Ninth month of pregnancy

The ninth month of pregnancy – the most emotionally rich period for each future mother, after it on the horizon is already visible the finish of pregnancy and the future motherhood. It is not surprising that the whole weeks of this month at the woman are saturated with thoughts and experiences concerning future childbirth and the kid. The pregnant woman constantly looks narrowly at herself and listens to own feelings: and suddenly childbirth begins? Of course, pregnancy which 33 weeks already behind, just about will come to the end. However the woman has to live her ninth month, showing consideration for own organism not less, than earlier.

Development of the child on the ninth month of pregnancy

Pregnancy which 38 weeks already in the past, are marked, as a rule, by moving of the child to characteristic situation: its head approaches an entrance to a small pelvis and nestles on a thorax, the trunk is bent, hands are crossed on a breast, legs are bent and nestle on a tummy. The kid thus to prepare for the future passing on patrimonial ways.

Each woman who is on the 9th month of pregnancy has to know that the beginning of childbirth on term 37-42 weeks (date is counted of the first day of the last monthly) is considered timely, and the fruit is already completely ready to the birth. At a mature fruit length of a body makes more than 47 cm, and weight — more than 2600. And during development on the ninth month the kid still rather intensively grows: in day it can add up to 28 g of weight.

These days there is an active accumulation of iron in a liver of the kid: it is necessary for a hemopoiesis on the first year of his life. Lungs at a fruit ripened already completely and are ready to provide with oxygen an organism of the little person. Heart meanwhile works specially, and after the birth the mode of its functioning changes. There is a closing of the opening in the central partition which is switching off lungs from the blood circulatory system during pre-natal development. After the birth blood of the kid circulates through lungs. And here the immune system at a fruit on the ninth month of development is not completely ready to independent existence of an organism. Before childbirth of a maternal antibody through a placenta get to the kid, and here after he to be born, they will get already at chest feeding from milk.

If pregnancy which 37 weeks the woman fully bore the kid comes to an end with childbirth, then already on this term the kid appears with light pinkish skin, the developed layer of subcutaneous fat, and in folds of skin there will be a syrovidny greasing. But at a delay of childbirth greasing gradually disappears, and the child can be born with a little wrinkled skin as though he very long was in water. When the child is born mature, he breathes air, loudly shouts, can well suck. It does not need to be warmed in addition as it can independently keep heat. The child has pink cheeks with subcutaneous fat, rather soft bones of a skull, elastic cartilages of a nose and ears. Vellus body hair remain only on shoulders and in skin folds.

At most of male babies testicles at the birth are already lowered in a scrotum, only at about 1% of boys testicles do not fall to a scrotum by the time of childbirth. Such kids have to remain under supervision of the specialist surgeon. At the newborn baby in intestines meconium – dark primary kcal which is made by the intestines cells which earlier died off, vellus hair and everything that the child swallowed together with amniotic waters already accumulated.

Appearance of the woman on the ninth month of pregnancy

Девятый месяц беременностиPregnancy which 34 weeks at the woman the stomach actively increased comes to an end, and this month increase in a stomach does not happen any more. Now the uterus of the pregnant woman is ennobled from a pubic symphysis approximately on 36-40 cm. At the very end of a month the woman can already know how many kilograms of weight she added for the entire period of incubation of the child. Generally this figure varies depending on specific features of each future mother. But on average the woman adds from 8 to 15 kg. By the way, last weeks of incubation of the kid many women can even lose a little weight due to disposal of excess liquid. For the rest appearance of the woman last weeks significantly does not change. But a psychological state very intense as both the organism, and consciousness stays waiting for the forthcoming childbirth. Doctors advise to try to relax and devote as much as possible the last days to rest. Pregnancy which 39 weeks the woman was devoted to herself will end soon, and time for a respite will appear not soon.

Health of the woman on the ninth month of pregnancy

Pregnancy which 9th month only begins, characterized by the intensive growth of a fruit, and also active reorganization of a female organism for the forthcoming childbirth. All these processes promote active change of hormonal balance in a female organism. Gradually contents in oxytocin organism increases. This hormone produced by a hypophysis is responsible for release of prostaglandins which stimulate reduction of a uterus and, respectively, the beginning of pains. This month the circulatory system increases development of red blood cells: so there is a preparation to big losses of blood during patrimonial process.

At this stage of development of the kid the woman can note that more frequent and plentiful are allocations from generative organs. In a dream the spasms which are a shortage effect in an organism of calcium or potassium can periodically disturb future mother. On the 9th month varicosity standing can be shown clearly.

The woman who is on the ninth month of pregnancy feels a certain block and inertness. It is difficult for it to concentrate, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness is constantly shown. However, sometimes the periods of inertness are suddenly replaced by sharp flashes of vigorous activity: the effect of "nesting" characteristic of the last weeks of pregnancy is so shown.

What is harbingers of childbirth?

Девятый месяц беременностиWhen there comes the 9th month of pregnancy, the woman gradually notes emergence of some of feelings, absolutely new to it. All of them directly demonstrate that childbirth already comes nearer. Such feelings can take place several weeks prior to childbirth. However in certain cases pregnancy which 40 weeks behind, are not marked by such harbingers. There are they only several hours prior to childbirth.

First of all the woman feels that the stomach fell a little. It occurs when the head of the child entered a cavity of a small pelvis. Respectively, so strong pressure as earlier, and it becomes easier for woman and to breathe freely is not put upon a diaphragm any more. Besides, heartburn attacks stop, changes in appetite are possible.

However owing to omission of a head of the child the woman notes also that the urination and defecation became frequent even more. And because of change of hormonal balance emergence of a liquid chair is possible.

One more harbinger of childbirth is small reduction of weight of the woman owing to loss of appetite and loss of liquid before childbirth.

The so-called mucous stopper from the channel of a neck of uterus departs: it is a slime lump, either the colourless, or a little painted blood. The woman can sometimes find it on linen. Just before childbirth the fruit becomes less active: to it already rather closely inside. But all these harbingers are shown individually in each separate case therefore the woman has to understand that childbirth can begin also without their manifestation.

The woman on the ninth month of pregnancy has to know that there are two main signs of childbirth. First of all, it is the begun fights – reductions of a uterus which gradually become regular. If pains real, then they are initially shown each 15-20 minutes, and over time intervals of pains begin to increase. When for half an hour at the woman 3-4 pains are shown, so time to go to a maternity home came.

The second sign of the beginning of patrimonial activity is a bursting of waters. When the amniotic bubble is broken off, the woman does not feel pain. And even if there are no pains at the same time, after a bursting of waters the pregnant woman has to go to hospital immediately.

What can disturb the woman on the ninth month of pregnancy?

Девятый месяц беременностиPregnancy which 36 weeks already passed can have again those signs which the woman noted at its beginning. So, for the ninth month faints, dizzinesses are characteristic. But such phenomena are noted when future mother lies on spin as the uterus puts pressure upon the lower vena cava, and inflow of blood to heart as a result is broken. As a result, arterial pressure decreases that conducts to a faint. Therefore last weeks of incubation of the kid it is the best of all to sleep on one side.

In the days preceding childbirth, the woman very often loses balance, feels periodically approaching weakness. Therefore it is extremely important to make thrifty use of own health very much. If nevertheless falling did not manage to be avoided, then the woman should see a doctor at once. Though on such term of the child reliably protects subcutaneous fat and amniotic waters.

Sometimes future mother very much worries apropos "prolonged" pregnancy. But if the perenashivaniye proceeds one-two weeks, then such situation does not cause concern in doctors. However at even more prolonged pregnancy, and also in the presence of discomfort signs for a fruit the odynagogue or carrying out Cesarean section is possible. Physicians define perenashivany pregnancies if term from the last periods exceeded 42 weeks. Such phenomenon is characteristic of those women who have certain diseases, earlier transferred abortions, had disturbances of a menstrual cycle, etc. Postmature pregnancy is characterized by aging of a placenta that, in turn, can lead to a fruit hypoxia. This dangerous state therefore at a perenashivaniye it is desirable for woman to lay down in a hospital.

Researches on the ninth month of pregnancy

Now, when before childbirth there was only one month, the pregnant woman visits the doctor already every week. The doctor surely defines whether the woman normally feels, whether it has hypostases, measures the arterial pressure, weight, height of standing of an uterine fundus, a stomach circle. Analyses on the content of sugar and protein in urine are also without fail carried out.

As additional research on this duration of gestation carrying out the general blood test is reasonable to determine the level of thrombocytes and hemoglobin. It is important in view of existence of risk of a big loss of blood in the course of the forthcoming childbirth.

Even if pregnancy which 35 weeks already behind, proceed normally during this period it is necessary to perform vaginal inspection for an assessment of a maturity of a neck of uterus. Also the smear for research on flora undertakes. Performs repeated vaginal inspection if the 40th week of pregnancy comes to an end, and childbirth does not come.

At weekly research the doctor also listens to heartbeat of a fruit to estimate whether the child normally develops. If necessary additional ultrasonography is appointed, also carrying out a dopplerometriya is possible.

Recommendations to the woman on the ninth month of pregnancy

Last month sometimes to the woman additional ultrasonic research is recommended to take place pregnancies to determine some parameters of a fruit, its situation and a state.

Even if pregnancy which 36 weeks passed safely and now does not deliver any unpleasant moments, active sexual life at this time doctors in most cases nevertheless do not recommend a message. The matter is that at the sexual intercourse the uterus is strongly excited that is fraught with the premature beginning of patrimonial activity. But if pregnancy drags on, then sexual intercourse can stimulate the beginning of childbirth. Therefore in that case sex are even welcomed.

If at the woman severe pains in a stomach, and at the same time suddenly begin also there are allocations, it is necessary to address the doctor at once.

This period – the real final straight line therefore it is extremely important not to leave far the house as childbirth can begin almost at any time. Therefore the woman on the 9th month, leaving the house, has to have with herself all documents, the prenatal record, a pure diaper.

What to take in maternity hospital?

Девятый месяц беременностиSometimes the woman for prevention of unexpected situations lays down in a maternity home even prior to fights on the eve of childbirth. But in most cases future mother expects pains of the house.

Most of women prepares all contents of the bags intended for a trip to maternity hospital even earlier. On the 9th month they have to be completely prepared and wait for the responsible moment. It is very important to take with itself all necessary documents. It is necessary to take the necessary objects of personal hygiene, linen (it is possible to use one-time instead of usual shorts), a special bra for the feeding mothers in a maternity home, hygienic laying (two big packagings: one for normal allocations, one – for plentiful). The woman also prepares clothes which she will wear in a maternity home, and at desire – and a postnatal bandage. For the child it is necessary to prepare packaging of diapers, some pieces of children's cosmetics (powder, cream), diapers, a kidswear. And, of course, it is necessary to go to a maternity home with a positive spirit: this major condition in order that passed everything without difficulties, and the child was born easily.

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