt by means of a polyethylene film as a bandage for the night. The occlusive bandage is applied area of defeat for a bigger positive effect in case of which achievement further progress in treatment can be supported without imposing of an occlusive bandage.

Most recommended weekly dose of ointment or cream makes 50 g a week.


Because dosage forms of drug of Dermoveyt are applied exclusively locally, probability of development of symptomatology of acute overdose minimum.

At manifestations of chronic overdose, owing to prolonged use of drug or use of high doses development of a syndrome of a hypercorticoidism which is the indication for a dose decline of Dermoveyt or cancellation of the carried-out therapy with use of local corticosteroids is possible. Cancellation of therapy should be carried out under continuous supervision of the attending physician, because of risk of possible development of insufficiency of adrenal bark.


Due to Dermoveyt's appointment only for topical administration, clinically significant interaction with other medicines it is not revealed.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

To store at a temperature not above 30 °C.

Period of validity

24 months.

Special instructions

Therapy with use of medicines of group of glucocorticosteroids of local action is not recommended to carry out during a long span, in particular at appointment of this group of drugs for treatment of patients of younger children's age, because of possible suppression of function of bark of adrenal glands.

Use of drugs of Dermoveyt at children's age demands obligatory control from the attending physician of a condition of the patient, at least once in 7 days.

As a result of prolonged treatment the atrophic changes of integuments which most often were more expressed on face skin can be shown by glucocorticosteroids.

If necessary putting ointment or cream on eyelids, it is necessary to protect a mucous membrane of eyes from medicine hit as it can lead to development of glaucoma.

Therapy of psoriasis using Dermoveyt can be followed by recurrence of a basic disease, development of a generalized pustular form of pathology, growth of tolerance to medicine, the system and local toxic reactions happening because of disturbances of barrier functions of integuments in this connection, continuous supervision over a condition of the patient is necessary.

At detection of signs of accession to a basic disease of consecutive infection, appoint carrying out the corresponding antibacterial treatment.

At any symptoms testimonial of generalization of an infection, it is necessary to cancel the carried-out therapy and to appoint adequate treatment with use of antibacterial medicines.

It is necessary to remember that when using an occlusive bandage wet warm conditions which promote development of a bacterial infection are created, in this regard it is necessary to clear carefully affected areas of skin before imposing of the next bandage.

It is not recommended to dissolve medicine of Dermoveyt in the form of cream.


Analogs of cream or ointment of Dermoveyt can be appointed upon transition to less aggressive therapy, or owing to any reasons for which this medicine is not suitable for treatment of a certain patient.

Can offer you the following analogs of Dermoveyt for topical administration:


  • Dermoveyt cream 25 of
  • Dermoveyt ointment 25 of

Drugstore of IFC

  • Dermoveyt ointment of 0.05% 25 g, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals S.Apolsha
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  • Dermoveytglaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals (Poland)
  • Dermoveytglaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals (Poland)


  • ÄÑÓ¼«óѮԙ 0,05% 25 g ointment in a tuba
  • ÄÑÓ¼«óѮԙ 0,05% 25 g cream in a tuba
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