Дидрогестерон Constitutional formula

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  • Latin name: Dydrogesteronum
  • ATH code: G03DB01, G03FA14, G03FB08
  • Chemical formula: C21H28O2
  • CAS code: 152-62-5

Chemical name

(9 beta, 10 alpha) - pregna-4,6-diyen-3,20-Pregna-4,6-diyen-3,20-dion

Chemical properties

Didrogesteron, what is it? Didrogesteron is the hormone operating to similarly natural progesterone. Synthetic hormone, selectively influences a mucous membrane of a uterus. Possesses the greatest activity at intake. Means for the first time appeared on farm. the market in 1961 it is also at the moment used more, than in 100 countries the worlds.

Didrogesteron, what is it? without being testosterone derivatives, substance has no those side effects which are usually possessed by synthetic progestogens. Medicine is active when using small doses. Substance has molecular weight = 312,5 grams on mol.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Didrogesteron selektivno influences an endometria, promotes formation of normal fabric after carrying out therapy by estrogen. Substance prevents development of a hyperplasia and carcinogenesis which can arise under the influence of estrogen. Under the influence of drug at an endometria there comes the secretion phase, excitability and contractility of uterine tubes and the uterus decreases. It is characteristic that means does not lead to virilescence of mother or a masculinization of a fruit. Drug has no neuroprotective, tokolitichesky, anksiolitichesky and sedative the effects arising during reception of natural progesterone.

Didrogesteron has a high absorbing capacity. The maximum concentration of substance is observed 2 hours later after intake. Extent of linkng with proteins of a blood plasma makes about 97%. The metabolism of means proceeds in liver tissues by means of reactions of a hydroxylation. Metabolites are brought through kidneys, to 60-80% in not changed look. About 85% of means are during the day removed. Completely from an organism synthetic hormone is evacuated within 72 hours.

At patients with a renal failure of a deviation from pharmacokinetic parameters from norm are not observed.

Indications to use

Drug is used:

  • for treatment of progesteronovy insufficiency (endometriosis, infertility);
  • for increase of level of progesterone at threat of an abortion or a usual abortion;
  • at patients with a syndrome of premenstrual tension;
  • at a dysmenorrhea;
  • as a part of complex treatment of a secondary amenorrhea in a combination with estrogen;
  • at an irregular menstrual cycle;
  • as replaceable hormonal therapy during a natural or surgical menopause at an intact uterus;
  • at dysfunctional uterine bleedings.


Didrogesteron is contraindicated to reception:

  • at a medicinal allergy;
  • to patients with the Rotor syndrome;
  • at Dabin-Johnson's syndrome;
  • patient with a heavy liver failure.

It is necessary to be careful to patients with heavy disturbances in work of kidneys and to the nursing women (it is allocated with breast milk). Also with care this substance is appointed at a drug combination to estrogen and at cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, a diabetes mellitus or migraine.

Side effects

Side effects during treatment are shown seldom.

Are possible:

Didrogesteron, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Drug is appointed inside. Depending on recommendations of the doctor use various dosages and schemes of treatment.

The standard single dose makes 10 mg, medicine is drunk by 1-3 times a day.

At the menacing abortion use 40 mg of means once. Then as a maintenance therapy appoint 10 mg of drug each 8 hours until symptoms disappear.

As prevention of abortion apply 10 mg of means, 2 times a day till 20th week of pregnancy.

For a stop of dysfunctional uterine bleeding appoint 10 mg of drug, twice a day within 5 days or one week (with estrogen). Further apply the same dosage from 11 to 25 day of a menstrual cycle to prevention. On 20 mg a day in the same period drug is appointed at irregular periods.

At endometriosis synthetic hormone is applied by 2 or 3 times a day in a dosage of 10 mg. Drug is appointed from 5 to 25 day of a menstrual cycle.

For treatment of infertility appoint 10 mg of drug a day from 14 to 25 day of a cycle. A course of treatment – about 6 months (cycles). Therapy is continued in the first trimester of pregnancy.


At overdose strengthening and increase of frequency of manifestation of side reactions is possible. As therapy if it is still actual, to the patient wash out a stomach and appoint symptomatic therapy.


Didrogesteron at a combination to inductors of microsomal enzymes of a liver (rifampicin, not Virapinum, phenobarbital) is quicker metabolized and loses the efficiency.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Special instructions

Replacement hormonal therapy is appointed only after preliminary general medical examination, including survey of the gynecologist. During treatment it is necessary to carry out mammography regularly.

At a drug combination to estrogen it is necessary to consider their contraindications also.

Medicine does not exert impact on an opportunity to steer the car or to carry out potentially dangerous types of activity.

At pregnancy and a lactation

Medicine can be taken during pregnancy according to indications, and after consultation with the doctor.

During a lactation because active ingredient gets into breast milk, feeding by a breast is recommended to be stopped.

Drugs in which contains (Didrogesteron's Analogues)

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Trade name of this substance: Duphaston.

Also means is a part of other drugs in a combination with oestradiol (medicine Femoston).


About medicine good. Here some of them:

  • "… Drug to me was appointed by the doctor in the second half of a menstrual cycle to increase the level of progesterone and to cause monthly. Everything occurred successfully, from the first cycle there came pregnancy. I continued to drink drug the first several months. Took out the child normally";
  • "… The doctor appointed hormones to recover a cycle and to become pregnant. During reception of tablets the head was at first turned, felt sick a little, but now everything passed. But the cycle was recovered, now I wait until I become pregnant";
  • "… I am 47 years old, take this medicine to avoid negative a climax effect. It well suited me, even several extra kilos left. Did not notice side reactions".
Section: Active ingredients
PAY ATTENTION! Information on active ingredients on the website is help generalizing, collected from public sources and can form the basis for making decision on use of these substances it is not aware of treatment. Before substance use Didrogesteron surely consult with the attending physician.