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  • Latin name: Diazolin
  • ATH code: R06AX15
  • Active ingredient: Mebgidrolin
  • Producer: Farmak of PAO (Ukraine), Valenta Farmatsevtika (Russia), Pharmstandard-UFAVITA (Russia), AVVA-RUS (Russia)


Active agent is mebgidrolin which contains in the amount of 50 or 100 mg. Additional substances: starch syrup, wax, sunflower oil, talc and sucrose.

Release form

Dragee and allergy pills.

Pharmacological action

Medicine is antihistamine which can be applied systemically. H1 blocker - histamine receptors, an antiallergic medicine.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Mebgidrolin who is contained in given HP, is the antihistaminic drug blocking histamine H1 receptors. It considerably reduces the spazmogenny effect of a histamine relating to unstriated muscles of intestines, bronchial tubes. It also influences permeability of vessels. If to compare this medicine to antihistaminic drugs of the first generation, such as Suprastinum or a Dimedrol, then its sedative and somnolent influence is much less expressed. Also Diazolinum possesses the anesthetizing properties, however they are shown poorly.

Absorption of drug happens very quickly, and already 15-30 minutes later it begins to work. The maximum effect at patients is observed 1-2 hours later, at the same time its duration makes about two days. Out of an organism it is brought through kidneys.

Indications to use of Diazolinum

The medicine Diazolinum from what helps? Drug is successfully used for prevention, and also treatment of displays of both seasonal, and allergic rhinitis. Means appoint a sick pollinosis, the small tortoiseshell, an allergy food and medicamentous. What else indications to use of Diazolinum? It is accepted in the presence of noticeable reactions of skin owing to stings of various insects, and also at a dermatosis which is followed by an itch.


The patients having high sensitivity to Diazolinum components cannot accept drug. Drug is not appointed to people with an aggravation of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum and any other inflammatory diseases of a gastrointestinal tract. Contraindication to use of Diazolinum is the pylorostenosis.

With extra care it is necessary to appoint this drug in the presence at the patient of a heavy liver and renal failure. In that case it is necessary to adjust individually a drug dose, and also the number of its receptions. Do not recommend to appoint Diazolinum at epilepsy, closed-angle glaucoma, at various disturbances of a cordial rhythm.

Side effects

According to the summary during reception of medicine there can be following side effects.

In work of the alimentary system: the irritation of mucous membranes of a gastrointestinal tract, the dispepsichesky phenomena — nausea, heartburn, pain in epigastric area is possible.

In work of TsNS: dizzinesses, paresthesias, the high level of fatigue, the increased drowsiness, the slowed-down reaction, indistinct visual perception are possible.

Also at administration of drug dryness in a mouth, a problem urination, manifestation of allergic reactions can be observed. Very seldom there is a granulocytopenia and an agranulocytosis. The risk of manifestation of side effects considerably increases at overdose.

Paradoxical reactions are possible during administration of drug by children: at them irritability, sleeplessness, a tremor can be observed.

Application instruction of Diazolinum (Way and dosage)

Dragee and tablets Diazolinum, application instruction

Drug in tablets and a dragee is applied after reception of food.

How to accept the adult? Children since twelve years, and also adults apply means one - twice a day in a dose on 100-200 mg. The maximum single dose for adults has to make 300 mg, in days adults can accept 600 mg of Diazolinum. Children from five to twelve years can accept 50 mg two-three times a day. Children of three-five years can accept 50 mg of drug 1-2 times a day. How many treatment has to last the specialist in each case has to define.

The application instruction of Diazolinum for children

Children's Diazolinum is applied as follows: in a bottle which contains granules, 100 ml of warm prokipyachenny water are added. Contents need to be mixed very carefully for what it is necessary to disturb within several minutes. After that suspension in doses which are easy for defining by the graduated glass going in a set is given to children. Dosages of children's Diazolinum have to be the following: 2,5 ml — children of 2-3 years; 5 ml — children of 4-6 years; 7,5 ml – to children are 7-10 years. It is necessary to accept drug on two-three times after meal for 5-7 days. Suspension needs to be shaken up before use.


At overdose the probability of emergence of side effects increases. In this situation drug is cancelled and carry out symptomatic therapy, and also a gastric lavage.


Drug exponentiates influence of sedative somnolent drugs, and also other HP, the oppressing TsNS. Similar influence concerns also alcohol.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store drug in the place protected from moisture and light, at the same time temperature has to make no more than 25 °C.

Period of validity

No more than 3,5 years.

Special instructions

During treatment drug does not recommend to drive transport and to perform other potentially dangerous operations which demand the maximum concentration of attention.

In Wikipedia it is described as Mebgidrolin.

With alcohol

It is not recommended to take alcohol in parallel with reception of this medicine.

There are no direct analogs. Not patented synonyms: Dialin, Mebgidrolin, Omeril. The drugs Isopromethazine, Tavegil, Suprastinum, the Dimedrol are similar in action.

About Diazolinum

It is considered one of the most effective remedies against an allergy. About Diazolinum speak about it, as about inexpensive qualitative drug. Possess sedative action of a tablet from what drowsiness is shown.

Diazolinum price where to buy

Diazolinum price in tablets of 50 rubles for 10 pieces on 50 mg of active ingredient. Dragee cost — 70 rubles for 10 pieces on 50 mg of a mebgidrolin, and 80 rubles for 10 pieces on 100 mg.

How many there are tablets in Kharkiv? Around 5-10

The price of children's Diazolinum — about 95 rubles.

Ointment of this drug is not on sale.


  • Diazolinum of 100 mg No. 10 tablet/ozone/ozone of Ltd company
  • Diazolinum of 50 mg No. 10 of Dragee/Valenta/Valent Farmatsevtik of joint stock company
  • Diazolinum of 100 mg No. 10 of Dragee/Valenta/Valent Farmatsevtik of joint stock company
  • Diazolinum of 50 mg No. 20 drazhefarmak joint stock company
  • Diazolinum of 100 mg No. 20 drazhefarmak joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Diazolinum tbl 100 mg No. 10, Obninsk chemical farmatsevtichesk.kompaniyarossiya
  • Diazolinum drzh 50 mg No. 10, Pharmstandard-Marbiofarm (Yoshkar-Ola) Russia
  • Diazolinum drzh 50 mg No. 10, Sti-Med-Sorb Oaorossiya
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  • Diazolinoz GNTSLS (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
  • Diazolinfarmak (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Diazolinum of a tablet of 0.1 g No. 10darnitsa (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • No. 10farmak tablet 0.05g Diazolinum (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Diazolinfarmak (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Diazolinum gran. for children 9gfarmak
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  • Diazolinum of 100 mg No. 10 drazhefarmak (Ukraine)
  • Diazolinum of 50 mg No. 20 drazhefarmak (Ukraine)
  • Diazolinum of 100 mg No. 20 drazhefarmak (Ukraine)
  • Diazolinum of 100 mg No. 10 of the tab. Farmak (Ukraine)
  • Diazolinum of 50 mg No. 10 of a dragee
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