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  • Latin name: Dialipon
  • ATH code: A16AX01
  • Active ingredient: Alpha lipoic acid (Alfa Lipoic acid)
  • Producer: Farmak (Ukraine)


Active agent of drug – alpha lipoic acid. Additional components of solution: N-metilglyukamin, water, polyethyleneglycol 300.

Dialipon 300 mg contain the following excipients in capsules: lactoses monohydrate, gidroksipropilmetiltsellyuloz, magnesium stearate, MKTs, aerosil.

Release form

Medicine is issued in capsules and in the form of solution of 3% for internal introduction which contains in ampoules. Tablets Dialipon are not issued. In drugstores Dialipon Turbo in the form of solution is also on sale.

Pharmacological action

Dialipon possesses anti-toxic and antioxidant properties, and also exerts impact on exchange processes in an organism.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active agent of drug works as coenzyme in oxidizing decarboxylation of alpha ketonic acids. It exerts impact on an energy cellular balance.

Medicine works as anti-toxic and antioxidant means, and also can recover other antioxidants. It is often applied at a diabetes mellitus, in this case drug reduces resistance to insulin and interferes with development of peripheral neuropathy. Dialipon helps to reduce glucose level in blood and promotes accumulation of a glycogen in a liver.

The operating component of drug participates in fatty and carbohydrate metabolism, and also normalizes work of a liver.

Time of semi-removal of medicine – 30 minutes. After single application of solution in the first 3-6 hours alpha lipoic acid and its derivatives are almost completely removed naturally.

Indications to use

Capsules and Dialipon's solution apply to prevention and therapy at complex treatment of diabetic polineyropatiya, poisonings with salts of heavy metals and mushrooms, chronic intoxication, at liver diseases.


It is impossible to use drug at hypersensitivity to its components, and also at children's age. It is undesirable to appoint medicine at pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Side effects

At fast administration of solution can arise feeling of weight in the head, vomiting, nausea, respiratory depression. Undesirable by-effects pass by itself.

At some patients allergic reactions in an injection site are noted: urticaria, eczema. They can extend on all body. Besides, spasms, petekhialny rash, a diplopia, dysfunction of thrombocytes are noted. At hypersensitivity severe pains are possible.

In rare instances there is an acute anaphylaxis. The hypoglycemia is possible.

Application instruction of Dialipon (Way and dosage)

For those to whom solution Dialipon is appointed the application instruction reports that medicine is applied intravenously in a dosage of 10-20 ml a day. It is necessary to administer the drug slowly – no more than 50 mg a minute. It is recommended to do infusions with use of normal saline solution. For this purpose 10-20 ml of drug mix 0,9% of sodium of chloride (200-250 ml) with solution. Infusion is carried out by 20-30 minutes. Solution needs to be held in the dark place.

Infusions do for 2-4 weeks. Then it is recommended to pass to reception of capsules. The maximum dosage of Dialipon – 600 mg, minimum – 300 mg. Take medicine for 1-3 months. 2 times a year are desirable to conduct a therapy course, it helps to consolidate effect.


In case of overdose by medicine nausea, a headache and vomiting can develop. It is necessary to stop drug use immediately. Therapy is symptomatic.


Medicine can reduce effect of ionic complexes of metals. With sugars alpha lipoic acid forms poorly soluble complex compounds.

It is impossible to combine drug with solutions of glucose, Ringera and fructose. Besides, it cannot be combined with means which include the connections reacting with SH groups or disulfide bridges.

In case of use of insulin or peroral glucose-lowering drugs hypoglycemic action therefore the constant control behind glycemia level, especially at the beginning of therapy is required can amplify. In certain cases it is required to lower a dosage of insulin and sakharosnizhayushchy means for oral administration.

Terms of sale

Is on sale only according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to keep medicine in the dark place. To protect from children. Optimum temperature of storage is 15-25 °C.

Period of validity

Two years.

About Dialipona

Opinions on this medicine mainly positive. Patients note that it quickly normalizes sugar level in blood and effectively helps at poisonings. In that, as for drug shortcomings, About Dialipona note a high probability of emergence of side reactions and high price.

Dialipon's price where to buy

Medicine is sold mainly in Ukraine. Dialipon's price in ampoules – 130-250 hryvnias. The average cost of medicine in capsules – 140 hryvnias


  • Dialipon of a capsule of 300 mg No. 30farmak (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Dialipon solution for in. 3% 20 ml No. 5 Aktsiyafarmak (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Dialipon solution for injections of 3% 20 ml No. 5farmak (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Dialipon solution for injections of 3% 10 ml No. 5farmak (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Dialipon of a turbo


  • Dialipon kaps 300 mg No. 30farmak
  • Dialipon kaps 300 mg No. 30farmak
  • Dialipon kaps 300 mg No. 30farmak
  • Dialipon kaps 300 mg No. 30farmak


  • Dialipon of 300 mg No. 30 kaps.
  • Dialipon of 3%/20 ml No. 5 solution for in.amp.
  • Dialipon of 3% 10 ml No. 5 solution for in.amp.
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