New view on diagnosis of cancer

While in Russia master new technology of removal of malignant tumors "Kibernozhy", in Europe developed the new invention allowing to purify human blood of cancer cells by means of a sound. Possibly, it will also help to find cancer cells which already extended in an organism,  New Scientist declares.

At hit of cancer cells in blood there is innidiation, that is distribution of tumor cells on perigastriums, or circulatory and absorbent vessels. The molecular markers used as detectors of cancer cells change their structure, doing them unsuitable for research and analyses.

For the solution of this problem, Itziar Gonzalez from the Madrid Institute of acoustics together with colleagues offered other way. The small vibrating cylinder in which blood samples proceed. The still water created by vibrations rejects cells depending on their sizes.

Normal blood cells usually it is less cancer therefore the device distributes them in different parts. This process does not change structure of a cell that gives the chance to investigate it.

Testing of the device was shown that it managed to distinguish correctly cancer cells with 70% probability. The improved version will allow to distinguish correctly cancer cells with 95% probability, thanks to more long influence of a sound wave.

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