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  • Latin name: Detralex
  • ATH code: C05CA53
  • Active ingredient: Hesperidin + Diosmin (Hesperidine + Diosmin)
  • Producer: Les Laboratoires Servier (France)


500 mg of the cleared fraction (Purified micronized flavonoid fraction) micronized flavonoidny in whom diosmin makes 90% (450 mg), hesperidin — 10% (50 mg) are a part of Detralex.

Auxiliary components: gelatin, magnesium stearate, MKTs, sodium carboxymethylstarch, talc, the water purified. Structure p / about: a macrogoal 6000, sodium lauryl sulfate, premix for p / about salmoncolored color (magnesium stearate, glitserol, a gipromelloza, iron dyes — oxides yellow and red, dioxide of titanium).

Release form

Tablets p / captivity. cover. In blisters on 15 pieces, packaging No. 30; No. 60.

In other countries the manufacturing company can use trade names of Variton, Daflon 500, Venitol, Capiven, Ardium, Arvenum 500 for the product.

Pharmacological action

Venoprotektorny and venostabiliziruyushchy. Pharmacological group: proofreaders of microcirculation and vasoprotectives in kombinatsyakh.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Possesses angioprotektorny and venomotor action, reduces venostaz, distensibility of veins and permeability of capillaries, raises a tone of venous walls, improves microcirculation and a lymphatic drainage. Increases ability of capillaries to keep integrity of walls at mechanical influence.

Use of the drug Detralex promotes reduction of interaction of leukocytes and an endothelium, and also adhesion of leukocytes in post-capillary venules that allows to reduce expressiveness of the damaging action of mediators of an inflammation by shutters of valves of veins and venous walls.

T½ — 11 hours. Removal of active components is carried out mainly through intestines. About 14% of the accepted dose are removed by kidneys.

Indications to Detralex use

When appoint tablets for veins?

Indications to use of Detralex are organic and functional venolimfatichesky insufficiency of the lower extremities which is shown by puffiness and morbidity, feeling of weight in legs, trophic disturbances, spasms.

When drug is used as a hemorrhoids pill?

Use of the medicine Detralex is shown for a symptomatic treatment of a bad hemorrhoidal attack.

In addition

Both at varicosity, and at hemorrhoids drug is used as symptomatic means and is frequent as a part of complex therapy.

For reduction of expressiveness of symptoms of venous insufficiency along with tablets venotoniziruyushchy ointment or gel can be appointed.

In therapy of hemorrhoids rectal candles (Relif, Proktozan, Nigepan, etc.) and ointments can be applied to removal of pain and an inflammation, improvement of a tone of vessels, reduction of a thrombogenesis and a stop of bleedings (Ichthyol, Gepatrombin, Bezornil, etc.).


The only contraindication to use — intolerance of one or several components of tablets.

Side effects

Side effects of Detralex are shown extremely seldom. Most often the organism reacts to treatment by dispepsichesky frustration (nausea, diarrhea, etc.), neurovegetative disturbances (an indisposition, a headache, dizziness, etc.) and disturbances are sometimes possible from hypodermic cellulose and skin (the small tortoiseshell, an enanthesis, an itch).

In exclusively exceptional cases the Quincke's edema can develop.

Tablets Detralex: application instruction

The application instruction of Detralex at varicosity

At venolimfatichesky insufficiency the recommended dose — 2 tab. 500 g a day. A pill is taken during food, one in the afternoon, the second — in evening.

Medicine is appointed only to adult patients. For strengthening of effect the doctor can recommend to use also means of outside therapy — ointment or gel.

Duration of a course of treatment by Detralex at varicosity, as well as need of carrying out repeated courses, is determined by the doctor.

Detralex at hemorrhoids. What is the time to take a pill at hemorrhoids?

In the description of which is attached to drug how to accept Detralex at hemorrhoids, it is specified what in an acute stage of a disease (at a bad hemorrhoidal attack) needs to be accepted on 6 tab. / days during the first 4 days of treatment and on 4 tab. / days in the next 3 days. Take medicine during food, having divided a daily dose into 2-3 receptions.

Treatment of chronic hemorrhoids assumes daily reception of 4 tablets. They are taken during food, on 2 for each reception. After 7 days it is possible to reduce a dose twice and to reduce frequency rate of uses to 1 ruble/days.

How long to take medicine, depends on degree of neglect of a disease and efficiency of therapy. On average doctors at chronic hemorrhoids recommend to take a pill courses lasting 2-3 months. At a bad attack treatment is carried out by short courses lasting 7 days.

If symptoms remain longer than this time, sick it is necessary to pass survey at the proctologist.

About Detralex at hemorrhoids in the majority good. The main minus of drug, according to consumers, its high price. However considering that Detralex is means with the proved efficiency (patients quite often notice improvement of a situation in 2-3 days of reception of tablets), many people give preference after all to it, and cheaper analogs.


There are no data on cases of overdose.


Special researches rather medicinal and other forms of interaction of drug were not carried out. Nevertheless, considering a wide experience of post-registration use of Detralex, there are no statements for its adverse interaction with other HP today.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

Drug does not demand special storage conditions. Tablets belong to the category of strong means (list B) therefore they should be held in the place, unavailable to children.

Period of validity

4 years.

Special instructions

Use of tablets at a bad hemorrhoidal attack cannot replace specific therapy and creates obstacles for treatment of other proctologic diseases.

If through short time fast reduction of expressiveness of symptoms is not noted, the patient should pass inspection at the proctologist, and the doctor has to reconsider therapy.

With the broken venous blood circulation for increase of efficiency of drug it is recommended to people:

  • to avoid long stay standing and long stay on the sun;
  • to correct the body weight and a food allowance;
  • to carry compression jersey for blood circulation improvement;
  • to go on foot.

Analogs of Detralex: what it is possible to replace drug with?

Drugs similar to Detralex with the close mechanism of action, but excellent structure: Antistaks, Ascorutinum, Vazoket, Venolek, Venorutonum, Rutinum, Troxevasinum, Trokserutin, Flebodia 600, Yuglaneks, Flebofa.

Substitutes which basis are Hesperidine + Diosmin: Venozol, Venarus.

Medicine and its analogs are used for treatment of functional and organic venous insufficiency, and also at hemorrhoids (both acute, and chronic).

The price of analogs of Detralex — from 60 rub. The cheapest analogs of Detralex — the drugs Rutinum and Ascorutinum.

In Ukraine at its absence in a drugstore Venorin, Venosmin, Dzhuantal, Dioflan, Normoven, Nostaleks can suggest to replace Detralex with drugs.

What it is better — Detralex or Flebodia 600?

At forums drug is quite often compared to its analogs. And it is the most frequent with drug of Flebodia 600. A basis of both means is diosmin. Its concentration in Flebodia 600 — 600 mg / tab., in Detralex — 450 mg / tab., however in the last its action amplifies due to hesperidin presence (50 mg / tab.).

At varicosity of Flebodia 600 drink on 1 tab. / days, Detralex — on 2 tab. / days, that is a daily dose of diosmin in the first case — 600 mg, in the second — 900 mg.

If to compare pharmaceutical effect of drugs and feature of use, then there are practically no differences.

Nevertheless, thanks to by its production of unique technology of processing of active ingredient, Detralex quicker and more fully, than its analog, is soaked up in an organism, at the same time its concentration in a blood plasma reaches a maximum in three-four hours.

What it is better — Detralex or Antistaks?

Antistaks is a phytodrug which is used at disturbances of venous blood circulation. The basis of capsules is made by the dried-up extract of red leaves of grapes with the high content of isomeletin and meletin of a glucuronide — flavonoids which promote stabilization of membranes of cells, normalization of permeability of vessels, reduction of hypostases.

However, if efficiency of Detralex was confirmed during clinical experiments, there is no scientific confirmation of efficiency of Antistaks today.

One more difference of drugs is that Detralex is allowed to be used during pregnancy, there is no information concerning safety and Antistaks's efficiency for pregnant women.

According to specialists, Antistaks at vascular diseases can be recommended more as a prophylactic and as addition to the main treatment.

Trombovazim or Detralex — what is better?

Trombovazim is a fermental drug with thrombolytic, cardioprotective and antiinflammatory activity. Its active ingredient is the complex of the produced Bacillus subtilis of proteinases.

Medicine is appointed as a part of complex therapy at chronic venous insufficiency. It is categorically contraindicated at a peptic ulcer, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Considering that the drugs Detralex and Trombovazim have different pharmacological effect, it is not correct to compare them. In particular, if to take in attention that doctors quite often recommend to accept them in a complex.

What it is better — Detralex or Venarus?

Venarus is the Russian analog of drug. If to compare that it is better — Detralex or Venarus, then it is possible to come to a conclusion that there is no basic difference between them.

Basis of both drugs are substances diosmin and hesperidin, means only slightly differ in structure of auxiliary components. The principle of action of Venarus same, as well as at its analog, also appoint drug from the same from what and the tablet Detralex.

Recommendations how to accept at varicosity and at hemorrhoids both means, are also identical.

Summaries to drugs are distinguished that the additional contraindication to Venarus's use specified the lactation period. Besides, cheaper analog of Detralex is characterized by smaller bioavailability and slightly more often provokes side effects, than drug which is issued Les Laboratoires Servier.


  • Detralex 500 of mg No. 30 tabletkiservier
  • Detralex 500 of mg No. 60 tabletkiservier

Drugstore of IFC

  • Detralex tbl p / about 500 mg No. 60, Serdiks/Servye Ooorossiya
  • Detralex tbl p / about 500 mg No. 30, Serdiks/Servye Ooorossiya
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  • Tablet Detralex coated No. 60servye (France)


  • Tab. Detralex p / about No. 60


  • Detralex of 500 mg No. 30 tabl.p.o.
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