The diet represents a set of rules of the use of food by the person. Different diets are excellent on chemical composition, processing of products, physical properties, meal intervals, etc. Different cultures can have various diets, including in them certain food stuffs.

Medical diets

The dietology is the science which is engaged in medical foods which develops and recommends certain diets for sick and healthy people. Enzymatic, exchange, pathomorphologic, functional changes influence the choice of a diet. Correctly picked up food can become a good background for therapeutic treatment, strengthening influence of drugs, or to independently make medical impact. One more important function of a diet consists in a stop of process of an overflowing of an acute form of any disease in chronic.

Sanatorium and treatment-and-prophylactic establishments apply the classical number system of diets developed by Pevzner. Each diet which in this case is called "table" is applied at certain diseases or disturbances. Some institutions use more enlarged system which consists of a set of groups of tables, some – from four.

  • The table (or a diet) is recommended to No. 1 at a peptic ulcer
  • The diet No. 2 is used at gastritises of various forms
  • The diet No. 3 is urged to cure locks
  • Diet No. 4 – ponosa and diseases of intestines
  • Diet No. 5 – diseases of bilious ways and a liver
  • The diet No. 6 is used at an urolithiasis, gout
  • The diet No. 7 is appointed at a glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis
  • Diet No. 8 – at obesity
  • Diet No. 9 – at a disease of a diabetes mellitus
  • The diet No. 10 is appointed at insufficient blood circulation at diseases of cardiovascular system
  • The diet No. 11 is usually recommended at tuberculosis
  • Diet No. 12 – at disturbances of a nervous system
  • The diet No. 13 is recommended at infectious diseases
  • The diet No. 14 is used a nephrolithiasis
  • Diet No. 15 – in all other cases, when there is no need with special to a diet

On today's not medical diets which are used generally for dumping of extra kilos are widely applied. The most popular of them is a buckwheat diet, a diet on blood group, Kremlin, Japanese, Protasov's diet, Filatova, separate food, etc.

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