Diet at uncomplicated stomach ulcer

Modern living conditions for most of people are followed by nervous experiences and long sincere depressions. On this soil quite often there is uncomplicated stomach ulcer which successfully recovers folk remedies. These simple methods assume, first of all, ensuring peace of mind for the patient and obligatory observance of individual dietary food in combination with proven means and medicinal herbs.

All food of the patient recommended during treatment has to be carefully ground and not contain even small grains. Their presence at food gives a reason for chewing and, therefore, excessive allocation of a gastric juice. Besides, they are ulcer irritants. In the first half of the year of treatment from a diet it is necessary to clean all grades of bread, except for the rolls prepared according to the following recipe of folk healers.

For preparation of a roll in 1 kg of well sifted wheat flour pour in 0,5 l of hot boiled milk. Then carefully pound, previously having added salt, for an exception of grains. After the working flat out will cool down, it is necessary to add to it 50 gr. the yeast stirred in milk and abruptly knead within half an hour. The risen dough needs to be rumpled that settled. After dough rises for the second time it it is necessary to rumple before sedimentation and settled to put on the baking sheet oiled. When dough on a baking sheet rises for the third time it grease with warm water and insert into the furnace. Approximately in 45 minutes the roll will be ready and only next day it is given to the patient.

For quieting of nerves and restriction of allocations of a gastric juice at an ulcer honey and sugar very well works. However at the same time in the first days of treatment heartburn can develop. In that case when it is especially painful, it is necessary to chew 5 grains of oats, sglatyvy saliva. It is necessary to chew before education in a chaff mouth from oats and then to spit out. After that heartburn passes and in the next days does not develop.

For many years sorcerers advised dogrose drinks from a stomach disease. Generally for this purpose it is necessary to make two full teaspoons of a dried dogrose in a glass of boiled water and to drink after food as tea three times a day.

In individual dietary food at uncomplicated stomach ulcer the use of kissels from a dogrose is recommended. It is necessary for preparation since evening 100 gr. small cut (with grains) berries of a dogrose to fill in with a glass of warm boiled water. It is good to pound the dogrose wetted and become wet in a night and within several hours of the next day in the same ware. After from a dogrose there are only films it is necessary to filter twice liquid through a dense cloth. To add the filtered liquid to the made starch and 80 gr. sugar, it is good to stir and allow to cool down. The kissel prepared in such a way needs to be given, previously having poured over it two spoons of fresh beer yeast.

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